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  1. Osman would Sign the Paper. (Just in Case : p )
  2. Option C for sure if you can, but it’s up to you and Great Work so far
  3. “Peace at what cost, when we could have had it all along... But no matter at least we have it now” Osman would say
  4. Vintas would look at the news saddened by the loss of a friend, even if they weren’t close, or talked a lot.
  5. Osman Kharadeen looks at the report, stopping himself from slightly laughing as it was kind of funny someone pooped on a grave... yet he caught him self as it was a honored person whom lived in that grave.
  6. Osman is saddened by this Clovis death, one he could have stopped had he also been there sooner.
  7. A Long Old Farfolk would Grieve his Friend, one of the only to survive that battle. Still wishing he had been there sooner. “I will miss you Rafiqi” Osman would say “And I will make sure the Creature that killed you, is ended before my death.”
  8. Osman in his slightly old age fought Oren, going back to his home with his Friends, happy with the Win in the Battle. Even though it was only the start.
  9. Ive been using the old lore for a while for my weapons, it would be sad to see it change.
  10. RP Name: Osman Kharadeen MC Username: RhythmrhymE Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 What Nation Are You Affiliated With?: Al-Faiz Why Do You Wish To Come?: To Aid my Fellow Peoples, Explore the Ruins, and to Aid in the survival of my Fellow Peoples. (And to see what a friend is talking about when he says the old days were great) What Skills Can You Bring?: The skills of a Good Soldier, Writing to Record the Journey, Some Survival Skills, & Medical Help.
  11. Osman Kharadeen would look at the Work approving it “It is nice...” then he would return to making Documents.
  12. IGN (MC Username): RhythmrhymE Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874 Likes: Baubles, Little Trinkets, Stuff Like that Dislikes: Drama, Stupid Stuff, Spiders, etc.
  13. I will try and get some photos 😄 As It was completely unusable when shelved, and still is. Though Ill edit it, my bad.
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