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  1. glad to see the wheelers not on the roster anymore (except mockingbird). Also, when are the tiktoks coming back
  2. TULGAKHAN’S KURULTAI OF 1976 S.A ________________________________________ To celebrate the first proper camp of Aevos and the uniting of our people, the Turghits, under the one Tulgakhan, we invite our allies, friends, and even enemies who seek to make amends in our home. Drinks will be spilled, food will be shared, and tales of glory will be given. Plenty of activities will be held within and outside the camp. The activities include horse racing, horse archery, jousting, wrestling, and a drinking contest. To all those who wish to smile upon the warmth of spring, we encourage gifts and your own food to bring, for there is never enough pleasure in our mortal realm. Prizes will be given to the winners of the activities! Special Invitations include; The Oyashiman people of the Shogunate, The Tribes of Reinmar, The Lur Clan of the Horde, The Vlachian free-men, and the kin of Vacslav Suzecz. May the Sky Father Skykha bless and guide your path.
  3. Bolesław of Enswerp puts a crossbow in his mouth. "Nie dzisiaj kurwa." What was left within the guard tower of Enswerp was nothing but a bloody stain upon the walls... and the missive.
  4. A HOME FOR THE PEOPLE Rumours spread amongst the Aevosi lands, quicker, through the midlands specifically. 22nd of the Sun’s Smile, 175 S.A ____________________________________________________ Signed, Koshei of Shuurga
  5. A LETTER TO THE CAPTAIN 20th First Seed, 175 S.A __________________________________________ A nomad writes a letter upon his horse.
  6. No one may read this letter but @Morphine A LETTER TO TULGA KHAN 20th First Seed, 175 S.A __________________________________________ A remnant of a minor clan writes to the Khan in haste.
  7. This cant work with the Haruspexy or lutaumancy feat. I’d say fix that in the ‘working with all deific feats’ part. ( shamanism)
  8. may you all enjoy easter, those of faith and those of not
  9. why do u play an elf opinion on dwarfs and orcs?
  10. _________________________________________________________________________________ THE QUESTION Honour. Where is honour found? Is it found within others or within yourself? Baldr thought on this subject, sitting upon one of the cold fjords of the unclaimed Urguani coast. For he had faced a decision of honour the day prior, one that ended with a gruesome faith that he had not expected. The strange events began with the first greeting of the ferrymen. In their own peculiar fashion, they greeted Baldr with a kidnapping of both him and his king. He was only there for his King’s comfort, since no Khazad were in the Ferrymen company. At this point, Baldr held no care, for he had been exiled, and one of his raids was to come. He knew that if the Ferrymen had wished to bandit him, they would have already thrown his body into the sea. To his King's surprise, the Ferrymen held a civilised conversation with him. No shears or executioner swords were threatened, only the welcoming palms of an armoured, blonde heartlander. After their conversation was over, Baldr challenged one to a fight for an ear. The fight was well fought; the Mali’ker raider threw Baldr to his left and to his right, and Baldr threw the Mali’ker to his front and to his back. The outcome had not come in favour of the beardling, however, for he had lost his swordbreaker in return for his failed victory. No elven ear was claimed that day. Upon returning to the city, which was made possible by the Ferryman's quick release, Baldr joined his kin in combat training with Urguan’s ally, Númendil. The combat training was grand, and the sons of Urguan sat in the lead. The construction of the new Adria was left echoing in laughter, watching the last bout between the Númendillians and the Urguani Dwarves. Drinks were shared, food was eaten, and overall, it was a grand experience for the half-elves and pure Dwarves. But the entertainment stopped once the words came from the South. “FERRYMEN IN THE CITY!” _________________________________________________________________________________ THE DECISION Baldr looked to his comrades, already atop a steed. Without a second thought, he and his trusty scout, Thormodor, rode to the white city of Númendil in search of the pirates. Baldr arrived first. He was met with two warriors, one wearing the teal mask of the company and the other, large and frightening, wearing a pig's head. “Where are they?” Baldr questioned the man, though his face was unknown to him, he was sure this was the same man that he had met an hour or two prior. “Who?” asked the teal-masked man. “The Ferrymen.” “They went to sleep” The pig face spoke to Baldr in return. “We seek a fight.” Baldr explained, Thormodor arriving to his back. “Just the two of you?” Laughed the man behind his mask. “No, more arrive from the east.” “Where are they, how long will it take for them to come?” The sounds of birds leaving their nest came from the wood