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    Dunshire | Laws & Traditions

    Trixie would peer at the noticeboard, nodding as they read the list of laws. "Aye, tha' looks 'bout right. No more improperness in this village anymore!" However even as they spoke they would read a concerning line. "No going into No-Booze... Bu' me' burrow be scarce more than a couple o' yards from there!" With a sigh Trixie would continue to read. "It's probably for the best. I am not one to doubt our great sheriff!" With a smile and whilstle they would strole back to their burrow. ((Looks great! ?
  2. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Cute Female Halfling for Sale

    "Stinkin' dwarves. " They'd grumble to themselves. "Thinkin' tha' they can jus' do wha' they want with us wee' folk." Looking through the bars of their prison, they'd let out a sigh. "Need to stop comin' to this place.... Stupid dwarf teacher..."
  3. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    [MArt] Arugula's Tome

    I am aware that the host fights the shade's control. But I imagine that the fight is based around willpower, again have yet to read enough to know otherwise. A host that hasn't slept well in years, suffers nightmares and halucinations, all the while feeling that they have no one to trust, probably fails most of the time it attempts fight the Shade's control. Hence why mentally torturing the host is probably an easy way for the Shade to keep the host weak. I wasn't at all insinuating that you don't know what you were talking about. I am well aware that I have barely scratched the lore of Lord of the Craft. Thus, I'm very grateful when you point things out to me as it helps me to better understand the lore. I'm glad to have finally met a Shade, unfortunately I feel that my lack of understanding of the Lore may have soured your disposition towards me.
  4. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    [MArt] Arugula's Tome

    The artifact was created because originally it was to develop my own character. I loved the idea of a Halfling slowly going insane reading a Cthulu-esque Tome and writing there own journal about their fall into madness. You can read said journal in the Halfling forum section. At the time I didn't know what Shade magic was or even that it was a thing, I'm fairly new to LordOfTheCraft and have only read some of the forum articles. Most of the stuff I've read has been from the Wiki and unfortunately they don't seem to go into quite so much detail. As a result I apologise if my understanding of the lore is wrong, I hope to rectify this as soon as possible. As for the Magics involved in creating the tome, I have no idea. My character merely stumbled across said Tome and was in no way the creator. In all honesty, I don't have a wide enough understanding of the lore to accurately guess. If you have any ideas how the tome could feasibly be created within the Lore of Lord of the craft, I'd really appreciate it! Arun'Asna is not a name I'm familiar with. If you're response has show me anything, and its shown me a lot and I really appreciate the help, it's that I need to trawl through the forums as there seems to be more lore there than on the wiki. I unfortunately was not aware that was the case. The reason I chose Arugula was because my character's a halfling so it was the first god I found who I thought was pretty cool. Secondly rather than creating an Arugula magic, which had been my original idea prior to finding out about shades, I saw a connection between the squid demon that Arugula is and Shade magic. My first thought upon hearing about Arun'Asna is that over time the Halflings changed the name to Arugula and developed a mythos surrounding this character. Of course that's just an idea. As for why reading the book turns one into a Shade. I felt that Shade magic has the most in common out of all the magics with Arugula. Plus I love how a Shade drives its host slowly insane. As for the Amber entering the bloodstream. It was not the Amber which created the Shade, the Amber was instead designed to form a connection between the Tome and the Reader. Whereupon the Tome could slowly begin to twist the reader the more the reader read, until a Shade was born within the Reader. I'll try to find some Shades, but in all honesty I've really struggled to find any. It seems that quite a few have given up on being a shade. Still I'll keep trying to find one. Thanks for the link regarding Shade Lore, I hadn't seen that [pst before so I look forwards to reading it! I'm not entirely sure why you think that I believe a Shade is after senseless violence. I'm sorry as I must have written something poorly to give you that impression. It was that twisted personality that I was after and have been RPing in the Halfling Forum Section. For example my Halfling is terrified of other races and fears that they'll raid Dunshire. As a result the Shade/Alternative Personality I've been portraying offers to help the Halfling "do what needs to be done" to convince the Halfling to offer control to the Shade. I also don't know what part of my artifact gave you the impression that the Shade would let its host die. The shade would only attempt to "destroy" the host if the host attempted to kill the Shade by going to Holy Mage or killing themselves. I realise that destroy could come across as the Shade killing the host but I should clarify that I saw it more that the Shade would try to destroy the personality of the reader, either by fully taking control or driving the reader further into insanity. As for the torture, I felt that the Shade would find it easier to keep control of the host by keeping the sanity of the reader weak. I hope this clarifies some of the issues you had. If you have any other points I'd really appreciate hearing them. Thank you for the help!
  5. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    [MArt] Arugula's Tome

    Name of Artifact: Arugula's Tome MC Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Lamaius RP Name of person(s) currently in possession of Artifact: Trixie MC Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): N/A RP Name of creator(s) of Artifact (N/A if not applicable): N/A Effect(s) of Artifact: The Tome slowly drives the reader insane until a persona is born within them, a Shade. Alas, the Tome teaches no true Shade magic merely the history of Arugula, all the while offering false promises. After the the Shade is fully manifested and acquires a self identity, see below for more information regarding this, the reader can do small paltry tricks and cantrips using Shade Magic, yet these powers offer no in game benefits. Red Lines of Artifact: The Tome and the Shade grant nothing beyond simple shade magic cantrips and the madness that consumes one from having a Shade. This Tome is primarily designed to enable interesting roleplay and character development, it is not supposed the replace the interesting RP that comes from having a true shade teacher. Explanation of effect(s) (i.e. how it does what it does - slight bending of magic lore is allowed): Number of Duplicates of this Artifact: A single copy of this Tome exists. Do you Agree to keep the MT updated on the whereabouts and ownership of this Artifact by using the Magic List Errors: Yes Have you applied for this Artifact before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
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