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  1. Josefina moved to gently tug at Wilhelmina’s skirts, curiously arching a brow. “Isn’t he homosex? Why did vy marry him!?” The young girl queried, folding her arms across her chest.
  2. T H E I N F E R N I C H A R I T Y - A U C T I O N c. 1790 Hosted by HIH Elizabeth Anne, Madame Heloise Olympe & Madame Veronica Eve THE CITIZENS OF FAIR OREN remain stalwart as the demonic forces encroach upon the land - protected valiantly by the forces of the Imperial State Army. Time and time again we have borne witness to the successes within military battles, fighting in the light of providence for God and Country. As the onslaught by Inferi forces continues to rage on, the crown does wish to call citizens of the Empire to assist the war
  3. Heloise Olympe hastily prepared her outstanding acting skills for her role in the Murder Mystery activity! The woman let up a cackle as she glanced over at her maid outfit.
  4. Heloise Olympe glanced over at her twin sibling, her lips proudly drawn up. ”You did well, Blanche. You are quite the artist..” She’d contently muse over in her direction.
  5. Belladonna Sofiya jubilantly upraises each brow upon reading the missive. She’d move to gently nudge her cousin in the arm with her elbow, “We must attend, cugino. Our Empress is to have a coronation soon!” She’d exclaim. @jcbeno
  6. Héloïse Olympe’s moss green orbs swiftly raced to converge with the eyes of Wilhelmina Beatrix, her trusted keeper. The juvenile presented a deep pout at the woman, “Do you think my Papa will be okay?..” She’d inquire with great fret. Héloïse waddled forth to throw her arms around the leg of Wilhelmina, in hopes of comfort. “He can’t go yet.. I don’t want him to.” The girl uttered under her breath. @marinaemily
  7. “They just grow up so fast.” Ivanna del Rosario remarked with a sniffle, as she scanned through her dear friend’s missive. The woman clasped her gloved palms, before lofting them to where her heart had sat. She’d softly bob her head, “May their marriage prosper. Oren will be in the hands of a great woman.” The woman concluded. She’d gently nudge her cousin’s arm with her elbow, “Look who’s finally getting married!” She’d exclaim to Florenza with a jubilant grin.
  8. +1 My boi Tylmora did a great job in writing this lore, the Kobolds sound like a complex race that need to be in Lord of the Craft.

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