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  1. Elek signed a cross after reading it
  2. Elek saluted to that in silence as no words are needed for such a beauty
  3. Elek salutes to this May the merciful and almighty GOD forgive those fools!
  4. Elek salutes to what’s written here
  5. Elek would hit his chest with a fist thrice and say “Long live the Regent and the Madzar-Hanseti friendship!”
  6. Elek would stand outside the palace with his hands folded and a prayer on his mouth “Good GOD in the sky, may those fools see their mistake one day...” He’d sign a cross then and walk away
  7. Aleksy would stand in front of his house – he’d look around and up in the sky to see the snowflakes slowly falling down and notice that everything is covered with a thick layer of snow – a few seconds later he’d say “Bies wasn't merciful this yearr... I hope that this winterr is going to be a shorrt one” Aleksy would then turn to his door and walk inside while praying quietly
  8. Aleksander Batory born in 1676 [62 years old] left Arcas on 10th of Malin’s Welcome 1738 “Pasnia is not yet lost, as long as we live!” – “Jeszcze Pasnia nie zgineła kiedy my żyjemy!” “You should all take a lesson from mine and Mikhail’s life” Batory-Svarogovich family crest After so many years Aleksander finally felt lonely. All his old friends passed away years ago – on the other hand, many of his friends are still alive. Tired, old veteran finally decided to retire for good. Surrounded by his friends and close family Aleksander got on a ship that sailed back to his beloved country. He passed away peacefully in his sleep a few days after he came back home. Aleksander was buried at his family graveyard next to Mikhail’s heart that came to Pasnia shortly after his death. During his way back home Aleksander was thinking about all those good days he spent in Haense with his friends that he was never going to forget. Aleksander’s full name was Aleksander Józef Paweł Batory {Batory-Svarogovich} – son of Jan and Izabela of house Batory. He never told anyone about his childhood dreams and adventures. He lived a good life in his village where his father was a major. Aleksander learned how to write, read and speak in common as well as in his native language. He was always surrounded by his close relatives – Mikhail, Roza, Bart, and Laura. He also met his future wife – Alicja that will give birth to his children in the future – but he never thought that their relationship will last long enough to get married. Aleksander was partly right because he left shortly after their relationship begun. He left his whole family – suddenly and without a word. It was truly sad to see a Pasnian noble that forgot about his roots and decided to become a soldier in the army of Haense. Being only 19, young Aleks joined the ranks as a recruit and got his basic training. A few years later his cousin Mikhail joined the army and helped young Aleksander in many situations. Being in the same army made Aleksander love Mikhail more like a brother than a cousin. During their duty, young Pasnians met their youngest friend – Seth Hathor. Unfortunately, Seth died in a battle being only 22 years old. Aleksander now in his 20’ bought a house in the city of Ves – his house was on the opposite side of the street to Mikhail’s one. Young boy didn’t know that in Ves he would meet one of his best friends Alucard Lyall. Aleksander and Mikhail were inspired by the Priorism and nationalist ideals. They created a militarist organization that was against all elves and nonhumans. They gave up that idea quickly when Aleksander decided to move back to the city of Reza. This decision changed his whole life – Aleksander spent most of his days the same, he was sitting in the tavern chatting with his old friend Sarah Greenhill. Then the War of Two Emperors broke out and Aleksander joined the fight. He had never forgiven the stab in the back from Curonians during this bloody war. When Aleks and Mikhail knew that the war was already lost they moved to Adria, which was soon burned down by the forces of Haense. While Mikhail was getting up the ranks in the Landsers, young Batory was focused on studying languages. He also made his way into Landsers ranks as he was invited by one of his best friends for life – Wilheim Barclay. In the Landsers, he met the rest of friends → Tharik Cloudhome, Darien Reyne and Bogdan Canoslav. War changed Aleksander’s political ideals → from an Imperial Loyalist he became a pro-haense nationalist with a strong will to fight against the traitors from time of civil war. Aleksander was in his 30’ when he was kidnapped by the uruks and taken to their city. Bandits signed him during the ritual – but when they were asleep Aleks managed to escape the kidnappers and hide in Mikhail’s new house in the city of Thyra. Thyra was something that Aleksander always dreamed about – a city surrounded by warm sands and many different cultures. When Mikhail left for the military mission he