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  1. Benjamin did not read past his mayor questioning the Empire and calling them blind. Rapidly packing his things, ready to leave in a moments notice.
  2. Benjamin nodded along, speaking out after. “Don’t be readin’ much er makin’ much sense. But I t’ink yer right. T’ose knobs are feckin’ dumb!” He then proceeded to drink and cause a disturbance in the streets.
  3. GenericNoun

    County of Cyrilsburg Trade

    Thornn looked over the marvelous work published by the lady Falkenrath. Nodding from the safety of his office.
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    She’s already whitelisted. She didn’t realize these were only for initial characters and whitelist.
  5. He’s a real babe. +1
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    The Ivae'fenn

    [Ooc] Username: GenericNerd Activity Rating (1-10): 4 Skype: Choke. Discord: I’m in the Discord. Do you have teamspeak?: Choke. Timezone: CST [RP] Name: Elluin Drakon. Gender: Male. Place of residence: Drakon Manor. Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snelf. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: I, Elluin Drakon swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince.
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    +1 10/10
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    The Order of Ursus

    RP: Name: Hvitserk Hadraga Age: 32 Reason for Joining: A desire to serve and defend those that cannot themselves. OOC: Username: GenericNerd Discord: GenericNerd#6732
  9. GenericNoun


    Hvitserk was born within Haense to a lower-class farming family. From the moment Hvitserk was able to walk and talk he was taught how to work the farm and the animals. Beginning his days of serving his family. Hvitserk learned how to milk goats, pluck chickens, tend to crops, and so on. At the age of ten Hvitserk was taken along to the market with his father, learning the ways of commerce and trade. The young boy seemed to pick up trade rather quickly, even at a young age making fair trades, his father having him begin to make the market runs on his own. Through his travels from the farm to the market he was fed stories of bandits and such. Because of this the young man would pick up his father's axe and round shield. Learning how to fight with the two tools for self defense and defense of his family. Of course, training is not done over night, spending the next few years to truly be efficient with his chosen weapons. Of course, his training was slowed due to his work on the farm and trips to the market among other things that arrived with time. At the age of twenty Hvitserk's father passed away, leaving his family in a sad state. Though, this did not stop him from his duties. Only having to pick up more. Beginning to help his mother with house work, cooking, cleaning, alongside all the other work he already had to do. Working the man hard, little time to himself. But, he kept up. Seeing his family's happiness higher than his own. At the age of thirty his mother would even pass, leaving Hvitserk with nothing but his acquired skills and the family farm. Not being the last to his name, but being the last to the area.