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  1. UltraGreyFox

    She was born in Atlas, in a city near Senntisten in the Kingdom of Marna. In her childhood, she wasn't considered much by her father because he wanted a male child, but she was loved by her mother, this created alot of arguing between her parents. When she was 10, her mother gifted her a handmade long bow with the name "Anna Hediart" chiseled on it, because she wanted to gift her a keepsake. When she was 12, her father asked her if she wanted to come with him to do a walk in the Forested Highlands, near the kingdom, she happily accepted, thinking that maybe finally he wanted to consider her as a part of the family, but he left her alone in the woods, abandoning her, and unfortunately she got lost never finding the way back home. She lived in the forest until she was 20, hunting small animals with her bow, she decides to start wandering in Atlas, in search of a place to live and start a new life, but she is shy and the fact that she can't speak well, stuttering and stumbling over words, stopped her from doing that, isolating herself outside of the cities, wandering without a place to go. Interesting events: One day, she was lying under a tree resting after a long travel, suddenly she heard some footsteps, she looked where she heard the footsteps, and she saw a group of some bandits, she instinctively ran away, forgotting her bow under that tree, losing it.