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  1. Nadal Ravexi, none the wiser of his wife, friend, and beloved's passing, continued his wayward search for Vivyne in unbeknown vain. Their life had been errant; he was accustomed to their parting of ways; oblivious to her true nature. Yet, for all the times that the two had walked separate roads, this was beginning to be the longest. For the first time in his long life- his long marriage- he was truly afraid. Had a wave embraced her while out at sea? A brigand taxed her of her life? Did a mage ignite her, a headsman behead her, or a vengeful spirit drag her away? Not even the most farcical of Nadal's frit thoughts could compare to the truth. Perhaps, a truth he would never know. So, he carried on his wandering, a changed man. If he had once had a blithe to him, it had long become stoical and pensive, a strange change for those who knew him; all who did had long passed. Perhaps this was the true curse of an elf? To outlive, in such a cruel place as this.
  2. 'They built a grand masjid, the likes of which cannot be found in the south. Their laws are just and beget the smiles of heaven... Illah willing, more of the faithful shall come to this land. The Vasoyevi have our loyalty- despite our people's fleeting numbers in recent years.' Otrok Qan insisted to an eager gathering of his tribesmen by his yurt outside the walls of Vasiyeva.
  3. Otrok Qan caught the whiff of embers in the air. A moue formed upon his face, an expression of part pity, part disturbance. Border towns had always been but the beginning of terrible things to come, however desolate they may be. He had witnessed the happy days of past empires fleet away. He had seen the barbarity of Man's empires in their waning days. And with a rearing of his steed, he turned and rode south. He would not be around to see the horrors of their strife again. Soon, he thought, the wigs, pomp, and faux civility would be replaced. Gallows, superstition, and fearsome paranoia were to be the qualities of the new era; qualities which never boded well for the turkins... 'O Illah, protect them from the north, protect them from the south, from the east, and from the west; for surely no road shall be without war. Let them take refuge in your magnificence when there is nothing left. Ameen.'
  4. Form Discord: (Either leave your username here or PM me it) Money (or) Minas: (Your payment preference) Commission Type: (Full skin, full outfit, etc.) Description: (Please provide a rough description of your commission; race, sex, age, hair colour, eye colour, features etc.) References: (If you have references, these would be very helpful; if not, I'll try to come up with something) Creative liberty: (yes: if you'd like me to add my own touches; no: if you'd rather I stick stringently to a reference image) After you've made your commission, I'll create a draft skin. It'll be unshaded; an idea of what the final product will look like, which you can suggest changes to. Then, I'll send you an image of the final product. After that, and after I've received payment- either in-game or via PayPal- I'll send you the skin file.
  5. Csertan Otrok, a venerable elder of the Kadaksleri Turkins, sent word of his coming attendance by way of a hazel feathered, dishevelled Donek, which found its way to the bird coops of Dobrov.
  6. The old man Otrok, inspirited to correction, rambled his case for the writing to the dismissive Rashid. "The scholar argues not that having a beard is a sin in & of itself, - no no. - But that for the dwarf, whose wearing of a beard is a tradition tied to their pagans ways - to the supposed commands of the false idol Yemekar, - that the beard is a remnant of their past idolatry and should be cast off. He uses the verse to call his people to action against this." "So, brother, do not bedevil yourself! You are not a Dwarf? Your beard is fine where it is."
  7. "Telling of the current state of affairs; its become the new normal, engrained within our perception of how things should be. I can understand why some see no issue with the state of our politics, yet, they are gravely mistaken, they need but look closer." Spoke Laurentiu, as he flicked through the short story from the comfort of his scriptorium.
  8. The Hieroabbot Laurentiu gave an affirming nod toward the good Cardinal, as the poster was nailed to the Cathedral wall. "The birth of a resurgent age? We shall see."
  9. Father Popescu-VoiteลŸti signed the Hussariyan cross thrice across his chest, and with a bellowing Vasoyevi resonance he chanted: "Glory to the Lord and may His Church forever prosper!"
