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  1. Osman Kharadeen would look at the Work approving it “It is nice...” then he would return to making Documents.
  2. IGN (MC Username): RhythmrhymE Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 Likes: Baubles, Little Trinkets, Stuff Like that Dislikes: Drama, Stupid Stuff, Spiders, etc.
  3. Shen Wu smiled at this, the almost war, stopped... But he couldn’t help think, but for how long.
  4. Shen Wu would read the document, finding it rather dumb, as most Human Wars were, solving nothing... When they could be taking care of the homeless or others.
  5. The Defense of Talons Grotto -=- Talon’s Grotto was buzzing with people going about their day to day lives when a water evocation warlock attacked the Grotto using an ice shard onslaught on a bridge of civilians. The Guards made up of Trained soldiers and refugees of the Caliphate fought back, attacking the warlock. They soon breached the second window where the warlock had fortified himself. Though the warlock put up a good fight he was no match for the people of Talon’s Grotto who stomped out the Trouble maker with ease. The day was saved by the Guard of Talon’s Grotto and the Caliphate Refugee, who breached that window and took down the warlock. The peaceful port town would then return to its normal state, though not tolerating these criminals who come to interrupt the happy day to day lives of the port town. -=- The people returning to their normal lives -=- The Menacing Evocationist -=- A young boy hurt in the fight, comforted by a guard -=- Those who fought against the evocationist celebrating -=- Thanks to Arthur for the pictures, and help with the paragraph! -=-
  6. Osman shouts from about 20 Miles away “Damn that was fast, like that was only a few minutes”
  7. I never knew he died, noooo
  8. Osman looks at this paper with a Wait what face (OOC) I’ve been off for like 2 weeks now... The caliphate was my home in the past year or so, since I really just liked hanging out with others different and not near me, so I thank the Caliphate for what it did for me (Including the 2 People Banned: Rip)
  9. OOC MC Name: RhythmrhymE Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 Timezone: CST RP What is your name? Aladdin Al-Nasr Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I wish to learn Magic What is the extent of your experience with magic? I have experienced users of magic but never studied it What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I do not study any other than Music What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? I wish to advance to which ever my mind and body takes me too When is the best time to contact you for an interview? 3:00 Pm CST
  10. [!] Osman would stand outside of the barracks, stating “For Allah!”
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