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  1. Wow, one year ago today my favorite persona and child to my very first persona on LoTC was made...Time really does fly, Ashley (even though she is just a made up character) Has helped me with so much, at some points I wished she was never made or that my first persona didn’t have her...but all and all I’m really happy she was made. ^-^ she’s help me grow as a person in the real world and has give me some really good stories to share with my friends. I’d like to thank my friends Beth,Soul,Space,Dight,Slattador,Emery,Boonay,MCVDK,Bun,Grim,Mango,Ajax,Wulfery,Dlyan,Maddie,Bloody,Panda,Rain,Reese and Pyro and the all of Curon who has rped with me (and anyone else I forget to say) and helped me grow Ashley as a Character, and here is to many more happy years of RP with all of you!

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