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  1. +1 The Kadarsi has been the best group of people that I have had the chance to ever rp with on the server and when they need people to get anything done the people always show up.
  2. diamondsatiel

    -=The Herd=- [Revival]

    Mc name: Blooby_Russian Discord:Bloody#2881 Have you put up a Creatures app yet, and if so link it: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/170940-ca-cervitar-silvergale/?tab=comments#comment-1612796 Rp name: Silvergale Clearean age: 27 Role(Rank) in which you would fill: Newborn
  3. diamondsatiel

    Boomboxdoom23's Wiki Team Application

    +1 because he is very knowledgeable and a very dedicated server member who is very quick to get what he needs to do done
  4. diamondsatiel

    Tiger Janissary Corps

    Application Forum Minecraft Name: diamondsatiel Rp Name: Silvergale Race: Cervitaur Skype?: Bloody Assasin Timezone: US Central Reason why to join and info about your Char: I want to protect my tribe and have a very powerful kick that might be pretty helpful in battle
  5. diamondsatiel

    The Kadarsi Tribe!

    [Application] McName: diamondsatiel RpName: Silvergale Char age: 8 Char Goals: To become a medic or a guard. Disord(if private pm me on forum): You have it. Rp Race(we are leaning for more farfolk, Qalasheen but we accept all): Cervitaur. Details(about your char): A cervitaur who angers easily, but is normally sweet. He is very eager to help all of those around him Any info you want to give or questions(please refrain from any toxic or trollish questions, thank you): If you try to ride him, it will end badly. 0 Upvote
  6. diamondsatiel

    Tradesmen Guild [Recruiting]

    diamondsatiel Seth and elven The Avatar#2881 Assistant
  7. diamondsatiel


    He is an young white male, with white hair. He is not very tall, and not the skinniest character. You never get to see his hair because he chooses to cover it up because it used to be green. He is from the kingdom of Renatus. He does not follow any of the religions that most of the human race follows. His mother (Chasadie) was a farmer and his father (William) was an engineer with great skill. He spent most of his childhood inventing high tech machinery, and working in the fields. He lost his parents in the night when a group of Dark Elves attacked his home for his father's inventions, but while he watched his parents get killed he went insane. Now whenever he hears his parents name or sees a Dark Elf, he goes into a state of panic which is usually described to be a hunger to destroy those who caused this to happen. He now only uses his technology to protect himself and farm.