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  1. I suppose a specific buurz will be coming to Korvassa, soon. 😏
  2. Croekier of the Lik Tribe considers this.
  3. This new lore, really meeting Flambo’s evershifting expectations.. yeah, lol.

  4. Anyone on the Story Team down to act as a Shaman consultant for a new write?

    1. Jenny_Bobbs


      @Ilikefooddude is the Shaman ST to my knowledge

    2. _Jandy_


      and Leonie and Sykogenic and the shaman chat is always there if you need

    3. Ilikefooddude


      Aye, happy to help! Feel free to send me a message here or on my discord (ilikefooddude#8500)

  5. It is radiant, is it not?

  6. yeah a lot have the strange idea that the Far Glade is ‘druid lore’.. lol
  7. This ends as it always does. Order shall reign!

  8. this. edit: “I want to make it clear right now, we aren’t tolerating that kind of attitude. Trying to force verdicts by taking things “public”, like you did with the Pun thread, isn’t going to fly.” -Flamboyant to Knox, 2k19.
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