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  1. (Username: Bvrzvm) Name: Valin Maehr’tehral Age: 151 Research archtype: Medicine & herbology Research details: Researching the properties of different herbs and attempting to combine them in order to make more convenient and potent medicines beyond the mundane application of the plants themselves. Potential danger rating: a solid 3/5
  2. No vitamin E oil for me to inhale? -1
  3. “About time.” A high elf comments. ((finally lol))
  4. Wonk commissions incoming
  5. After loregames I am going to construct a toilet that translocates **** into the void and then auto-refills via water evo. Once this is done I will roleplay taking a dump, pk, and then quit. That is all.

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    2. Mojo
    3. z3m0s


      Can you put in your will that you bequeath it to me on your death bed? I’m tryna shidd.

    4. Bvrzvm
  6. The misclick of doom

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