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  1. Hi! This auction contains 5 male skins and 4 female skins. There are previews to each skin below. These are all unused skins. Start date- 04/22/21 End date- 04/26/21 ENDED NO MORE BIDS Rules- 1) All bids start at 50 mina (only accept mina) 2) Bids rise by 10 mina each 3) Do not change your bids, if you wish to bid higher be sure to send another bid Format Skin Name- Bid- IGN- Discord- -Female Skins- 1- Blue Nova 2- Baby blue Doll 3- Pink Rosa
  2. RP Name: Railyn Jens MC Name: lilly_324 Voted: Yes
  3. Job application: RP NAME:Railyn IGN:lilly324 State of Residence (Oren, Haense, etc.): Experience:Oren Tell us a joke:Boo
  4. lillyb27


    Railyn Jens is a 18 year old human , she managed to live on her own from a young age, she may seem odd on the outside and quiet when really she just doesn't feel like she belongs anywhere. Railyn has a mysterious past where she is from another race but she was turned away and left due to an accident she had. She was found by local people in a tree stump in the Acras realm and they brought her to the Almaris realm to the empire to raise her.In the Holy Orenian Empire is where Railyn would soon grow up, Although she must follow the canonist faith she still hold adventure dear in her. She often
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