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  1. Name: Gwaen Soulheart Vincrute Age:18 Race: High Elf Residence: Llyria Do you consent to a simple mental and physical aptitude test? Yes Do you have any currently unspent criminal convictions? No Have you, in the last six years, been charged with any crime? No
  2. Housing Application ((OOC)) MC NAME: Altered_Ruler Name: Satella Artoxia Race: Mali’Fenn Seed/Clan (If none, leave N/A): N/A Profession/Craft (If none, leave N/A): N/A List any family or dependents who will be staying with you (If none, leave N/A): N/A
  3. Gwaen cries at his mothers death
  4. Faded_Dragon89


    I forgot a Weakness but, he isn't skilled with swords and shields said in the story.
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    Will Treaty lived in Adelburg with his adoptive father. His actual father died fighting Bandits while protecting villagers while his Mom died of disease. His "Father" Thomas taught him how to use a Bow and Stealth for hunting. Will also learned throwing knives messing with Thomas's hunting knives while Thomas went out in the market to buy food and equipment every week. He then listened to the king and decided he wanted to serve his king with his life. Will tried to become a knight but, he was not good with any sword and shield technique. He then enlisted to become a Archer at the age of 18. He excelled there so, he moved on from there. He then decided to not become part of the army but, to become part of the scouts. With his training from Thomas he learned quickly from the older scouts. His father then died when he was 20, he decided that he would leave the scouts and become a vigilante. He now tries to arrest bandits and other threats if possible. If he cannot he then takes a hostile approach to the situation.
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