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  1. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    Dunshire | Laws & Traditions

    Trixie would peer at the noticeboard, nodding as they read the list of laws. "Aye, tha' looks 'bout right. No more improperness in this village anymore!" However even as they spoke they would read a concerning line. "No going into No-Booze... Bu' me' burrow be scarce more than a couple o' yards from there!" With a sigh Trixie would continue to read. "It's probably for the best. I am not one to doubt our great sheriff!" With a smile and whilstle they would strole back to their burrow. ((Looks great! 😄
  2. Need to get a texture pack with better squid tentacles... 

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      I’ve seen enough anime to know where this is going 

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      Try Squid-Tentakals-HD 64bit

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      Well.... 🤗

      I got nothin' 😭

  3. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Cute Female Halfling for Sale

    "Stinkin' dwarves. " They'd grumble to themselves. "Thinkin' tha' they can jus' do wha' they want with us wee' folk." Looking through the bars of their prison, they'd let out a sigh. "Need to stop comin' to this place.... Stupid dwarf teacher..."
  4. When the elves don't take too kindly to incessant Halfling babbling...

    1. Ougi


      You must kill-kill those elves, yes, yes!

    2. emma !!
    3. TrixieTheHalflingTrap


      @emma !! You don't need to apologise, I can easily see how your elf found my Halfling annoying when she just wanted some peace and quiet 😁

  5. [!] A pigeon would attempt to  land near to Koralon carrying a message.


    Dear Teacher Koralon


    I 'ave recently signed up to join your class on the Arcane in the Academy o' 'olm. 'Owever, I am afraid your reputation precedes you, I 'ave 'eard many a gruesome tale regardin' 'ow you like to treat us 'alflings. But, I am more than willing to let the past remain exactly tha', the past. I 'ope tha' neither me' race nor me' lateness will sour your view o' me. Still, I 'ave a great passion to learn your subject and I am aware that you come 'ighly recommended. I 'ope tha' I will make you a proud teacher as your future student. If there is anythin' I need to do prior to joinin' your next class, please inform me.



    - Trixie

    Edited by TrixieTheHalflingTrap
    Added appropriate 'alfling accent. Because for some reason Trixie has to write the way they speak...
  6. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    Trixie's Journal, a Halfling's journey begins. - IX

    Trixie’s Journal, a Halfling’s journey begins. -IX Me’ letter to Madeline remains unanswered an’ I fear foul play. Durin' the Dunshire Drinkin’ Night I asked whether she received it, she says tha’ she did not. I will ‘ave to think o’ a solution to this a' a later date as more important matters lie before me. Prior to the Drinkin’ Night, I travelled to the great library tha’ lies near to Dunshire. It was a long walk yet wha’ I ‘ave found ‘as beguiled me. Firstly, I now understand the Sapphire gem tha’ Angelica gave to me. It is capable o’ summoning a great fire, I believe tha’ this shall become me’ last resort should I ever need to flee. It would be unwise o’ me to use it rashly as such power, no doubt, ‘as a price. Still, during me’ readin’, I found somethin’ o’ great importance, several books regardin’ the ‘istory o’ Shades. I ‘ad to search through many dark tomes to find these books and yet they have proved invaluable to me. Although they ‘ave no truly useful knowledge within them, I now know wha’ it is I search for. It surprised me that such knowledge was readily available, yet I imagine they ‘oped to warn the curious. I am afraid tha’ their warnings ‘ave fallen on deaf ears. Unfortunately, the books predominantly give ‘istory an’ warnings rather than key names tha’ I could ‘ope to track down. I realise now that I shall ‘ave to find one o’ these Shades or at the very least search for a far larger library. Yet I fear the dangerous and uncertain nature o’ this quest. I do not believe tha’ I would survive the journey without me’ companion for long. This journey will be the ‘ardest I ‘ave ever done, o’ that there is no doubt. It does not ‘elp tha’ these Shades are illusive in their nature. I do not know where I would begin, I feel as if I am about to search for a needle in a haystack. I think that me’ only ‘ope is to relinquish further control to me’ companion. I believe they may notice things I would otherwise miss. Don’t worry Trixie, big sis has a plan. We will have to travel to the Academy within Holm. I imagine once there we will find another clue. All the while I do this, I must continue me’ duties as an elder. Perhaps I can gain some form o’ ‘elp from the other ‘alflings? O’ course they cannot know the truth, but I may be able to utilise them to ‘elp me achieve me’ goals. Perhaps if I were to send them on a mission tha’ would require some military expertise? It could potentially ‘arden them an’ prepare them for future battles. I do not believe any are yet suspicious o’ me, especially after me’ performance durin’ the drinkin’ night. I believe tha’ by both drinkin’ excessively and bein’ temporarily kidnapped, none could possibly deem me a threat. Me’ once natural naivete is an easy mask to wear. Still, it ‘urts me to deceive me’ friends in such a fashion but I fear tha’ they would not accept me if they knew o’ the darkness within me. I am destined to walk this path with me’ companion alone. Forever and ever, Trixie. You know you have to do this. After all, who else can save Dunshire? Don’t be so selfish, you wouldn’t want your friends to carry this burden, would you? To have their very souls damned, you have to do this alone Trixie. It’s the only way. I know. [!] The rest of the page is blank, save for the faded stains of fallen tears.
  7. Favourite trap? 🤔

