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    Reynth Orival grew up under relatively normal circumstances, with a Mali’ame mother and a Mali’ker father where he would be brought up into a small household where it was simply his mother, father and himself under a single roof. His family would be fairly simple people with his father working as a simple hunter and handyman around the city while his mother worked either alongside his father during hunting periods or helped in teaching Reynth the basic teachings of the world. Being of different elven heritages has of course lead to some conflicting ideal’s in the household however Reynth rarely really cared that much about the little things and when it came down to things of Religion he would typically lean more towards his father’s people’s religion. Meanwhile, during the time when he was not given chores around and outside their small house he would be seen exploring the city, curiously listening in on people’s conversations and overall simply doing one of his favorite activities which was people watching; that or exploring in general. In fact, it was during one of the times he was people watching that he witnessed his first act of magic from a wandering magic user which helped spark his admiration of most things magic – of course, being young helped fuel this thirst for knowledge and despite being brought up under an elven household he does share some interest in literally all kinds of magic he hears of but with out proper means of learning magic he can only look on in interest and amazement whilst being taught the way to hold a bow or blade with the help of his mother and father.
  3. Nation Name: The Kingdom of Draconia BRIEF History: The Kingdom of Draconia formed together following the turbulent period after the fall of the great Empires from the many Draconian Villages that inhabited the area’s that formed the basis of their current Kingdom. Following the Great Collapse as they believed it too be, the various tiny village communities banded together with the help of the wealthiest village around that was also built on a secure and easily defendable position which would lead grow to become the Great Capital City of Helios. It was very tough in the first years, fending off the roaming war lords and dissident Draconian bandits that splintered off from the main group until finally they were crushed following a brutal campaign to secure the countryside with the prospect of building more farms for the growing populace. Now after many years of growing, expanding and building off what they had, the Kingdom of Draconia would just recently mourn the loss of their previous King - Uthrin’s Father, Kliss Barathorn who had ruled till the age of 63 where he would have been taken away due to a sudden and harsh sickness that even the courts trained doctor’s could do naught but pray alongside the Religious counterparts. Now with the crown having been bestowed to Uthrin, he would have begun his reign with the goal of continuing his father and his ancestor’s work - furthering the Draconian people and ensuring a prosperous and peaceful realm for the future generations alongside his wife and children. Nation Culture: The Draconians are a race of adventurous and strong willed people with a belief that every person is born with a flame in them and once that person dies their flame is given up to the Great Blaze God to become one with his great flame. They also believe that if one were to accomplish something great in life or die in combat for the better of their people you will die with a larger flame that contributes to a higher standing with the Great Blaze. Meanwhile in Draconian Society, Noble’s are few with most of the power being granted to the King with the job of protecting the realm and ensuring prosperity for the people whilst also making sure not to displease their god. Martial prowess and intelligence is also highly regarded with martial prowess being more leaned towards due to those people typically becoming strong rulers, this also leads to an admiration for strong militaries. Guilds are also prevalent in the Draconian Society with the more prominent guilds being the Merchant Guild, and the Scholars Guild with the Church’s power matching their own. Human Or Humagi (Describe Humagi): Humagi - Calling themselves the Draconians with their people being born with traits much like the god that they worship. Born with horns, sparse tough scales and a slender scaly tail, they are also typically born with fiery red or black as night hair with their eyes consisting of light brownish-yellow, brown or intense ocean blue eyes. Nation Government System: Feudal with the King having a council comprising of either high ranking noble men or influential members of guilds who help in carrying out the Ruler’s orders. Economy: 7 Income: 10K ( 7K Econ Income + 3K base income?) Starting Gold: 52,500G Education: 5 Draconian’s pride themselves on having an educational system that is available to nearly everyone within reach of the nearest educational center. Of course, Children are to be educated until they hit their coming of age point (Typically around 15 or 16) where they would be given the option of heading out on their own or signing up for the military which would be a lifetime sort of option. However until a proper school building is constructed, people are taught usually within the churches buildings. Size (include rough area on map): 3 Total Pop: 1,500,000 Draconians https://imgur.com/A6UvCaL Military: Army: 2 Total Unit Count: 5,000 = 10 units (1,500 total)3 units of T1 Med Infantry (1,500 total)3 units of T1 Light Infantry (2,000)4 Units of T1 Light Archers Navy: 1 (2,500 Used) A single Galley Mysticism: 2 Key Figure 1: King Uthrin Barathorn - Son of the Old King Kliss Barathorn, He was twenty years of age when he took up the crown and is now twenty five with the goal of expanding his people’s borders and securing a prosperous kingdom for them. Key Figure 2: Queen Alysa Barathorn - Wife to King Ulthrin and daughter of Duke Havalon Visi and Mother too two healthy young babies; Prince Flavis age two and Princess Zalava age one. Key Figure 3: High Flameer Calita - The Head Religious leader of the Great Blaze Religion, Calita works alongside lower ranking religious leaders in training up the next generation of Flame Bearers and occasionally is consulted by the Kings and Queens in magical matters. Unique Unit: Draconian Axemen (Heavy Shock Troop/Berserker): The Draconian Axe-men are designed to lead the main forces into battle and consist of the best of the best in the military with the honor of being an Axe man of high regard within the Draconian Society with the job also being among the most dangerous in the military. They are the first ones to jump into the fray, blood lust and a frenzy for war contributing to their desire for battle leads them to being the more ferocious and deadliest troops in the military.(Special Heavy Unit)
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