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  1. Telling people to comment whether they were targetted by bias isn’t gonna help anything... people have their own opinions and can call anything bias.
  2. Faye Payne smiled lightly at the entry, gentling bouncing her newborn child in her arms at the same time, she spoke: ”Lets hope they don’t try anything more... Or there will be more skulls caved in!”
  3. *Faye stares at the letter blankly as it was delivered at 5 am and she had not yet slept, she never ended up reading it.*
  4. First blood was surely venting anger at llir.
  5. Faye Payne sits and reads the text with her newborn daughter in her hands, she smiles lightly at certain parts before having to put the baby to rest.
  6. I mean, At first I was pretty lenient in wanting you to be unbanned personally but rape 3 times? Ouch
  7. I thought this was a lore submission, not rp but ok. Also +1 Noz, Good job.
  8. IGN (MC Username): CrystalClearView Discord: CrystalClearView#4410 Likes: Animals, puzzles, flowers Dislikes: Sweets, people, politics
  9. Bluetree awaits the delivery of valuable goods to be delieved, meanwhile looking over to the halfling in question.
  10. Bluetree looks up at the notice with a light snicker, she shortly after looking over to the executed halfling they had left before departure.
  11. I have made up my mind, I don’t like these new forum rules even if they don’t link to this post whatsoever
  12. *Faye looks at the paper and blinks*
  13. Everybody is a mad individual which strives to devour he human soul.
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