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  1. Grzegorz signs the lorraine and prays for the Onfroi family. “It was a pleasure to work with you..”
  2. Daynas Morvayn locks himself in a man cave, beside him stacks upon stacks of empty paper and writing utensils. He begins the dicey journey that is to write the perfect love letter...
  3. Renelia-Gladewynn Royal Ministry of the Treasury “Money, like bread, is good.” -Daynas Morvayn, jingling away with his pockets full of coins. WHAT DO The Renelia-Gladewynn Royal Ministry of the Treasury (RGRMT) is tasked by Aroen Velulaei’onn, eliyulmalin Renelia Gladewynn’ehya, Mortal King of the realm of Ashen Folk, to manage the Kingdom’s funds and collect the necessary taxes. The Ministry shall also work in hand with the nation’s military, to supply and upkeep its armory. OFFICE OF THE TREASURY A collection of competent(?) individuals that will efficiently manage the minas and equipment of the Ashen Folk. Treasurer of the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn - Daynas Morvayn Quartermaster of the Renelia Defence Force - Daynas Morvayn Tax Enforcer of the Kingdom of Renelia-Gladewynn - Vacant Auctioneer of the Bizarre Bazaar - Vacant HOUSING TAXATION To be drafted once construction is complete. THE BIZARRE BAZAAR Located just outside the lift (underground level), the centralized bazaar is a great location for interaction between vendors and shoppers alike. Every stall and cart are set up in a circular fashion, so that no merchandise is too distant from the eyes of eager vendees. TO VENDORS On permits: A permit is required to sell or trade goods within the bazaar. Shops set up without a valid permit shall be evicted immediately. To obtain a permit, please find a Bizarre Bazaar Certified Steward, or the Treasurer, and pay the permit fee. Upon receiving a permit, one agrees not to edit or modify the property without direct permission from the Treasurer. Upon receiving a permit, one is only given the rights of utilization of the property, not ownership. Stalls and carts belong to the Kingdom of Renelia Gladewynn, specifically the Royal Ministry of the Treasury. Permits must be displayed on stalls / carts (ooc: place them in the barrel). Permit Class Fee (minas) Class C (for cart) NOW FREE Class S (for stall) ^^^^^^^^ On wares: Vendors are suggested to restock yearly (weekly ooc); if a vendor is unable to resupply their wares for a prolonged period of time (a week+ IRL), they shall have their permit revoked. Vendors selling illegal or heretical items shall have their permit revoked without notice. On taxes: Tax slips can be purchased from Cart 1. Tax slips are to be placed into the barrel for collection (ooc: obviously, place them in the barrel). Taxes are paid on a yearly basis (1 week IRL). Shop owners who fail to pay their tax are giving a warning; if not paid for within the next three months (3 days IRL), their permit stall be revoked. If given special circumstances that taxes cannot be paid on time, please inquire the Treasurer or face permit revocation. Taxes can be paid in advance for any amount years, to do so please contact the Treasurer or a Certified Steward of the Bizarre Bazaar; prepaid taxes will not be refunded under any circumstances. Royalty, council members, and soldiers of the Renelian Defence Force may receive tax deduction or exemption. TO CERTIFIED STEWARDS (and vendors) Below is a table of properties located within the bazaar district. All relevant transactions must be recorded, and the minas must be delivered to the Treasurer. Property Shop Displays Permit Price Tax (Yearly) Cart 1 2 N/A exempt Cart 2 2 FREE 50 Cart 3 2 FREE 50 Cart 4 2 FREE 50 Cart 5 2 FREE 50 Stall 1 9 FREE 225 Stall 2 7 FREE 175 Stall 3 6 FREE 150 Stall 4 6 FREE 150 Stall 5 8 FREE 200 Stall 6 4 FREE 100 Stall 7 4 FREE 100 Stall 8 6 FREE 150 Stall 9 6 FREE 150 Stall 10 7 FREE 175 Stall 11 6 FREE 150 Stall 12 6 FREE 150 Stall 13 7 FREE 175 Stall 14 8 FREE 200 Stall 15 9 FREE 225 PROPERTY PERMITS ARE SOLD & HANDED OUT ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS (find cowmoonist ig to rp). FIRST YEAR OF TAXES EXEMPT FOR ALL. Signed, His Majesty the Mortal King, Aroen Velulaei’onn Signed, Treasurer Daynas ‘Money Man’ Morvayn Make them money moves.