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      I was asking more about Traps in general. 😜

      Still, this trap always likes to hear that people like them! 🤗

      So who are your favourite non-LOTC traps? 💕


      @dkink14 You're too kind! 😝 Still I'm detemined to meet Velvet Roundbottom IG 😉 Although I think they're avoiding me... 😭

    3. h e x
    4. Lumiin
  8. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    Trixie's Journal, a Halfling's corrupted aspirations. - VIII

    [!] A letter would arrive at Elder Madeline Applefoot's burrow. Dear Madeline Your close friend Trixie ‘ere. I really appreciate all your ‘elp when those dwarves attacked. I fear wha’ may ‘ave ‘appened should you not ‘ave arrived so quickly. But I ‘ave another fear, an’ in many ways it is a far graver fear. The brutal execution o’ the dwarf, I do not know whether the dwarf deserved death, it is no’ for me to say. But I am concerned that many o’ the younger ‘alflings, ‘aving been tormented by the big’uns for so long, will fall to vigilantism. I fear tha’ they will be driven to cruel, vicious methods an’ irreversibly taint themselves in doin’ so. To see such unbridled fury amongst the ‘alflings, it tears at me’ very soul. We cannot let the younger ‘alflings damage themselves in such ways an’ fall to such temptations. I fear tha’ if we do not do somethin’, we will be forced to one day see them leave. Already too many ‘aflings ‘ave left Dunshire seeking protection in the big’un cities. Yet, I think I may ‘ave a small solution, to at least mitigate the issue somewhat. I know that we ‘ave been strugglin’ to find a deputy Sheriff for some time now. I think tha’ should some ‘alflings wish to protect Dunshire, as I think many wish to, we could introduce the idea of ‘onorary Deputy Sheriffs. They would be ‘alflings whose duty and purpose it is to protect those within Dunshire. I ‘ope tha’ in doin’ so, we would grant the younger ‘alflings a greater sense o’ pride and save them from their own folly. I think this might also ‘elp Angelica, who seems to ‘ave so many responsibilities tha’ she ‘andles alone. I am sure tha’ this would do a great deal to prevent the violence tha’ occurs so often in our village. Your concerned friend, Trixie (( @NotEvilAtAll
  9. Trixie’s Journal, a Halfling’s corrupted aspirations. - VIII I ‘ave been busy o’ late, yet I shall try to write all tha’ ‘as occurred. I begin by thankin’ me’ close friend, the sheriff o’ Dunshire, Angelica Woodstock. She gave to me an item o’ rare value, a beautiful blue gem tha’ she recommended I take to Harold the ‘alfling druid. Thanking ‘er profusely, I did just tha’. It was revealed to me tha’ this gem utilised voidal magic to achieve somethin’. Neither I nor ‘arold knew what. I realise tha’ I shall soon ‘ave to travel out o’ Dunshire to find out more regarding this gem. I know now that I mus’ leave will all ‘aste, especially after wha’ ‘as occurred since. I ‘ave experienced death. Two dwarves assaulted me within the centre o’ Dunshire. I tried to reason with them and yet before I could even act I was brutally murdered an’ mutilated. Fortunately, it seems tha’ the Monks can ‘eal one from death. Me’ friend Madeline Applefoot along with several others avenged me’ death by wounding one of the dwarves and killin’ the other. I feel great burnin’ rage within me and yet I know I must control it. Me’ companion ‘as been o’ much use in ‘elpin’ me. Me’ greatest fear durin’ me’ death, was not in fact me’ own death but tha’ o’ me’ companion. For if I were to die, I feared tha’ I would lose them. I didn’t know you cared so much ickle Trixie! You say just the right things to make your older sister feel so warm and happy. Thankfully, they survived although I can feel tha’ they are weak. Me’ nightmares an’ visions ‘ave subsided somewhat an’ it takes effort for me’ companion to take over me’ body, if I am unwilling. Fortunately for me’ companion, this is rarely the case. I am determined to form a symbiotic relationship with me’ companion, as if this event ‘as shown me anythin’ it is tha’ I am too weak to defend Dunshire alone. Don’t worry Trixie, we’ll find more