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  1. Kai’ exhales sharply, agreeing with this text. ”Awr Muuna’s silawnce haws been strwange taw me, suwrlay She haws nawt tuwrned hawr bawck awn daw Kharajyr? Kai’ hawps thiws hunt cawld giwt Hawr attention..” His tail would flick idly, and he’d look up to the possibly starry night sky, gazing at the round Moon which fills it.
  2. “It iws awbawt time.” Kai’ trills at the news, his tail swaying behind him gently.
  3. Kai’ nods his head in approval, his whiskers twitching with slight satisfaction for this mutilation. ”Kai’ daws thiwnk thaws iws nawt enawuf juwstice... Buwt, Kai’ thiwnks diws showuld do.. Fowr noaw.”
  4. Kai’s tail fluffs up with fury, his claws flexing in and out of his paws. A growl would rise deep from his throat from hearing this news. However, he would not immediately remark anything. He’d only continue to stare down the rocky slopes where the District is placed, the evening sky turning dark from the incoming night. The fire pit atop a pillar burning. Kai’ huffs. ”Thiws haws gawn awn lowng enawf..” He’d finally mumble, slamming his clenched paw down onto the railing that lines the cliff on which the District has settled on. His gaze turning down to the Ferrum Panabas blades sheathed at his waist.
  5. Kai' Mufðmai arch back in disgust at the news, his ears flattening against the back of his head. “Kai’ iws nawt dawt sawpriased dawt aw huwmawn wuld cowmit sawch howribble auwctions.”
  6. Kai’ looks up to the parchment, his claws flexing in frustration. His whiskers twitch. “Awtleast diws give Kai’ time fowr minae get.”
  7. “Naw! Lemmeh git a jab awt dahm dagahr-ears!” Norah would exclaim sarcastically, unsheathing a really, really sad bronze dagger. She’d then jab it at an invisible target, her eyes focused on nothing. She’d then add some sound effects. “Thk! Thk. Thk!”
  8. Norah shrugs, still wondering when her skygod will pk her.
  9. Norah thinks their colors and insignia look a bit like someone elses. But she doesn’t really care, she gives a thumbs up.
  10. Sylvester the Kha looks over the prohibition, wondering both why he cares and why his skygoddess chose him to react with an emote on this forum thread.
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