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  1. -1, poorly written, and personally I would not like another 'furry' type race on the server
  2. do you have plans for your cool viking shamans?
  3. i wish to hunt down werewolves to fulfill my witcher larp, thank you.
  4. all my orcs would try to find the person whos in charge, it being given to Grimruk, my calmest orc(who'll be killed right after by one of them, theyre really bloodthirsty) and then just a giant mayhem of killing. While, Ronald (my fake hexer) and Jin (my real hexer initiate) would prolly sit down and vibe. Olaf Krakasson (my viking askeladd larp) wouldve prolly been the person who put all the orcs agaisnt eachother. My dwarf(s) would join in with the orcs in the fight, though probably making friends with a couple before so, as partners in fighting. basically itll end with witcher larpers leaving after their wonderful chat, walking over multiple bodies of wasted orcs that i've made
  5. A CALL FOR CHIEFTAIN The LUR clan needs stability, with all the changes that are to come, the wargoth undoubtedly cannot do all. So I claim, the right to CHIEFTAIN. Second in command to the wargoth. As is our orcish right to do so, those which challenge my claim will be allowed to fight me for it. I wish not to hear your challenge in a note, but face to face at the camp where we rest. The ancestors look upon me, and I will not dishonor them. So come at me if you will, but it will not be easy. You have until the end of the week to call upon your challenge. GLOZAG’VOTAR SIGNED, Grimruk’Lur Son of Lok’gul, The Huntsgoth of the Iron Horde
  6. really fun event, thanks man! and the great actors :)
  7. "Lup'Kybal'Akaal..." The uruk raises the LUR banner to the rex, while a goblin treats his burnt shoulder, an injury caused during the siege.
  8. An Orcish Durotan Larper raises his spear, leaves and branches gliding through the sides of his arms, as he tracks prints in the mud... "Glozag'Votar" he thinks to himself.
  9. i do believe some stuff come from an OOC standpoint. Even if the person themselves, are only doing it as a joke. But not all of it.
  10. Wtf i cant remember you being a pinktag??? fave rp? when will u stop being x3n0?
  11. [!] children of krug, riding during a hunt [!] The spear’s lay rusted, the bow’s tightened, and the arrows collecting dust within a quiver. Ever since I have arrived at the proud city of San’Velku there has been not one hunt! Not one feast of victory, and not one praising Votar. I take it upon myself, Grimruk son of Lok’gul to raise my spear, and follow others into great hunts. A great hunt where no dishonor would be shown! And no meat or bone left to waste. If any proud and brave son of KRUG wishes to counter my claim, I will wait in the city, awaiting a challenge from you personally, tusk to tusk. We all work hard fighting the Mori, but without food, or a break, we are going to all break down and die, rotting in the jungle mud. I await all of you, to search for a hunt of great glory and fortune. SIGNED, GRIMRUK, Son of Lok’gul
  12. the main road, which should be connected to all nations. Should not be interrupted by nations. It should be restricted. However, roads splitting off of it, should be allowed to do whatever, since (im guessing) they would be playermade. i think this could inspire 'shortcut' roads, going across places, which would be fun
  13. i think its er....carrot... i think its a carrot... yuh... carrot... yuhhh
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