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    Fixed now, I believe. It’s essentially the same answer, maybe worded a little odd the first time.
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    Sa’drek was raised in a very secluded home in the woods, within the Kingdom of Haense. Born on the inauspicious day of the assassination of Prince Meric Staunton, of the Courland Empire, his parents were mad. They would lure passersby to their home for a stay, maybe a drink or two. They would slowly lull them into dance in front of the warm fire, feeding them mead and liquors to their hearts delight. Then, together, the parents would bleed them dry in the arms of Sa’drek’s father. Over his shoulder, they would draw their last breaths looking frantically for help, oftentimes in the eyes of young Sa’drek being forced to watch and refusing to participate over the years. They would never find it, for they would never be found again, themselves. Meanwhile the father would have his way with the living- if they were unfortunate enough to still be alive by then- girlfriends, wives, and daughters, if any. This haunted Sa’drek for only a short time relatively. While he was still young, about 15, a small band of 3 or 4 soldiers was clearing the lands from the blight of the scourge Mordring, ensuring that his dark forces were not in the vicinity had stumbled upon his tiny personalized hell. In a fit of panic at the sight of intruding upon one of the so called ‘rituals’, a soldier piked his father from the door. That threw his mother into a fit of mindless rage, ending in her swift death as well. The band had no choice as they felt guilty and responsible for the young Elf boy, and took Sa’drek along to their nearby camp bearing the flags of the Holy Orenian Empire. He was thrown into some crude rudimentary combat training, given a short sword, a helmet and some padding, and forced to fight for the empire driving the undead back. He was forced to continue fighting in the name of Oren for 5 long years. Showing interest in the movement to fight the Orenian empire in 1617, Sa’drek was set on closer watch and marked for treasonous acts. Then when he got his chance during the fall of the Orenian Empire in 1620, Sa’drek laid down arms and acted the poor war prisoner that he was. Finally free’d, he fled the lands to pursue a proper life for himself. He sought the isles of Sutica, hoping to make a living as a merchant. Learning the ways of living as a city rat quickly, and for many years, Sa’drek soon found himself under the wings of a prosperous(again, relatively) merchant in the city. He learned how to make a real living for himself, how to collect useful materials to sell for a decent profit. Enough to live, at least. The Old Merchant was like a father to him. Many years passed with Sa’drek coexisting with this old man, and alas he was but a human and already quite old when he and Sa’drek first met. The Old Man passed, and Sa’drek had grown from a young boy living in the sewers, to a young man, running his very own merchant stand at the ripe Elvish age of 38. The Old Man didn’t live to see the new lands, but it’s just as well in his mind, as Sa’drek had no means to keep himself alive in the new lands of Atlas. Eventually finding solstice doing trade in the newly found Federation of Sutica, once more, Sa’drek now sets off from his now long familiar place in the New World. He seeks nothing but fortune, having gotten a small taste at the peak of his shop’s prosperity. Fame could be in his sights too, it doesn’t sound so bad after all, controlling an army and having loyal subjects at your disposal... Sa’drek is a Chaotic Neutral character, seeking fame/fortune. He is hard headed, but clever. He’s a true survivalist, an opportunist. His charm is his sharpest sword, but he never shies from a fight even with his rather un-intimidating frame. His extravagance and taste for the finer points of life are his greatest flaws, but sometimes his greedy ambition puts him ahead of the curve.
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