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  1. GOD has plans for him yet. May he rise again.
  2. The descendants of the Lord of Laughter pledge their support to the cause!
  3. “Very cringe and very blue-gemed” commented Sviato.
  4. Ahyes the long joke is most humorous.
  5. The Day of the Joke is here.
  6. “The Day of the Joke is upon us” says Richard.
  7. “Clownzor Ahonk, the Honkbringer. May the Lord of Laughter tell his jokes upon you, for the act is long and full of chuckles.” replied Richard Owyn.
  8. “The feel when too intelligent to spur development … back to my trees.”
  9. Albeit not hearing this particular spoop speak, a pious man would recite a similar argument in his mind, and formulate a counter argument. “It is not ignorant in the slightest. A wild, feral beast, does no go out of its way to consume an intelligent being, yet it will take the opportunity to. For instance, let us take the example of a cockatrice. A cockatrice normally does not fly into a city and prey upon the flesh of those within it. Instead, however, given the opportunity, the cockatrice would eat a lone traveler, or adventurer who threatened it. I would imagine if I asked a cockatrice whether it thought humans tasted good it too would reply with something similar – that they taste icky. Yet, still, the cockatrice hides and avoids civilization. It hides not because it is natural to hide, but instead because it knows its very being is taboo and hated. Similar to the spooks our fair archbishop disdains! It knows by its very nature that it is wrong, a monstrosity, and so do those of undead or necrotic composition. Even a pig would eat its master should it find him sleeping in the mud, or perhaps a loyal dog upon finding its master deceased and alone. Thus, you are no different from a dog, a swine or even a monster. Your kind is feral, and are usually responsible for the destruction of our continents. You attempt to sever our devotion to god – the laxity of your pseudo civilization, one built upon deception and evil nature, attempts to justify sins and lessen their severity. You fool no-one bar the corrupted, spook, and you are as compelling as rat-****. I hope you burn in the nether, but then again, such a fate might satisfy thee since you wish to cradle yourself in Iblees’ embrace. Deus Magnus.”
  10. Pius smiles to Commodus from the seven skies, unable to tell him that he was almost a victim as well.
  11. Most of the ppl who are bronze in PC use a controller too, so it’s not too surprising
  12. EVENT REQUEST FORMAT Players/Group Requesting: The Empire of Man, Order of the Red Dragon What kind of Event are you looking for?: I seek to establish a bounty board of monsters that people in the Empire can kill for prestige without us having to break the rules and play them. Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: To be discussed. Organizer's Discord: Zhulik#7438 NOTES: If this works Temp and Grim get all the credit.
  13. Hans Rovin, the [upcoming] famed mercenary readies a new set of plate and grips upon his polehammer, ready for to enact glorious anschluss upon the currs. ”Vernichte die feiglingen! Sie werden zugrunde gehen!”
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