to their east. Thundering hooves blew through the earth and then through the marbled steps of Númendil, the cavalry had arrived. “They’re already here.” Baldr answered confidently, the cavalry halting their horses behind the smaller Dwarf, all facing the tavern and the two bandits. The numbers were far too great, it seemed to be around twenty to two. Baldr did not like these numbers. “I’ll join their side to make it fair” Offered Baldr, too confident for his own age. The two bandits finished their drinks, and without a second to think, they slipped past the soldiers of both Urguan and Númendil, none of which held their weapons drawn, and escaped from the city. Baldr was disappointed. He prayed for a fight, and in the moment of his prayer, a teal mask reflected in the corner of his eye. In between the gates of Númendil, at the base of the wood, sat the company of Ferrymen atop their horses. After the rest of the soldiers took notice of them, they fled. Dwarves and Adunians alike hurried behind the Ferrymen, catching up to them in due time. The two companies met each other's eyes, some behind the helm and others behind a mask. The Dwarves wished for a conversation, and the Ferrymen begged for a fight. The two groups prepared themselves, drawing their weaponry. Baldr then took a look at the Ferrymen numbers. They had significantly less than his own. “Baldr! What are you doing?” Questioned one of the Dwarves as he rode his horse to the Ferrymen flank, joining their line. “Its not honorable, they are outnumbered.” “With the Ferrymen?” “Aye, come, join me.” He offered to his crewmates. “No, not with the Ferrymen.” “Loyal to you captain.” Thormodor joined Baldrs flank. The countdown has begun. Baldr, unknowing of the certainty of the situation let out a beaming smile and a roar among the wood. “LET THIS BE AN HONORABLE FIGHT BROTHERS! LET NO DWARF DIE ON THIS DAY!” _________________________________________________________________________________ THE BATTLE Baldr let a breath loose. Only upon hearing the final number of the countdown did he understand the meaning of this battle. Númendillians and Urguani alike began to flee, horse after horse striking into trees and cottages as they fled with fear. The Ferrymen Company fell in charge, and Baldr kicked at his horse to follow. He held a lance in his hand, striking an Adunian off of his mount. The Adunian fell to the mud below. Baldr continued to ride forward, taking a sharp bend to follow the rest, but after taking note that the Ferrymen were up ahead, he went back to take the Adunian down. Cowering within the field next to one of the cottages outside the city, the Adunian was struck with another lance yet again. He grasped his longsword in return, a beautiful Adunian mark that shone across the lightened moon. Baldr tried to leave his steed to finish him with his sword, but the skill of a horseman he did not have, and Baldr stuck himself in the stirrups. The Adunian swordsmen left no time to waste; he swung his sword to attack Baldr, and then the teal-masked cavalryman struck the Adunian down with a lance of his own. “Thanks.” Baldr called, pulling himself back atop his horse proper. “To the gate!” The Adunian men shut the gate, but some of the Ferrymen got inside. They slaughtered the Adunian and Urguani Dwarves like an Aaunic cattle barn, and then like foxes, escaped from the chicken coup. The remaining Ferrymen and the two Dwarven sailers, Thormodor and Baldr stayed at the front of the gates. They watched and stalled the Adunians, and a last, remaining Dwarf. “Leave brother!” Called Baldr in plea to the Dwarf within the city. “No.” Answered the Dwarf in return. “They’ll get in, get away!” Baldr begged. But it was too late, the Ferrymen came behind the Dwarf and put a sword into his back. Blood fell from his mouth as his armor struck against the steel gate and then, the dirt. Baldrs eyes widened, calling for mercy. “Do not kill him!” The Ferrymen, filled to the brim with something akin to dwarven greed, struck the Dwarf down, ignorant of Baldr's plea of mercy. The Dwarf took his last dying breath, looking upon Baldr with the eyes of betrayal. Baldr’s eyes were met with tears. He had witnessed something he had never seen before: the death of a Dwarf. He pulled at his horse, departing from the city. Dwarven corpses were all he could see among the forest. Dwarven blood, dwarven flesh. He returned to his ship with loot but no satisfaction. Nothing but shame had filled him. Was it more honourable to join his dwarven brethren? Breaking his oath of exile? Baldr did not know. He did not have the philosophical knowledge to understand his question or where to look for an answer. Wrapped in a direwolf cloak, Baldr looked out into the open sea. He only knew one thing for certain. “I need to learn..”
  11. Baldr sat upon his ship, eating some fresh, adunian fish. A remnant of the battle that had ensued. One of his crew members handed him the missive, causing him to spit out the fishbones right out on portside. "Bigges' bullshi' 'a've ever seen!"
