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  1. *You hear the sound of a crank being turned nearby*

    1. frill


      arbelistic penetration rapid fire through your skull

    2. Goblinberg


      Hello sir, yea.... i’d pvp default that.

    3. ElizabethAmara
  2. saw him just yesterday at ct (clinton temple)
  3. Hey it might be my birthday but I hope you have a great day too bud

    1. frill


      ah i got u a good present dw dw 

  4. “Who wrote this, a spook?” Abdul wonders aloud, looking to Eidr.
  5. Hastur

    Beet Beat-Down

    Abdul al-Samra would frown as he read the news. Once again, his name is misspelled. Then he blinked twice and it was fixed, whoops, must’ve had a stroke!
  6. A series of matching fliers are posted on various streetlamps all across the city of Ves. The fliers contain plain text, devoid of any decorative features aside from three yellow, eight pointed stars, two located on both the bottom right and left corners, while a larger one stands alone at the top center of the page. Though a few have been blown away by wind or perhaps snatched up by a passerby, a good majority of them manage to cling in place long enough to be read over the coming days. The Cosmos and the Stars Above Hosted by the Venerable Abdul al-Samra Located at the Worshipful Guild of Writers, Lecture Hall, 2 Grunwalder Gate Held this Friday at 2pm CST The Venerable Abdul al-Samra shall be giving an in-depth lecture and discussion on the nature of the outer universe, visible during the night sky, and the celestial bodies that inhabit it, including the moon, stars, nebulae, and other unseen and hypothesized phenomena. The discussion shall be free of admission and open to all members of the public, though charitable donations to either the Guild or al-Samra will make further discussions possible in the future. It is asked of the people of Ves kindly to not bring outside food or drink to the lecture hall. Questions and insights will be able to be brought forth at the end of the preceding lecture. The lecture is expected to last around an hour.
  7. Abdul al-Samra takes more time than he would like to admit trying to find his name, before realizing through process of elimination that it was down as Albert Samrus.
  8. Abdul al-Samra prepares to burn to corpse of Apollo Gaia outside the city walls of Ves, underneath the watchful gaze of the Heavens.
  9. Abdul appreciates the six new fingers.
  10. Hastur


    Abdul al-Samra was born a sickly child in a nomadic Rassidi tribe, his father nothing more than a goat herder and his mother an addict to hashish, often smoking from the family’s hookah even during her pregnancy. Though he was not abandoned at birth, his parents had little hope for their ill offspring, yet he managed to pull through to his first year, where he showed signs of improvement in his physical health. By age five he was similar to all other children his age, helping his family with the less menial chores that came with being wandering nomads, though his father’s attitude had grown more stern towards his son as he grew, and mistakes were often met with beatings. As Abdul entered his teenage years, however, it was apparent he was not as capable or as fit as other boys his age.He could not ride a camel, nor a desert horse. He barely knew how to handle a blade, shoot a bow, or forage for food and water. His only talent, it seemed, was a way with words, yet this was not a skill that got him far with his tribe, and knowing this, he left once he reached seventeen. Leaving his homeland with minimal survival skills, he became infatuated with the night sky, specifically stars, which he used to both guide his way and keep himself focused. To believe such a vastness stretched right above him, beyond his reach, filled his soul with both wonder and dread. Eventually, the celestial bodies would lead him riding a merchant ship to Arcas where, meager and travel weary, he would eke out a new future.
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