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  1. The war between Urguan and Mynebor was longer than Urguan and Oren.

  2. Look’n good! Feel free to contact me in-game, DixieDemolisher/Jorvin Starbreaker, and I’ll show you around!
  3. Jorvin Starbreaker draws a dagger along his hand, wincing slightly, before with his off-hand, signing. ”Ancestor Gods as my witness, let t’ere be war.”
  4. Jorvin Starbreaker brings his hammer down onto the table in a rage, splitting it in twine. ”Ah’d sooner die t’en see t’e lands ov ah’re ancestors defiled! Rally t’e t’rongs! Bring t’e book ov grudges forth! Ardol’yoth Dungrimm! Ardol’yoth Keznol’Brathmordakin!”
  5. [!] Two notes hang, one within the bounty-board of Kal’Varoth, another in the market-place of Cloud Temple, in plain view of all who would enter there. Identical in nature, and bearing the sigil of Clan Starbreaker at the top of the page. ”Sons of Urguan and strangers alike. Some of you know me well, others do not, but this is no matter, as I believe anyone with ears to listen would be willing to hear what I have to say. As some of you may know, my Clan has undergone strife many-a-time, and during this strife, we have lost a great many things, both metaphorically and...Quite literally. Though kinstrife and betrayal we have endured, and yet though we have survived the suffering, much has been taken from us in this time. Our sacred relics. Many of these relics have been recovered through time, and yet two remain lost to us. The Hammer of Gotrek first lost at sea, then believed to be in the possession of Aengoth Starbreaker, lost due to his treason and self-exile. Secondly, The Hammer of Ardol Is believe to have been lost in the same fashion, though also believed to have fallen into the hands of Dared Starbreaker, a result of his feuding with Dagor ‘Kin-Traitor’ Irongrinder, at the time, a Starbreaker. Conflicting reports are numerous, as the kin-strife between my predecessors has left many conflicting reports, none of which being recent. Having all transpired well over a century ago, it is unknown, and perhaps unlikely any of these individuals still possess these items, if they still yet live.” ”Know ye this, to anyone who may have even an suspicion to the whereabouts of these items, I am willing to pay seven thousand minas for information that results in the discovery of either of the hammer’s location. And to any, if any who are currently in possession of these items, I am willing to pay ten thousand minas apiece for their return, with any further terms being negotiable.” - Signed.
  6. ”Ah’ step in t’e roight direction.” Jorvin ‘Enemy of the Brathmordakin for twenty minutes’ Starbreaker comments, whilst sat within the city square, reading through a newspaper. ”Per’aps t’is’ll work ta’ quell the self-roighteous vigilantism folk ‘ave been up to as ov late.” Jorvin ‘Dwedki Demolisher’ Starbreaker scoffs before continuing. ”Jus’ speaks volumes ‘bout t’e current state ov t’ings, rat’er t’en be civil, ‘er tryin’ ta’ educate folks, yeh’ve got ‘eartless folk runnin’ round clippin’ t’e ears off ’omeless children rat’er t’en see ‘em cared ‘fer. Ah’ oft worreh ah’re folk ‘ave forgotten ta’ temper Dungrimm’s wroth wit’ Anbella’s merceh, somethin’ even ah’m guilteh ov. But ah’ve ‘igh ‘opes t’e new ‘igh Preceptor can rectify t’at, t’at oi do.”
  7. Do you think a dwarf is small enough to ride a tiger? Asking for a friend.

  8. Jorvin Starbreaker gives a double-thumbs up.
  9. This is evil

  10. Jorvin Starbreaker observes from afar, he held high and proud as the king descends from his throne. Several thoughts cross his mind in the instant, chiefly recalling Fimlin’s coronation shortly after his immigration to Agnarum. Another thought comes to him as he looks across the gathered clansmen to his right, but it is quickly dispelled after his gaze lands on his father, stood beside him. ”Maybe next election t’en... Kazrin! Yeh’ve got t’e gems? We’ve got ah project ta’ work oan ‘fer t’e next king is chosen.”
  11. Can’t wait for another two weeks of AFKing in the city


    Activity quotas for the only racial nation of one of the main descendant races seems kinda bullsh*t in my eyes, but alright.