answers when we travel away from Dunshire, the library nearby may hold some secrets of value to us. Still, besides findin’ methods to increase me’ own power I believe tha’ I will also need to find a way to save Dunshire in a different fashion. Thankfully, I ‘ave found a way to achieve this. I was made an Elder o’ Dunshire, it is with this position tha’ I am now in place to combat the big’un threat. Yet I must both be cunnin’ and patient, for I fear that should the other elders and sheriff learn more about me’ aspirations they would see me exiled. Fortunately, I am close friends with both Elder Madeline and Sheriff Angelica, alas I am only an acquaintance o’ Elder ‘arold. In truth I fear him, for it is he who is mos’ likely to realise what I ‘ave become and seek to ‘elp me by killing me’ companion. I cannot let tha’ ‘appen, for I know that it is only with me’ companion that I migh’ be able to save Dunshire. Surely, if ‘e knew tha’ I only do this for betterment the o’ Dunshire he would agree with me? Alas, I cannot risk it and thus I must be discrete, luckily ‘e is often away from the village an’ busy with ‘is druidic duties. I believe tha’ Angelica may sympathise with me’ cause. I ‘ave seen the grave of ‘er brother, who I ‘ave ‘eard was killed durin’ a raid, on ‘is grave it states ‘e will be avenged. I believe tha’ through workin’ with the sheriff I may be able to increase Dunshire’s defensive capabilities. I shall try to convince the other elders tha’ we should grant the Sheriff a militia. O’ course, I will not phrase it so bluntly, we lack a Deputy Sheriff at the moment perhaps I can use this to me’ advantage? Madeline may become me’ greatest opponent or me’ greatest ally, I do not know which. I shall ‘ave to be careful when talkin’ to her about me’ ideas. She believes first and foremost in the freedom of Dunshire, I ‘ope tha’ this will not conflict with me’ own ideals. I will ‘ave to convince ‘er tha’ it is only through defendin’ Dunshire tha’ we can ‘ave the freedom she so desires for its people. Look at you Trixie, all so devious. It only took a little madness, but you have bloomed beautifully. I feel so proud. But remember Trixie, it’s all well and good trying to make Dunshire better defended but we’ll need power. The sooner we get to the library the better for both of us, and of course the better for Dunshire. The ‘alflings o’ Dunshire are adrift, unsure o’ their purpose. I will give them this purpose. I will give them a future to ‘ope for, all the while I will inflame their fears o’ the present. The ‘alflings are too gentle, too timid, they do not see the threat comin’ like I do. In their ignorance, the would see the ‘alfling race fall, I will not let this come to pass.
  10. When you feel bad for getting salty but then realise it's okay because salt is good for traps 😌

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      If only I could be as salty as you, great trap queen-king-emperor. God bless.

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      Seek help.

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      @Ford I think it might be too late...

  11. Out of all the races I've interacted with as a Halfling. It has literally only been dwarves who have attempted to kill my character... I'm so confused. I would have thought orcs would have been the cruel ones. But they actually helped me when I first joined lol

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    2. TrixieTheHalflingTrap


      I mean yeah that would make sense. But if you want to be bad guys then realise that people will change their attitudes towards Dwarves. Originally, I saw a dwarf in Dunshire so naively I thought I could help them. Now any dwarf in Dunshire I see will be seen as a potential threat. I guess if you play as the bad guys then people will expect you to always be the bad guys.

      Edited by TrixieTheHalflingTrap
    3. Algoda


      Ofc, now I know that the other dwarven nations are much more peaceful by nature but we do know what we are doing by raiding peaceful settlements. I hope you find enjoyment in trying to protect yourself against the raids through rp!