  4. RP Name: Jo MC Username: cowmoonist Discord: vic#8186 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: n/a Why Do You Wish To Come?: To learn and study upon the old ways of booze-making What Skills Can You Bring?: mobile tavern, great gumbo chef, skilled combatant with five-year service as major general of the imperial renatian legion
  5. “Rest well mi hermano, enjoy the show up there.” Isaac blew out the candles in the basement of his residence, leaving behind only a letter for a certain someone.
  6. THE RENATIAN FREE CORPS “Deus Elegit Fortis” _____________________________________________________________________________________________ The Battle of the Rolling Hills c. 1660 ✠ The Renatian Free Corps was formed upon the remnants of the Phoenix Band, veterans of the Third Atlas Coalition War and War of the Two Emperors. The makeshift organisation of patriots, men and women who still cling true to Renatian ideals and military practices chose to settle within the Duchy of Morsgrad, to fight for the Duke’s good name. _____________________________________________________________________________________________ A missive is distributed to the far corners of the human realms. “To all men of combat prowess and ambition, to all who partook in the sieges on the orcish and dwarven cities, and to all who braved the red walls of Helena, we reach out to you lost brothers and sisters. Our people have once again reunited to settle in the Duchy of Morsgrad, we propose any true Renatian patriots to make the journey to the city and restore ties with their kin. The future is only bright.” The letter ends abruptly. If you seek to join the Renatian Free Corps, fill out of following form and send it to the Morsgrad Post. (OOC Name: ) Name, Age, Sex, Experience,
  8. An old courier dashed through the rain, his rhythmic steps echoed not far, but enough to stop Isaac in his work. The young man stood to take the unsealed letter, yanking it out to read. “Tiberius has fallen.” there were only three words, yet they valued much more. Isaac froze, his knees buckled and fell to the muddied ground, hand clenched tightly onto the now crumpled letter. “My true brother..” he choked on his own words, a chill ran up his spine to pierce his heart “There’s so much I wanted achieve with you, so much I wish I could tell you right now.. but there’s no time for anything- not even last words, not even a last gesture.” He set his gaze to above, as if he wished to see young Tiberius once more. “Except goodbye.” he propped up, shoving the letter into a pocket “Our promise will be kept and seen through.”
  9. as mentioned communication between both sides was more than thorough during the whole event, TrendE updating me on their readiness/status from the beginning to end. Things were agreed upon and went smoothly before staff intervention, I even found the event fun and suitable to pk my main char. The blacklist is rather unreasonable, and to say the focus is to ‘encourage dynamic roleplay’ … free this man
  10. Rozmeo never thought he’d see the Ben Quadinaros so soon. With his son’s mighty book collection, as well a heavy heart, he trudged through the docks, loading crates onto the towering vessel. “Farewell my son, my brothers-in-arms. We will meet once more.. as fate permits.” A few embraces, some last exchanged words, he disembarks, remaining by the docks until the ship disappeared into the horizon.
  11. Rozmeo arrived at Arcas from a much lesser vessel than that of Ben Quadinaros, returning early from the festivities. A letter was presented to him by a messenger soon after he disembarked with nothing more than a blade and sack of baked taters. Striding through the port, he’d notice the familiar seal over the letter; though tired, the curious man opened the letter eagerly, reading the contents within. “Vincere est vivere” he muttered the phrase once more, a bittersweet grin forming over his weary face. He mounted a steed, riding north to home.
  12. Rozmeo lazily pulled out the spear he had planted earlier from the ground, then motioned the others for departure. The sun hit its peak as the meeting with the Vaeyl concluded, though its warmth didn’t help so much to counteract the unseasonal chill that came with the wind. The Legionnaires steadily descended from the hilltop fort, both in hand and mind important information that concerns not only humans, but all inhabitants of Atlas. The tired man took a quick glance upon the hill after he passed the black banners marked with white, and rhetorically asked the soldier who trudged alongside, “To go through the ice wall and beyond.. doesn’t seem like we have a choice, don’t we?
  13. dragonslayer69


    Veik is born and raised in the capital city Presa de Madera. He is the son of Milaxel and Alaine Sancladi, twin to Kima Sancladi (brother-sister). Milaxel served in the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Santegia, following Veik’s grandfather path, who served under the Duchy of Savina. Alaine became disabled after an accident with a carriage. Although Veik wants to join the military just likes his predecessors, his father strongly opposes his wish, forcing him to work as a small merchant along with his twin. Veik has increasingly become more passionate about serving as a soldier, secretly training himself with a sword. Milaxel soon caught up with what Veik was planning, and threatened to disown him if he continues his practices. Maybe that isn’t such a bad thing, but Veik does feel concerned about his mother and twin sister.
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