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  1. "JA PIERDOLE!" The young lechian squire grabbed his cheeks with his palms as his jaw dropped to the floor! He then realised he had no idea who that was, and continued on with his day.
  2. You said LOTC hasnt had any races since 2011... Kha, Dark Dwarves, Musin, Wonks and many 'undead' races that havent had actual lore behind them, including other 'CA's too all came after Aegis. The idea of them weakening when there is any sort of magic nearby is quite faulty too, for that is easy to metagame. You cannot just ask everyone around you if they are a necromancer. I personally find no point to this race, when it can be done using other magics. And the idea of more things beng connected to nature is also a faulty thought. Spiritualism with orcs have many spirits connected to nature. You also have the aspects and their druids. I understand where you are coming from. You like skeletons covered in plants, you think this will be a cool 'harmless' creature. But I assure you, if you fill every lore plot and get this accepted, the race will NOT be seen as harmless, and will be genocided by every single spook hating person in existence. (edit: I also think restricting roleplay by making every being think the same will not work out)
  3. I dont like doing backstorys to my characters, i find them usually unecessary as it provides nothing to my rp personally. My best advice is to let your character be, and simply rp.
  4. [!] amatuer handwriting in the form of scribbles litters the page [!] A young man in a hurry scribbles down a letter. I have never ventured to thy holy and gracious kingdom, nor heard of Númendain or Númenost. However, if thou efforts in the work of GOD are true and holy, I offer myself to be educated under you. I seek the skills and knowledge to provide GOD and humanity my very best. I am unsure if thou had written your poster in answer to mine, for I do not know if Númenost or Númendain lies between Veletz or Aaun. However, I hope by the grace of GOD my search for a knight ends with this letter. I may assure you I understand the handling of armor, GOD and the most amateur knowledge of blades. I am too, not a pagan, heretic or one dragonkin. This letter I hope will be delivered in haste and no other will take my place. GOD speed to your answer to my request. Mieszko Euler.
  5. @esotericasthe comment about their '*****' persona was to suggest that being the reason for people not wishing to interact with their female personas. I personally rped with that persona and it was incredibly disturbing
  6. i miss vistulia


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    2. MisterBlitzkrieg


      If I could turn back time, to the good old daaays

    3. Turbo_Dog


      It’s so over Jihn 

    4. SlitheryC1


      I miss Vistulia

  7. @Cheesei might be mistaken, as your name holds 'cheese' in it. But was it not you who had a female character thats whole personality was 'wh*re' and 'sl*t' pasted all over their bio? Majority of the server are dudes, and dudes like sticking around with dudes, i think thats the monke brain reason for ppl not going up to rping with female personas (even if the person might be a dude IRL). I personally would not think into it much though.
  8. [!] amatuer handwriting in the form of scribbles litters the page [!] A young man in great urgency posts written sheets around the nations of Aaun and Veletz. ail to thee who serve the one and only creator and fine lord, GODAN. Hail to thee who refine their great skills and discipline in the name of he, the LORD. Hail to thee who create and scribe in his and only name. I too, a loyal and fellow warrior of the one and only LORD seek thy assistance. fall in pursuit of a great knight in service of the LORD. A great knight that holds the right knowledge and wit to educate myself and put me under squiredom. I too search for a scribe that has the same knowledge and wit to educate myself to speak and write in the holy language of the LORD. To those in search of a loyal canonist and a squire, send a bird to my name; Mieszko Euler
  9. A young Euler grinned widely, preparing for a great battle with heretics and heathens.
  10. Shit that forces fear on others is rlly cringe, change my mind

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    2. Benleft


      It is easy for "you feel fear" to just become astroturfed mental magic, which isn't super cool at face value. I think it is especially uninteresting when a magic has an ability with an effect solely along the lines of "I cast my spell and suddenly your reaction is THIS!!!" It is silly to dictate what goes on in people's heads (seer gets a pass since its tasteful and has a high SOUL stat). Templar's Trophy mechanic does the niche better by just freezing the baddies instead of mandating fear. 

    3. Cobbler


      @Jihnyny Ohhhh just an item that forces fear like a stat. Yeah I think that’s bad as well. Should be something organic.

    4. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      Stop attacking my brand in public or I will sue you.

  11. "Adunians are half man. They're of elven grizh after all." Called the great Chieftain GRIMRUK'LUR, meditating atop a great mountain overwatching the village he had helped built for his people.
  12. The to be named Euler let out his arms with a scream! Rushing down the street with a towel around him, having been given the missive during his great peasantry bath. "EEEEULLLLERREEEEKKAAAA"
  13. Ymir Ireheart the lad that almost killed the whole party last for his greed of knowledge, prepared his fat sausage fingers to grasp around the door handles once more. "'ERE WEH GO LADDEHS!"
  14. CRP raids should not be announced. The last CRP raid i was in was lead by @Qizu(I was on the defending side). And it was done so well I was so impressed by the clear planning they had to do to make it work. They had a whole 'undercover' or 'innocent' looking player that was helping the defending side and that betrayed us when shit went south. Not to mention the amazing entry they had by showing out of nowhere. I believe that PvP raids should be announced but not an hour before, more like six, but within those six hours the raid can happen anytime. So its still a hard chance for metagaming or whatever, and I think this will make both sides happy. Since it seems inevitable to not have a raid notification anymore.
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