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  1. Seems like a fun batch of cultural creatures to encounter
  2. Mind listing which arent found?
  3. In my opinion, I’d like to see both the “Life” and “History” in the maps, though the map is good it does not feel too... immersive. And it feels like there are just the cities, the charters, the “world event” stuff. Then the freebuild in the wildlands. Seeing a more lush landscape and unique ruins may bring up some creative events for people. maybe someone will be driven to find out who was here before them. and what there hidden treasures lie beneath the ancient ruins, or a researcher exploring terrains foreign to what lotc has used too new flora and fauna potential. But that’s just me! ^-^ Just wish to say go crazy and add some flavor to the rather bland landscape. one of the places i thought was creative was some of the swamps. that or the dark forest. something that seems unique. But also having ruins for potential events or immersive Irp could help too!
  4. “This I shall agree on, Granted of the fact of how people cared more for Magnus to work at the tavern when he was right at death's door is absurd. He was one of the people who had placed our laws before his own teachings as the Hou-zi claimed. I believe that this missive is glossing over many things unsaid. Magnus was a friend of the people and stood by our side for years to help build llyria to what it is today. Yet we cast him out like he was a bloodlust Criminal? The fact how they also mentioned of the Hou-zi also means nothing as they were not directly involved nor the monks either.” the elf would shake his head, staring at this bias missive before walking away
  5. “And here I thought the Empyrion and council had to all agree to this standing.”Asked an ominous Mali.
  6. Hopefully, Alchemy can get off of the shelf so we can use this plugin, that or have a general guide as to where some notes could be found for beginners. but that's me.
  7. Iros

    [Hiring] Tailor

    Around some of the sandstone pillars in the Cloud Temple and of some southern notice boards lie a few finely written posters had been made with writing, three posters side by side. , One In Elven, one in Dwarven and one in common Some may see a hooded and masked Mali posting these, though darts off to the next city before being stopped. Each stating the same wording as Follows. “To those that Read this message I am here to seek out a proper tailor for some new attire(s). The Mina will range somewhere from somewhere between 300-1000 depending on quality, amounts and or tips. One will be consisting of a mage robes but that will be disclosed in person. If you would like the offer come to Llyrias tavern, Llyria being at this location. X -1265 Z -73. :east for the next 3-4 Elven hours Less stated otherwise. Search for one downed in halfplate. Or one named Delimoni If failed to reach a time or contact, Yet still wish to do business send a bird my way. -K ((Ooc note this is my first time making any sort of tailor request, so send a bird to PronceJose270 way in adv. or just msg me some of your work. Sorry if it is bad But i’ll work on improving ^^))
  8. Iros

    The Mages Guild

    OOC ((MC Name: PrinceJose270)) ((Discord:Iros#2743)) ((TimeZone: EST)) RP What is your name? “Kagura Delimoni” Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? “Not been saved once, but twice by an old mage has inspired me to follow in there footsteps. And I myself want to be able to protect those who do not fend themselves and the knowledge of magic from those who sought to abuse such an art and science. To explore the ways of the arcane and to take a leap into the unknown.” What is the extent of your experience with magic? “Combat wise I used to own quite a powerful magical sword before it had shattered in the last battle of September, fighting mainly alongside mages per usually enough to get a idea of magic. But aside from fighting alongside mages and holding a magic weapon twice in my life. I do not know much, hence why I wish to devote myself into learning the arcanic arts.” What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? “None, However I do try to find one who is willing to teach me. But I know of no magic nor claimed by any teachers.” What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? “Acolyte, And if anything a defender of the arcane arts. I may not know any spells but my blade and bow would be sworn into keeping it’s secret and safety a priority.” What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? “Master mage or Archmage is a long goal for me to peruse, But i’m willing to devote my effort into learning” When is the best time to contact you for an interview? “Any time on any day past 12-1 pm till 10pm EST”
  9. "Fair win mask man" The masked knight chuckled
  10. "three thousand one hundred" The masked knight replied calmly
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