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  1. Bel’ra, the former Snagagoth, arches brow.
  2. I take it back. What in Krug’s name compelled you all to massacre the blessings?
  3. “Yuhh, mi nub tink’ zoh, Rex.” Bel’ra’Ruk grumbled after reading the paper, promptly throwing it into a nearby fire. She departed the city once more, in search of a specific Ram.
  4. Platinumlens

    Clan Ram

    Bel’ra’Ruk, having been greeted by the new wave of Ram only hours ago, approved of their return. It was, of course, Gadhaal the Black’s wish to make Ram great again and, perhaps it is time for such hopes to become reality. @StokedOff
  5. Bel’ra’Ruk comes to a stop before the walls of the great citadel – San’Azgak. She raises her stave into the sky, roaring: “Lûp’Ilzgûl!”
  6. Woke up, and it donned on me that most cases of Admins stepping down, especially in recent times, have been a direct result of some scandal or integrity-destroying event that ultimately leads to their removal through Telanir and or an Admin-Vote. Now, I’m rather curious if there’s ever going to be a change on that, will the players ever have a say? Or will we just have to wait for another scandal or intervention for notably ineffective members of the Admin-Team to be removed? Is anyone interested in a community-vote on the matter, a democratic decision made not just by four – five individuals, but instead each member of the Admin’s respective staff team? Is there already such procedure in place? I feel like a topic on the forums may be just what we need.

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    2. Ug


      imagine thinking of lotc as the first thing after waking up

    3. VonAulus


      I doubt you could keep any admins around if you just had to do thing to survive votes to remove you constantly. You have to do things that are unpopular for the good of the server and we would be just worried about PR and keeping people happy. Might sound cynical coming from an admin but must people don’t really understand if an admin is doing a good job or not and definitely most would vote to remove after every little bit of drama. LotC is also not a democratic community, but a minecraft server developed through volunteer cooperation by the staff and the server owner. None of us have to play at the end of the day and we choose how we engage with it. 

    4. ScreamingDingo


      lmfao the community also worshipped ski_king



      don't think the players are the voice of reason on this server. Neither are the admins but it's better to have them duke it out against one another than having the players also weigh in on drama and decisions

  7. Bel’ra’Ruk, while rather absent from the Goi in recent times, would likely agree with the statement made by sister Fiil’Yar if she had bore witness to it. She arches a brow, seriously questioning Korgahk’Gorkil’s claim to the Rexdom, especially without engaging in a klomp.
  8. Apply for ST.
    who am I kidding, you don’t even need to apply. Accepted.

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