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  1. Hero_Prodigal

    Royal Letters for the County of Aldenburg, 1676

    "mommy is lying again" says remius
  2. vacant position for admin - ur time to shine

  3. Hero_Prodigal

    In with the New

    This is the part where @Harrison asks about his staff blacklist (and where telanir will be) 👋🏼
  4. Hero_Prodigal

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    My dad walked into my room and said "keep fighting the nonces son"
  5. Hero_Prodigal


    the entire summer of 2017
  6. Hero_Prodigal

    Carolustadt At Dawn

    CAROLUSTADT AT DAWN The gates of the new capital of Renatus-Marna, 6th of Snow’s Maiden, 1676 Even before the sun rose in the Huckery Highlands the sounds of construction came. The chirping of forest birds and the creaks and cracks of the deciduous forest were drowned out by crashing, clanking, and shouts of workers. They were building an enormous series of structures which would become the new capital of the most powerful kingdom in Atlas. Every day they toiled from dawn to dusk, eager to get a functioning city created so that the temporary stagnation within their kingdom would be lifted. Some designed blueprints, some gathered resources, and some laid the bricks and mortar that would create the base and defenses of the new city. As the sun rose, just before noon, some of the men took their first break. Sitting on top the roofs of the city’s first houses, they chowed down on their lunches. “Ey, any clue what they’re gonna call this place?” slurred a Illatian man, short and stocky, eating what appeared to be a salami sandwich. “No fuckin’ clue. Probably somethin’ Waldenian.” responded another Illatian, this one a bit taller then the last and sporting a sizable potbelly. “I overheard them.” said a different worker, this one little more than a teenager. “Carolustadt, I think. Carolustadt.” he said the name again, letting it roll off his tongue, his gaze turned on the complex which would become the new cantina. “Carolustadt. Y’know, I like it.” said the one eating his sandwich, the entire trio now looking to the square and the church beyond it, the stained glass windows glistening in the morning dawn. It looked like they were halfway done now. But there was still much work to be done. ((The new Renatian capital is going ahead full steam and we have made significant amounts of progress. We’re likely to finish it at most 2-3 weeks. There might not be much RP whilst we are under construction but we have a lot planned for the new city so stay tuned!))
  7. Why do you think every build he makes has like 100 killboxes :> guess u were in the wrong human chats then i among many others were sent them, both kaboom 2 version one and the additional stuff just lol to this comment of yours.
  8. We were at war idiot He never said implement breaking gates he gave an example of fluidity in roleplay Lots of people do they were spread around various human chats in abundance
  9. As a 15 year old myself I am disgusted that a certain pizza faced freak in question continues to go on a serial pedophile spree and nothing is done to stop him. Thank you for bringing this up.
  10. Hero_Prodigal

    [RP] A Question Was Asked

    "very cool - and epic!" says rob denhardt
  11. Hero_Prodigal

    Worn Down

    thanks mr dsdevil im sorry things didnt go as planned gl with that new server work
  12. Hero_Prodigal

    Tournament of Haense, 1674

    Roleplay: Name: Robert Denhardt Age: 17 Title(s): N/A Combat contest, 1vs1(Yes/No:) Yes Archery contes(Yes/No): No Combat contest(Yes/No): Yes Fellow team members: Ser Eric, Ulrich OOC: MC Name: Hero_Prodigy Your discord if you have one: Hero#5067
  13. can’t wait to see dpm and marimbamonk interview!

    1. Pond


      can u tell me what happens ill be at work : (

  14. we are all morally grey

  15. Hero_Prodigal

    Fawbole's Game Moderator Application

    dude has made several of these apps yet hasn't gotten accepted despite being one of the best possible candidates. make him a gm! +1