    4. TrixieTheHalflingTrap


      In all honesty I do, it's been great for my character development. Who has very quickly gonne from a hippie Halfling smoking cactus to a political monster 😜

  12. Dunshire's drinking night is tomorrow. Feel free to turn up and hang out with Trixie and the other Halflings. For more info check out the post in the Halfling forum section!

    1. Ougi


      I pray to what gods there are that I will make it. I will go through fire and rain just to meet you. You are what makes my day shine bright, all of your posts fill me with joy. I look forward to everything you do.

  13. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    The Tenth Annual Dunshire Drinking Night!

    Trixie, seeing the paper on the noticeboard, smiles. "It'll be nice to catch up with all the Halflings." Trixie would then pause whilst reading the scarp of paper, their head titling gently to the side as if listening to a voice. "Yes, I suppose we ought to check out No Booze forest with the rest of the Halflings. Who knows what will happen." With that Trixie would skip away back to their burrow, whilstling an unsettling tune.
  14. TrixieTheHalflingTrap

    Trixie’s Journal, a Halfling’s devilish companion. - VII

    (( Thank you!! ❤️ ))
  15. Trixie’s Journal, a Halfling’s devilish companion. - VII Tis’ odd to share me’ mind with another, yet I do not fin’ it entirely unpleasant. Me’ mind ‘as long since come to terms with the madness tha’ plagues it an’ I feel almos’ at peace with this madness. Every thought I ‘ave, any plans I conceive are improved by me’ companion a thousand fold. ‘Owever, I am careful not to lower me’ guard as I fear tha’ this all may be some ploy of me’ alternative self. Oh Trixie, your paranoia is so quaint. What could little ‘ol me possibly want except for your goals to blossom. After all do we not both want the same thing? Tha’ remains to be seen. You can effortlessly take control of me’ body and yet more often than not I find you relinquish control to me. It makes little sense. After all, would it no’ benefit you to simply seal me away so that you could do wha’ever you wish? True, it would be so easy to put you in a nice little box. But if I were to seal you away Trixie, it’d be so lonely. After all, I’d have to play a role and pretend to be you all to avoid suspicion, that doesn’t sound like it’ll be fun for long. Isn’t it simply easier for you to play your role and me mine? You must have realised that what I desire most ickle Trixie is control. Why would I dominate your will with my own, when it is simply so much more fun to have you willingly relinquish it to me. I am not surprised that you would find such cruel pleasure in me’ doin’ such a thing. But know this, I will not lose me’self to you so easily. As you seek to use me so do I plan to use you. But of course, Trixie. [!] The next passages were clearly written several days later. Havin’ continued to ponder the nature of me’ companion both durin’ the few times I am alone in me’ head, while me’ companion watches quietly, I ‘ave come to several conclusions. Me’ companion may well be constantly lyin’ to me, but if I were to work on tha’ assumption all that lies before me is me’ own doom. As a result I ‘ave decided to work on the alternative assumption, that me’ companion speaks truthfully. In all ‘onesty, this seems the most likely of the two possibilities as me’ companion finds perverse joy in misleading me with the truth. I feel that I am a piece within a great game an’ I realise that I cannot ‘ave a moment’s rest lest I find me’self defeated. I now know tha’ if I am to survive this game I must ‘ave a plan, a strategy. I can no longer be the naive ‘alfling I once was. This power, can be used to ensure the safety o’ Dunshire an’ its younglings, I am convinced o’ this. If I am to be damned, then I wish to save all tha’ I can through this damnation. I am aware that me’ companion is probably reading this through me’ own eyes, yet they ‘ave been quiet o’ late. They enjoy watchin’ me scurry, all the while they make their own plans. I ‘ave yet to learn wha’ these plans are but I ‘ope tha’ one day I shall unravel their secrets. I ‘ave once again begun to socialise with me’ fellow ‘alflings, with renewed vigour. The twisted visions I constantly see an’ the whisperings o’ false words no longer unsettle me as they once ‘ad. Though the ale I drink may taste of blood and the food o’ ash, I continue to smile an’ laugh with me’ fellow ‘alflings. I ‘ope tha’ they can one day forgive me for wha’ I ‘ave done. ‘Owever, should one o’ them ever read this or some some future ‘alfling generation, I would want them to know tha’ I ‘ave done tha’ which was necessary to ensure Dunshire’s future an’ the future of ‘alflings.