  10. MUSIC K H R O N I A P O L L A EST. 1823 WITHIN THE METROPOLITANATE OF PROVIDENTIA WITH THE BLESSING OF HIS EMINENCE CARDINAL GAWAIN FROM THE SCRIPTORIUM OF FATHER LAURENศšIU POPESCU-VOITEลžTI, FSSCT GLORY TO THE LORD & MAY HIS SAINTS FOREVER BE BLESSED PROCLAMATION OF A METROPOLITAN ABBEY Let it be known to all faithful Canonists that, within the Metropolitan Diocese of Providentia, a new Abbey has been consecrated for use by the Monasti of Blessed Pius & Seraphim, a dual-cloister accepting both male and female postulates. The Abbey shall function upon the institutes therein The Monastikon, following the great Vasoyevian tradition. We dedicate our Abbey to both the Blessed Hieromonk Pius of Sutica and the Blessed Father Seraphim so that we may be guided by their righteous grace, dignity, piety, and humility before GOD. We declare to know no father but our Father Almighty GOD; know no mother but our Mother of Mankind; know no belongings, but that which belongs not to ourselves; and know no kindness, but that bestowed upon our brother-man. For we have died a worldly death so that we may go to battle for you. For everyday, the monk enters battle with Iblees for the salvation of his brother-man. Everyday, the nun beseeches salvation for humankind. I hear the scoff of the hardened soldier; I have borne my scars of war, but I tell you, no battlefield will test yine strength like that of the monastic life. Come to us, brave warrior, so that you might walk the path of our Lord and achieve union with Almighty GOD. Come too, ye politician! Who have allowed temporal decay to consume you; it is not too late for salvation. Come, ye priests! Who serve well, yet wish to serve GOD twice-fold. The Hieromonk in you is destined to be born. You harlots! You broken women! Come, for it is not too late to earn GODโ€™s mercy. Brothers and sisters, I tell you, it is not too late. I will greet you at the gates. & to any heathen who reads this missive, and intends harm upon the community: If you come, you will not return. BLESSINGS OF GOD BE UPON YOU, HIEROABBOT LAURENศšIU POPESCU-VOITEลžTI, FSSCT THE ABBEY IS GUIDED BY THE MONASTIKON & THE INSTITUTES HEREIN MONASTIC DEGREES TENETS & CORRECTIONS Minor Rules ๊™ˆ Monasti of the opposite sex shall avoid fraternizing privately with one another; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall clean the latrines for the coming fortnight to remind them of their lavaciousness. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not sate their appetite for food ere the daily supper; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall undertake a strict fast of three days to remind them of their gluttony. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not adorn temporal clothes, but remain strictly in the clothes of their degree; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be vested in rags for the next year to remind them of their pride. Median Rules ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not quarrel; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be vowed to silence for the coming week. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not gamble; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall pick pennies for the poor for the coming week. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not lie; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall pray ceaselessly for forgiveness for the coming week. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not blaspheme; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be excluded from common prayer for the coming week. Major Rules ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not murder; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be expelled from the monastery. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not fornicate; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be expelled from the monastery. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not preach heresy; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be expelled from the monastery. ๊™ˆ Monasti shall not disobey their Abbot; Monasti who forsake this tenet shall be expelled from the monastery. DUTIES The Abbey, and it's Monasti, serve to fulfil a number of functions beyond the individual, spiritual, obligations of the monastics. These functions primarily serve to aid the wider faithful, as well as the Holy Mother Church, and of course the State. Some such duties, not exclusively, are: (i) Communal prayer on behalf of individuals, families, or nations of the faithful: the monastics will muster together to perform rituals of prayer, beseeching the intercession of Almighty GOD, His Prophets or Saints, on behalf of the faithful. The Monasti can prayer for the safe passing of a loved one, the success of an Emperor in matters of righteous war, the safety of a Canonist peoples undergoing foreign persecution, or another matter deemed appropriate for such a holy ceremony. This act of faith is not exclusive to Emperors and Dukes however, as the Monasti will perform such rites even for the lowliest of peasants. (ii) Acts of charity, inkeeping with Blessed Seraphim's institution of monastic-giving: the monastics will provide the poor and wretched with a place to stay, bread and food, or teachings in the way of Canonism. These acts are not the sole duty of Monastics, but a secondary function, and as such the regular occurrence of this charity will be limited to the discretion of individual monasti and their Abbot. (iii) Missionary work: the Monasti will travel to foreign lands in search of converts to the blessed faith of Canonism. Often risking life and limb for such ventures, the Monasti should fear not death, for they are dead to the world. (iv) Negotiating the release of Canonist hostages held by heathens and heretics: the Monasti will intercede on behalf of Canonists who have fallen prey to heathen or heretical hostage-takers, acting as the middle-men for the safe return of the faithful from barbarous hands. APPLICATION Either Fill-In An Application (OR) Visit In-Game To Discuss In RP OOC IGN: DISCORD: TIME-ZONE: IC NAME: RACE: GENDER: ORDAINED: (Y/N) BRIEF LETTER: (IC reason for applying)
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