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  1. ok, dont speak 

  2. cato enjoys listening to commodus’s hit single as he reads the news, thinking he has a unique sound straight from the barrio
  3. In a far away, foreign land, the greying Ser Robert Denhardt sheds a tear for his fellow Waldenian ubermensch. “To die a martyr is the ultimate honor. Rest well in the Seven Skies, comrade....” he says, before slurping some watermelon juice under an umbrella
  4. henri de guise commanding a fight and winning? a miracle i would’ve liked to witness! says cato
  5. seems the empire of dewp still grows strong says konrad ii
  6. i shuppose harrenhal is off the table then

  7. Iosif “Zoomov” Kazlov cries heavily, the large boy wiping away tears “Will make less of eating for papej and brothers for memory... papej boris and mama koshka salvej would nyet want me end up fat and alone.” he vows, the last Kazlov taking a horse away from Ves, never to be seen by anyone on the continent again.
  8. “the act is long and full of laughter” says sir fatso, before screaming for his squire to get the breastplate stretcher for his too-small replica suit of dragon knight armor
  9. after being scarred by the deaths of his humorous comrades at the hands of yury’s retinue, cato gave a long winded sigh upon hearing the news of the very same man gutting a priest for seemingly no reason at all. “ve shall prevail, und spread ze humor of ze lord of laughter across zis continent. for ze act is long, und full of laughter.”
  10. hilarius background story 

  11. ‘courland is just so FREAKING AWESOMe,,,, i just cant wait to join the best faction (courland) in their latest rebellion!!!!’ say konrad ii
  12. rip little antonius says konrad the elder, before dancing like so in the seven skies:
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