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  1. Hero_Prodigal


    : )
  2. Hero_Prodigal


    Goodbye posts are sort of retarded but w/e I’ve been considering quitting for a while. Server isn’t as fun as it used to be. I used to enjoy the server for both RP and raiding/pvp, but roleplay has been stale for a while and the group I’m with just win constantly lol Thx to those who made it fun while I played here Probably won’t be back, want to move on with my life. I’ll still be on discord for a couple more days but might delete that too Cheers.
  3. Cheating noobs need radar gamer goggles and aim assist gamer chair to go up against lethal larry (true alpha)
  4. spirit of wurst was with arberrang + defenders today

    1. Flamelynx


      Thanks to Robert’Hozhwill for the help today

  5. second question in on the app and ur already lying ur ass off -1
  6. Hero_Prodigal

    On warclaims and build quality

    you should stop trying to get people to download lag switches, change my mind
  7. hello my fellow leader of norland  : )

    1. Blago


      ah yes.. will u be vassalizing under me earl?

    2. Hero_Prodigal


      of course I will cassius, son of tiberius ‘the dragon’ xo

    3. RatKiller
  8. Hero_Prodigal

    The Sacking of the Krag

    “ah, finally i claim my rightful title” says konrad the younger
  9. Hero_Prodigal

    Mournstone Declaration of Vassalization and Relocation

    “ok, this is epic” says konrad jr
  10. Hero_Prodigal

    hero prodigy loses to a controller player

    the sad thing is i got so mad at the end before coming back in voice to learn i was gullible enough to not see that u had switched out ur controller lmfao
  11. Hero_Prodigal

    Gladewynn vs Orcs

    no big lotc logo in the top left hand corner of the screen this time I see
  12. Hero_Prodigal

    [Denied][I] TheDragonsRoost, HellfireOfficial's Game Moderator Application

    dragons roost is a truly epic minecraft gamer indeed and boasts a large portfolio of tales written by inferno darkflame- a truly deep and interesting character. would be a shame to see him not get gm!
  13. Hero_Prodigal

    Imperial Wedding of 1689

    Remius smiles before scribbling down his entry for the tournament Sign-up for the tournament ((MC Name: Hero_Prodigy))  Name: Remius