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  1. +1 to this. We’ve had a difficult start to the map but we’ve overcome it and this would be the next step towards where we want, need & deserve to be.
  2. BebbZ

    A Rex's Address

    The Yazgurtan Malohk’Yar sighs as he oversees the last groups of labourers finishing construction of the wall, some way away from the Rex’s speech. He could not make out what the Rex had to say, although the crowd’s cheers carry across the Savannah like war drums to his ears. He grins a toothy, tusky grin, proud to serve Krugmar in what would one day go down as a golden age of Orc triumph over adversity, before quickly resuming his work. It wasn’t the stone fortifications of San’Kala. It lacked the intense, dry desert heat of San’Khatun. But San’Strok was to be their home, and under Burbur’Lur’s Rexdom they would make it a goi worthy of Krug’s descendants.
  3. BebbZ

    Votar's Shaati

    Application: Name: Malohk’Yar Race: Uruk Age: 20 Discord#: BebbZ#2328
  4. BebbZ

    The Wild Season

    “Bruddahz agh ziztahz, huntin’ bi amung owr peepul’z prowdezt tradizhunz, zu diz zeazon wi honur Votar! Zharpen latz zpeerz agh mend latz netz. Prepayr trapz agh redi latz howlurz. Et ez nub zmall gaym latz am tu hunt. Zeek owt da bub’hozhezt agh mozt danjuruz prey lat kan. Da azh whu huntz da hozhezt beezt wull bi rewarded wif da honur uf bearin’ da Zkull Ztav uf Votar! Bi redi fur da komin’ kaktuz week uf Gazog Ztaun!” Malohk listened keenly to his grandfather. He was now at an age where it was time to prove himself. For Gazog Ztaun, the Wild Season, he decided to embark on a challenging hunt of his own. His first solo hunt. He wandered the desert and surrounding areas in the days leading up to his hunt, looking for somewhere full of prey, settling on a watering hole just past the desert, in the grassy steppes. Preparing a couple of heavy spears and a handful of throwing spears and learning from his mother, Nurena’Yar how to treat them to not break as easily he headed off to see what beasts he could slay for Votar. Though he’d been hoping to wrestle a bear, his options were far more limited and he settled on a majestic Ibex that would make for a glorious trophy. (Full screenshot of hunt below:) Following his first triumph he also participated in a family hunt against a ferocious Bull Elephant, which left injury after injury on the hunting party, but ultimately the united Yars were victorious with Malohk landing a crucial strike and finally piercing the elephant’s tough hide with his sharpened wooden spear, though breaking his spear in the process. This was however not the killing blow, though still a blaze of glory for the 16 year old. “Glozug Votar” muttered the young Yar as he held the broken spear in his hand. Much had he learned through these two great hunts, but he also had much still to learn. More importantly than that though, he desperately needed a more sturdy and more lethal hunting weapon or two.
  5. BebbZ


    Throki wants to travel to experience the world of Atlas. He feels in order to one day compose his masterpiece he needs more life experience, and when better than while young, as he knows as he ages he will need to settle properly and begin to work on caring for a family. Throki had long felt the urge to travel the world and had been planning on exploring the land of Axios before he and his family were uprooted in the move to Atlas. Now on a new continent he does not intend to let the opportunity slip away again. Armed with little cash, a trusty lute and his bethrothed, who would not hear for a moment of him travelling alone, he intends to see as much of the world as he can to form his experiences and act as his musical inspiration and education. He particularly dreams of seeing the famous city of Sutica and the way of life there described once by his father as being culturally ‘as far from New Jornheim as possible’. Throki assumed the same could be said for Kal’Tarak. Throki met his bethrothed on the continent of Axios, before the ruin of Axios. Upon learning of Throki’s wish to become a skilled musician his father, Orsik, approached an old family friend, a forest dwarf, to commission a lute fit for a beginner – a gift for Throki’s 50th birthday. As luck would have it, his friends daughter had recently taken to woodwork and this was a perfect opportunity to test her skills. Seeing an opportunity to form a lasting partnership the two fathers arranged for the beardlings to meet to discuss the details of the instrument. They continued to see each other long past this encounter, with Jeimhe refusing his proposals on several occasions until the ruin of Axios caused them to be separated on the journey. Before they travelled, Jeimhe told Throki that if they both made it to their new homeland in one piece – she would finally take him as her husband. And with the successful arrival at Kal’Tarak, true to her word she asked him to marry her. He agreed, and they were pledged to be married once their adventure ended. Throki also always adorns himself with two silver rings, on his right hand. One on his pinky and the other on his middle finger. This is a sign of his devotion to the Hearth Mother – Anbella. This devotion is a key reason he desires to travel while young, as with age will come a need to turn his focus to home and hearth. (Jeimhe - to be played by existing member Sleepless_Snail)