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  1. OOC MC Name: RhythmrhymE Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 Timezone: CST RP What is your name? Aladdin Al-Nasr Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? I wish to learn Magic What is the extent of your experience with magic? I have experienced users of magic but never studied it What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? I do not study any other than Music What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Acolyte What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? I wish to advance to which ever my mind and body takes me too When is the best time to contact you for an interview? 3:00 Pm CST
  2. [!] Osman Kharadeen the grandson of Auda, would be in the back corner crying as he watched Auda pass on. Though he was thankful as Allah gave him a good life to live, letting him see Osman, and Abbas grow becoming older, and watched as Murad grew up. At this note he would stay there in the back corner still saddened by his loss, and this loss to many others.
  3. [!] Osman would stand outside of the barracks, stating “For Allah!”
  4. App: Name: Osman Kharadeen Age: 35 Where do you hail from: The Caliphate Are you a Citizen of the Kadarsi Caliphate: Yes Titles: Maybe Favorite animal: Dog
  5. Osman would ready himself for the time to come, dawning armor for the great battles ahead
  6. OOC: Mcname: RhythmrhymE Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 Timezone: Est Roleplay: Name: Osman Kharadeen Race: Farfolk Age: 30 – 33 Gender: Male Faith: Allah The reason you wish to join: Please Skills: Things Subrank you request: Jundi – Areef Profession: Being me Goals: To be a better me
  7. Denmark-Norway The Leader: Christian V Christian V in early life visited multiple courts, including the young Louie XIV’s court hearing of the theory: Divine right of Kings. Christian V, a popular among the commoners of Denmark-Norway, along with having a mighty courage, and affability (Friendly), though he liked to go hunting with his own personal rifle along with war and maritime affairs. Christian was made king after Frederick III. The Heirs: Frederick IV Christian Charles Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874
  8. [!] Osman gets a letter for the Wedding, he would be happy Matthias found love
  9. [!] Osman would receive a invitation from Abbas, as he had a few gifts ready for his high Caliph
  10. [!] Osman Kharadeen would go to swear loyalty to the Caliph
  11. [!] Osman continues on with life, prepared for whatever is next to come, he would sign up and join saying “We have not despaired. We are the descendants of Faiz Kharadeen On the path of glory we walked. Ask the history about us. Our glory has series. Our might is like the walls of Al-Damashq And ask the castles of M Baku, when The Mumineen was shouting takbir therein We are not concerned, if we wished to tear the tops of mountains… On the path of Allah we have walked, through the fields of war Oh history, we returned. We have returned again. With blood we have written, a page of inherent glory Ask the armies of the Ghanyans, the Vael army Did we renounce from fighting? Or have we [ever] been destroyed by siege? Remember the conquest of Mount Fakhri, following patience and waiting Khalid ibn Mahmoud in the valley of Habeta, penetrated the waves of the ocean Ask the people of Fire-worship, ask the Snow people about us We are seekers of heights, we are the pious of nights” [!] Osman would pause for a moment [!] Then he would speak ”FOR ALLAH! FOR THE CALIPHATE! WHO CARES FOR THOSE WHO DESPISE AS WE ARE TO MIGHTY TO BE HURT BY THOSE WORDS”
  12. [!] Vicente would make a copy of this, yet another paper to add to his collection
  13. MCName: L0rdRhymE Name: Vicente Rivas Age: 28 Rank: Brewer, Alawfid
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