took care of his household and shop. He fell in love with Mikhail’s fiancee – April Murray. When Mikhail came back he wasn’t surprised. They adopted a homeless little girl Dorothy. In time Aleksander lost all the feelings he had to April. Sadly she took her own life after they broke up. Aleksander lived in the city of Reza – in his great house in front of the cathedral. In this period of time, Aleksander met another good friend – Philip Baden. After many years, his childhood love → Alicja came to the city. The two fell in love instantly and got married a few weeks after their reunion. One day Aleks got a message from his father that his wife who was said to be dead gave birth to his son Aleksy. Aleksander and Alicja took care of the boy and when he has grown up they sent him for his training to Pasnia. Alicja gave birth to Aleksander’s children → siblings Lilianna and Boris. Boris was also sent to Pasnia for training, while Lili stayed with her parents. She was mainly risen by her father because the mother was often out of the city. In the meantime, Aleksander also helped Wilheim to build the greatest keep in whole Arcas → Freising. House Batory-Svarogovich had shown their colonial ambitions to King Andrik and his government but they never send the expedition to the tropics because of some serious family problems. Through all those years Aleks got some experience in the army and finally got to the rank of Armiger in the Moroz Company {BSK}. The happiness of the family didn’t last long. Soon Aleksander’s mother died and he was forced to go back home for the funeral only to find out that while he was in Pasnia Mikhail’s health got worse. When he came back he found Mikhail in the agony – Mikhail never looked like that → his face was pale and with no hair {on head, eyebrows, facial hair}. He was with his beloved cousin till the end. Mikhail passed away on the 11th of Grand Harvest 1734 (*) giving Aleksander rulership over Moroz Company and all his households. Probably the only painting of Aleksander and Mikhail After Mikhail’s death, Aleks felt lonely. He left the city for a few years, he moved away from the military and politics. He was feeling like a relic that has to finally go. When Aleksander was sure that his time is coming he said goodbye to everyone who mattered in his life – his family and friends – old veteran went on his journey back to his beloved country of Pasnia, the country that he missed for so many years... Finally the Lion sails back home... ~~Sion Lyall → Aleksander’s nephew HEIL BARCLAY! AVE ANDRIK! AVE HAENSE! SLAVA! ~~Last words of Aleksander said to his beloved brothers from the Brotherhood of Saint Karl
  9. Aleksander would stand next to his bed where his (Mikhail’s) body lied and say to the crowd gathered in the room “Probably one of the greatest soldiers and definitely one of the biggest heroes in Pasnian history passed away this night. We will always remember him no matter if it's across the sea in our home or in Arcas. We should follow his steps and do our best to make Michaił Swarogowicz-Batory (Mikhail Svarogovich-Batory) stay in our great history forever. We’ll meet again dear cousin, Pasnia is not yet lost – as long as we live...” He’d do the Landser salute afterward to show his dead cousin some respectI’ll never forget you Mikhail ~~Your dearest cousin Aleksander
  10. NAME: Aleksander Batory NOBILITY (Y/N): No if not, GENTRY (Y/N): No RACE: Human PAST EXPERIENCE : Fought in the Civil War as soldier in army of Reza, took part in wargoals
  11. Olox735


    I hope that those lore references are good enough, because I don't have any idea what should be the lore reference ?
  12. Olox735


    My name is Alexander Redoran, I was born in a small typical Highlanders village in the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. My mother was a housewife and my father was a carpenter. We lived in a small house near the woods. When I was 8 years old, my brother Casper was born. Our village for many years was very peaceful, but about one year after Casper was born everyone talked about the dangerous tribe that might attack us any day. When I was 11 and Casper was 3 years old, Orc Tribe attacked our village. I remember when my father came into my room and told me to take Casper and run away into our small wood storage that was located in the forest. I've heard from our neighbour that the Orcs claimed the soil that we lived on, because many years ago was it was a part of their land. Three days after the attacked, I went to see the village, and found the bodies of our parents. I've left the village straight after that situation. I was lucky because when I was young my father taught me how to fight with a sword and how to catch a fish so when Casper grown up I taught him many useful. Nowadays I'm 28 years old and my brother is 20. We're trying to find a peaceful place to live away from orcs in one of the Heartlanders cities.......
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