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  1. ~The Shui Family~ “The ocean is the gateway to reclaiming the vast wealth and riches our people once held.” - Shui Dayang (The symbol of the Shui clan, often flown aboard their ships). History: The Shui family does not have the longstanding history of the other families. It was founded in Atlas by Shui Dayang, a merchant and sailor who spent most of his life on the sea, away from his Hou-Zi brethren. Though his family started as a crew of one, he met a woman on one of his infrequent trips home and subsequently had at least three children, Shui Haiyang, Shui Luo and Shui Hai, both of whom were born at sea and grew up only knowing the sea-faring lifestyle. Upon the relocation of the descendants and the Hou-Zi to Arcas, Shui Dayang decided to take the long route, wanting to explore as much of the newfound seas as he could before returning to his own people. This ended up spelling disaster as the ship ran into trouble as they met up with a ship of rogues and bandits who promptly slaughtered both Dayang and his wife. Perhaps as a small act of mercy, or perhaps as a joke, the pirates then allowed the children to take the escape raft while they made off with the ship and it’s cargo. Having lost their father at a young age, they paddled their way to shore with Haiyang reluctantly taking the position of Duizhang, or head of the family, a lot sooner than he’d ever wanted it. Eventually they made it back to their people, and Haiyang made the decision that no longer would the Shui be a family that constantly lived on the open sea. They would live within the safety of the state of Shen, and from there build upon the legacy of their father by exploring more of the sea and trading with people far and near. While their home would be on land, they would always feel more comfortable on the open seas. Culture + Traditions: The culture of the Shui is that of seafarers, though all Shui have different reasons for their love of the sea. Some do it for profit, others for adventure. Some want to trade and some want to fish. However the thing that binds all Shui together is their love of the open sea and many feel more comfortable on a boat than on dry land. The Shui have no history of physical prowess but are experts at their crafts, being among the best sailors, fishermen and merchants of the Hou-Zi. Boat Ownership: It is the dream of any Shui to own their own boat, though the spirit of community is strong in the family and the priority is always to ensure that at least one boat is owned by the family. Boats owned by the family are always referred to as ships, though more commonly by their name, and the ships are respected as any member of the family would be. Likewise whoever owns a ship is considered it’s captain and commands the respect of all Shui on board regardless of their position within the family itself. The exception to this is the communal boat, which can be commanded by anyone, usually being reserved for the most senior family member or for a rite of passage. One of the most important causes for celebration within the Shui is obtaining a new ship, and of course this too comes with it’s own traditions. Should the ship have been purchased or otherwise acquired, then it is simply taken out for an inaugural voyage, usually by a significant amount of the family. However any member of the Shui obtain a ship of any size that has not been named or sailed before then this is a cause for great celebration and usually involves a grand voyage with many family members.. A great deal of thought is put into the name of a ship, and it is thought that the name has some significance of the fate of the ship. A ship that does well and is retired or goes down valiantly may see it’s name used again for a newer ship. Naming a ship after a vessel that sank easily or caused the unnecessary death of a Hou-Zi without later being redeemed would be a poor omen for that ship and would be frowned upon as a choice for a new ship. Funeral Rites: The Shui honour their dead with a burial at sea, though the funeral tradition differs depending on whether the deceased died at sea or on land. Those Shui who die at sea are given a funeral aboard the ship on which they died, at the end of which they are cast overboard, or else a funeral is held as close to where they died if they fell overboard while alive and were not recovered. Those who die on land are placed on a boat befitting their status and returned to the ocean, with the boat and it’s passenger occasionally being burned along with offerings that honoured the deceased and the ancestrals so that the deceased can continue to sail until they are ready to pass into the Heavenly Realm. Birth Rite: The Shui honour newborns in a ritual that goes back to the birth of Haiyang’s brother Luo. When Luo was an infant – as yet unnamed, Dayang held him out over the ocean, in the direction of their home. Unfortunately the Junk rocked at that moment and Dayang’s grip loosened, leaving Luo to drop into the water below. Luo was rescued but when Hai was born their mother, as a joke, poured seawater onto the newborns fur, remarking that it would save them the swim. Since then it has become a tradition to take a newborn Shui out to sea and pour seawater over their fur to introduce them to the sea, an act which is performed before naming the newborn. Professions: Any maritime or mercantile profession is an encouraged and respected within the family. This can range from sailing, to fishing, to trade and anything in between, such as the preparation of seafood both for the family and for trade. (It is no surprise that the diet of the Shui is mostly seafood based). Membership: Though the family was once just a tightly knit family crew, since taking on the role of the head of the family Haiyang opened it to anyone that follows the seafaring traditions of the family, this is mainly directed at fellow Hou-Zi though those of other races that prove themselves aboard a Shui vessel can be considered too. Whether joining or coming of age as a family member, there is a rite of passage that new members must go before being considered true members, though those of the Shui blood may use the name from birth. The rite of passage is a simple trial, a prospective Shui must prove their knowledge of sailing by commanding a boat with at least one Shui out on a voyage. The length of the voyage and the purpose are up to the initiate, but they will be judged based on what they choose to do as well as how they handle themselves. The ship not being returned in one piece is considered an instant fail unless there are some extenuating circumstances. Current Members: Family Head (Duizhang): Shui Haiyang (BebbZ) Members: Shui Hai (SaltyOlog) Shui Luo (micbox) Pending To join as a non-blood member please contact anyone with the surname Shui IRP. To join as a family member please contact either BebbZ#2328, micbox or SaltyOlog. Contact BebbZ#2328 for further information.
