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  1. You’ve been a delight to have in Krugmar, Reece. Don’t look back, bro. Fare travels.
  2. Hi, Ofrider, a pleasure to meet you! I hope you enjoy your stay here on LotC-- It can be a bit overwhelming the first couple weeks, but I promise you we have a handful of beautiful communities that are committed to making this a fun, enjoyable experience for everyone. If you’d like to experience any Orc-Roleplay on here, the Krugmar community is very welcoming to any and all new orcs. I hope to see you in roleplay soon enough, Ofrider. Stay groovy!
  3. @Telanir Hey man, when are we going to do that roleplay? I have a dream lined up, just for you! 🙂

    1. Stargush


      Good luck, i been waiting on him to try an orc and have a spirit walk

  4. A former bûrz stands tall, nodding in approval of this new group.
  5. Where you be?

    1. Tato


      Dancing amongst cool clouds of pure, powdery white in the mighty Heavens above,

      of course!

    2. Ug



  6. The storm is over. He is gone.


  7. A former librarian grumbles under her breath, “About time..“
  8. “I thought this was Marna..” said a confused wanderer.
  9. A Ruk prepares to bring her dreki to market.
  10. A tall, cloaked elf stands beneath a totem, rising from her rites as the bird brought its news. She seemed to just stand there, freezing up as her eyes scanned the parchment. After a few moments, tear stains form on the page.. The girl quickly balled up the message, throwing it into the grass nearby as she looked to the stars, “Goodbye, my Voidal Delight..” “..You were a good friend, and an even better brother.”
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