  12. Jorvin and the boys get declared an Enemy of the Brathmordakin

  13. [!] Jorvin did, in fact enjoy it. He will, however, refrain from saying so.
  14. [!] The following is nailed upon the notice board of Kal’Varoth, and is submitted to the Council Chambers, and Throne Room of Urguan. It is with a heavy heart that I, Jorvin Starbreaker, Clan-Lord of the Elder Clan of Starbreaker, Commander within the Legion of Urguan, Rikkin on the council of the Elective Constitutional Monarchy of Agnarum and Underrealms of Urguan, and Battle-Brother of the Legion of Mercy declare the following. Through the actions of High Preceptor Fili Grandaxe in forcing me to partake in a grudge that is, in all likelihood illegal, my hand has been forced. After refusing to first see the grudge overseen in court, I indeed dueled the Grandaxe to a standstill who, rather than call an end to the grudge and admit his fault, has demanded my attendance to another duel a day from now, and presumably, will continue to do so until one of us has left the field dead. The Grudge declared against me has not only been almost universally condemned, including by participants of the previous grudge who accepted the outcome, but also by the courts. Rather than wait for his grudge to be ruled upon, Fili instead forced upon me a time limit. Furthermore, he who was slain in battle during the previous duel had been disowned beforehand by reigning Clan Father of the Elder Clan of Grandaxe, Borin, a fact Fili seemingly either did not care about, nor recognize. The Settlement of the grudge demands I not only step down from the clan I have led to such prominence, but more importantly I take upon myself the name of ‘Silverfinger’, a name issued not to those Starbreakers who were merely dishonorable, but to those who collaborated in the past with the Elder Clan of Ironborn, something I have not done. Furthermore, it is not within the authority of the High Preceptor to demand this of me, as only the ruling Clan Father of the Starbreakers, or the majority of Clan Elders may declare one ‘Silverfinger’. The Falsehood on which the grudge was declared also forces me to bring to light several facts. It had been claimed my actions were murder, this is a falsehood and the majority of Clan Grandaxe can attest to such, including the Clan Father Borin Grandaxe, and Lord Thane Gimli ‘Metalfist’ Grandaxe, among others. Previously before, Thondil had announced in the open his intention was to slay me in the duel. Furthermore, Thondil participated in the duel willingly, knowing full well the terms, and was provisioned with full armor and weapons, despite being disowned by Clan Grandaxe prior to the duel. The Fact of the matter is, that because High Preceptor Fili Grandaxe cannot enforce my exile, nor my taking of the name Silverfinger, there is nothing to prevent my fellow Clansmen from immediately shedding me of the foul name, and reinstating me as Clan Father once all is said and done, as I possess their full support in these matters, therefore making the grudge pointless in almost every matter save the Oath, at which point I will point out to High Preceptor Fili Grandaxe that, despite the boy being of age, and therefore eligible for participation in the duel, that I too am by that logic, a beardling, as I too am under the age of a hundred. The Request I make to the King, Council, High Court, and Clergy of Urguan is simple. Disregard the grudge lodged by Fili Grandaxe, or I will be forced to, with the full backing of my clan, leave Urguan. While I do not encourage anyone to follow me, I will not dissuade them should they chose so. My clan is in possession of upwards of 17k Minas, which I originally intended to use in purchasing land outside the city for my clan to make use of, I will use this money, along with all provisions at my disposal to fund my departure. I possess no intention of declaring ‘Independence’ for the blood-oath I swore in loyalty to Agnarum and, by extension Urguan still remains, however it has become clear that should no action be taken, my clan will no longer be able to reside within her borders, as i reiterate once more, they will not accept my abdication anymore than I do. To King Fimlin Grandaxe, I request you read my words carefully and take action. I also request you recognize this for what it is, for this is neither me testing my authority, nor am I questioning yours. My loyalty is to Urguan, this remains until I openly declare otherwise. To Clan Irongrinder, my stalwart friends, your requests to represent me in the duel flatter and honor me, and as the preservers of Urguan’s legacy, I trust you too recognize this ultimatum for what it is. Zahrer, for many years my kin have blamed you for the loss of Runesmithing, I do not, and my respect for you was genuine, and never in vain attempt to learn the art, despite my desire to do so. Atandt, my friend, you insisted you represent me in battle, and for that you will always be welcome in my halls. To Clan Frostbeard, your open support for me in these matters does you great honor. Despite your actions in the past, your folk have always remained proper Dwarves in my eyes, perhaps too aggressive for my liking, but I would be a hypocrite for criticizing you. You will find your way within Urguan, I believe this so, and it will be a glorious day when it is done, for none may stand up against the might of Frost and Stone. To Clan Grandaxe, let it be known my quarrel was never with you all as a whole, for I still possess immense respect for you, even Fili and Borin, despite me strongly disagreeing with their styles of leadership. Gimli, my dear friend, it was you and your son Dain who, when I was half-mad, and distrustful of my own clan thanks to Torkan, I relied on the most. I do not think you realize just how much I look up to you both, and I would gladly fight beside you both at any time again. To the Clergy of Urguan, deem me heretical if you wish, I am a kinslayer, that I concede, it is something which, given the happenings of the last century, many of you share with me. I have not, and never will be, ‘Silverfinger’, for my allegiance is to Yemekar and the Brathmordakin alone, the blood of Velkan that runs through my veins does not change this, as I am a Starbreaker, and always will be. In conclusion, my dear friends, I care for you, and I care for Urguan, and I pray reason is seen in the end. If it is not, and this grudge is to remain, than these may be the last words I speak to you in a long time. But I, and Clan Starbreaker will endure, as we always have. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz da Kornazkarumm
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