  2. Malohk’Yar awoke to the familiar scent of blood. He didn’t remember how he got here, the opposite end of the trench from the position they’d been holding. All he remembered was the order to get down and get in and that’s what he’d done. He quickly checked himself over, but it didn’t feel like anything had been broken or shattered, he was just bloodied and bruised. He readied his Krugmar-issue sword once more, just in case, but the only ones he could see standing were those of both Krugmar and Renatian colours, he gripped the sword, just in case, and made his way back to their defensive position, keeping an eye out for the Rex or any of his other Orcish brothers. As he walked through the wreckage he saw an all too familiar sight. His friend and clanswoman, Mograh’Yar’s treasured mace, lying mere inches from the mangled hand of a not-looking-too-good Fe-Uruk. Grinning, he sauntered over, picking up her mace and placing it in her hand. “Lat dropped diz. Lat’z nub gunna bi abul tu akzidentuhlly mawl mi wivowt et,” he chuckled, taking a seat in the dirt next to her. “Nub gunna lie ziztah, latz peepen liyk zkah.” After a moment of her not responding to his jibe, he gives her a quick nudge; she doesn’t usually stay passed out for nearly as long as he does. “Ziztah? Iz nub tikh tu bi zleepen, wi wohn! Agh mi peeped lat klomp wehl, toniyt wi zelebrayt!” he cheers, nudging her again. Only then did he really take in just quite how bad she was looking, her missing teeth, broken nose and the broken and missing fingers. His victory grin faded as he quickly began to panic. “Mograh? Kum, mih’ll tayk lat bak tu Krugmar, mi momo wihl fikz lat uhp hozh,” he reached out his hands to lift her to carry her back, but brushes over her wrist with one hand, feeling no pulse, no warmth, no life. His disbelief turned to sorrow and he felt his eyes begin to well, but he had been taught from a young age that Yars do not cry, and so instead he took her mace and slammed it repeatedly into the nearest enemy skull he could find in an act of unadulterated rage. Once the former enemy had been made unrecognisable to his or her own loved owns he turned his attention back to his clanmate. “Whi ziztah? Lat kan nub leev mi. Whu iz gunna zayv mi lyf aht da nekzt huhnt? Dub tikhz lat have zayved mi nowh...zurely deyr iz zum whey mi kan ztill zayv lat...” but his words fell on deaf, dead ears and he himself knew it was too late, she was already gone. Resolved to at the very least return her body to be given an honoured Yar funeral he empties his quiver of it’s remaining arrows and carried her mace in it instead. Then he lifted the heavy Fe-Uruk over his shoulders and began his long trek back to Krugmar, with nothing in his mind but reaching home and perhaps paying Mograh a visit in the Stargush’Stroh, to berate her for leaving them in person, and to say farewell to his childhood friend.
  3. BebbZ

    Votar's Shaati

    Application: Name: Malohk’Yar Race: Uruk Age: 20 Discord#: BebbZ#2328
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    Throki wants to travel to experience the world of Atlas. He feels in order to one day compose his masterpiece he needs more life experience, and when better than while young, as he knows as he ages he will need to settle properly and begin to work on caring for a family. Throki had long felt the urge to travel the world and had been planning on exploring the land of Axios before he and his family were uprooted in the move to Atlas. Now on a new continent he does not intend to let the opportunity slip away again. Armed with little cash, a trusty lute and his bethrothed, who would not hear for a moment of him travelling alone, he intends to see as much of the world as he can to form his experiences and act as his musical inspiration and education. He particularly dreams of seeing the famous city of Sutica and the way of life there described once by his father as being culturally ‘as far from New Jornheim as possible’. Throki assumed the same could be said for Kal’Tarak. Throki met his bethrothed on the continent of Axios, before the ruin of Axios. Upon learning of Throki’s wish to become a skilled musician his father, Orsik, approached an old family friend, a forest dwarf, to commission a lute fit for a beginner – a gift for Throki’s 50th birthday. As luck would have it, his friends daughter had recently taken to woodwork and this was a perfect opportunity to test her skills. Seeing an opportunity to form a lasting partnership the two fathers arranged for the beardlings to meet to discuss the details of the instrument. They continued to see each other long past this encounter, with Jeimhe refusing his proposals on several occasions until the ruin of Axios caused them to be separated on the journey. Before they travelled, Jeimhe told Throki that if they both made it to their new homeland in one piece – she would finally take him as her husband. And with the successful arrival at Kal’Tarak, true to her word she asked him to marry her. He agreed, and they were pledged to be married once their adventure ended. Throki also always adorns himself with two silver rings, on his right hand. One on his pinky and the other on his middle finger. This is a sign of his devotion to the Hearth Mother – Anbella. This devotion is a key reason he desires to travel while young, as with age will come a need to turn his focus to home and hearth. (Jeimhe - to be played by existing member Sleepless_Snail)
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