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  1. i think all the other kha will hate you for that but, go ahead man
  2. Kai’ does not know who this person is so he doesn’t really care.
  3. I put a book in the chest to gain access to the library ign: Catifies rp: Sa'Kai' Mufðmódr
  4. Kai’ is unsure of what to say about this. A deep growl leaves his throat, and his ears would arch back. Aggravated of why they had let the Grand Marshal go.
  5. Kai’ lets out a mrrow of luaghter in hearing the news. ”Kai’ mawst see thaws fawr himsawlf! Loowk ware bein’ idiomatic gawt yaws!”
  6. Kai’ dips his head, his tail flicking idly. ”Yaws. Kai’ waws thawr. Kai’ bewlives diws snow-furred feline aws a divine omen frawm Muuna hawrself! Kai’ see’s thiws as awh sign, a sign awf luck fawr muuns to come!”
  7. “Yaws! New yawr! Kai’ iws ewcxited taw see whawt Muuna haws iwn daw store fuur aws diws Xihuitl!” He’d cheer, his tone littered with delight.
  8. “Yaws! Kai’ alwawys fawnd it awkwawrd whewn Kai’ wewnt intaw Haelanor siwnce Kai’ iwsnawt awlwawys dressed prawperlay.. Sohw thawy tell me... Kai’ iws glawd dawt daw awkward tiwmes awre over.” Kai’s tail flicks with satisfaction. Pocketing the news, he’d go back to his own buisness.
  9. IGN: Catifies RP name: Sa'Kai' Mufðmódr RP age: 31 Subrace: Kha’pantera/Kha’tigrasi Do you swear that should it be required, you will lay down your life in the defense of our people and Muuna Metztli? Even in death, I will rise to defend those who pose a threat to the Constitution of the Kharajyr! Have you completed your faith trials? No. (I have only completed the moon ceremony.)
  10. Sa’Kai nods, he’d let out a short trill of both frustration and excitement. ”Iwt waws bawnd taw happawn. Daw huawmans gewting awhed awf demselves, cawsing awnnessasari’ trawble. Kai’ loowks fawrward taw thaw spiwlling awf humawn blawd... Thaw huwmawns mawst be tawt a lessawn abawt ovawr-cawnfidance...” He’d tap his claws on a table in the White Owl Tavern, his tail swishing.
  11. Kai’ exhales sharply, agreeing with this text. ”Awr Muuna’s silawnce haws been strwange taw me, suwrlay She haws nawt tuwrned hawr bawck awn daw Kharajyr? Kai’ hawps thiws hunt cawld giwt Hawr attention..” His tail would flick idly, and he’d look up to the possibly starry night sky, gazing at the round Moon which fills it.
  12. “It iws awbawt time.” Kai’ trills at the news, his tail swaying behind him gently.
  13. Kai’ nods his head in approval, his whiskers twitching with slight satisfaction for this mutilation. ”Kai’ daws thiwnk thaws iws nawt enawuf juwstice... Buwt, Kai’ thiwnks diws showuld do.. Fowr noaw.”
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