  12. size of norland, goddamn
  13. OOC: In the year of 173 of the Second Age and Thodar’s stone day. Index: 1 . THE FIRST SAIL 2 . KLOUFFSONS DECEIT 3 . FEAST OF THE KING _________________________________________________________________________ ♫ Baldr Ireheart and his men readied themselves at the head ship of their new found fleet. Beardlings most but not all, for elders such as Grungot Frostbeard sat atop one of the benches. Baldr readied himself, standing atop of the front of the ship, his hand grasping the dragon head he so elegantly carved. “Lads, a couple rules!” His voice called. The crew paid attention then. “One, t’is ain’t a plot for murder! T’is is, a simple manner of raisin’. If t’ey deny our peaceful request, we’ll end ‘em!” A simple set of rules. “Set sail!” Called the crew, “Raise the flag!” At once, the rest of the crew grasped the ropes, pulling at them to set the sails and the green, white flag of their ship. The steady winds that blew from the caverns of the western fjords set the ship at a steady pace. The dwarves, including Baldr Ireheart, readied their oars and set sail to the north, hugging the uneven coastline of the cold west. The great shadow of the first bridge fell down upon them. Its marbled stone reflected the water. The oars at this very point were left unnecessary due to the far storm providing enough wind for them to let themselves sail with ease. “Grungot.” Baldr turned his face behind his shoulder. The elder Frostbeard sporting him with the same blue eyes as he. “Aye?” “Right or Left, do you remember?” “Right. Follow the coastline as you’ve said before, t’is will lead your way.” Baldr took his old friend’s advice. He called out to the rest of his men; “Starboard!” _________________________________________________________________________ ♫ Baldr blew out the lights that lightened their way, and the crew fell quiet. The only sound that called through the valley was the sound of the birds and the early morning. The new face, Crylik, dropped the first anchor into the water. The crew's eyes met the tall cliff of Nevaelhen. Baldr waved his hand and dropped into the cold waters, swaying through to reach the shore. His crew followed, still at awe by the tall cliff they had to climb. “I'll stay with the ship, keep it safe until it's clear. Call upon me once you reach the top” Said Grungrim Klaufsson, another new face to the ship. “I'll head to the further left, will see if I spot any easy entrance.” Offered Thormodor, the trusty scout of the crew. “Good.” Said Baldr to his up and coming brothers in arms. “The rest, follow me, we’ll see if there's a way in through the right.” Thormodor called to Baldr before he had left; “Make sure to check the main gate.” Baldr yet again accepted the advice of his trusty friend, moving around the tall walls and uneven cliffs of the ruins of Talar’nor. He moved around the broken bridge and climbed the ridge to its flank. Baldr now faced the shut gate of the Vale. He waved to one of the wood elves that had spotted him, Ghilean. The gates rose, and Baldr fell to be questioned by Ghilean, an elf he had met before in his quest for elven ears. As the captain conversed with the elf, the rest of the crew checked the height of the walls, every crack, and every window to seek a way in. This took a great deal of stone time, yet the dwarves, with their grand scent for loot, found a way into the fallen city. Baldr's lies and words of deceit came to no avail, for he was of the blood of Kjellos, a danger to the Navaehlen kind. After Baldr struck a deal with Ghilean for him to leave and the rest of his party to stay, Baldr was met by Thormodor, who enlightened him with the second entrance. Baldr and Thormodor snuck into the city, awaiting their companions' entry through the main gate. However, after this had failed, the brave Gungrim Klauffson took charge. He fell to his knees and put out a play for the elven kind. The rest of the party, one by one, snuck away to get into the city. There was, a dwarf called Gungrim Klauffson, He sat in the gate of Nevaehlen, Earning trust in the play of lies, The elven folk took him in, and set themselves a surprise! We hear you, Gungrim Klauffson, We hear your words of trickery! They hear you, Gungrim Klauffson, They hear words of nobility! While Gungrim spoke words of Grimdugan, The raiders set themselves in stone, Axe, shields and swords be raised, Helmets placed, they fell to raid! We hear you, Gungrim Klauffson, We hear your words of trickery! They hear you, Gungrim Klauffson, They hear words of nobility! _________________________________________________________________________ ♫ The dwarves put down an ambush. After each one of their brothers stood in the city, the raiders rushed with their shields, axes, and swords, surrounding the elven kind swiftly and efficiently. “PUT T’A MONEY IN MY BEARD!” Roared the elder, Grungot Frostbeard. The Nevaehlen people at first fell to a subject of resistance, causing Baldr to strike at one man's knee. The only cause of action throughout the entirety of the raid. Thormodor and Gungrim continued their act of lying, fooling the elven people once more and protecting the shield wall from the back. As everything was going smoothly for Baldr's first raid, he called out to everyone: “NO HARM WILL COME! TO THOSE THAT NAE WISH IT!” To ensure the continuity of this safe raid, he called coldly to his crewmates, “Kill the ones that resist.” Two elven warriors set out to face the shield wall; both, however, were stopped by Thormodor and Gungrim in a foolish manner. Baldr threatened one of the hostages to force them to put down their weapons and fall in line. Which, without a struggle, they did. “Where's your ‘all?” asked Baldr to Ghilean, one of the warriors who had just put down their arms. “It's all the way in the back of the city,” Ghilean answered, leading the party and train of hostages to the said hall. Upon entering, the party of dwarven pirates was met with disappointment. They expected a hall with a grand table, but instead, they were met with dust and ruins, tents, and a singular fireplace. "Sad,” said Baldr, though he wasted no time. He waved to his crew to line up the elves, and the beardling captain walked to stand atop the railing. “Dear elves! We come for no ‘arm; we just’ want’ your loot! My name is Baldr; not to be confused with the affiliation of Urguan, we come in peace!” Baldr called out to all the hostages, those seated and those not. Baldr was to continue speaking, but the interruption of a newcomer had halted this. Elves and even a goblin, dressed in bronze and golden armor, entered the hall. Among those elves was a stouter, one-eyed dwarf. Grelu, the grand king of Urguan. Baldr smiled. “Welcome to our party, lads!” Baldr roared to the king and his elven company. “Say welcome!” “Welcome!” spoke a few dwarves; “Welcome lads to the feast,” said another; “Welcome lads!” and another. The group of pirates all greeted the king and his accompanying party. In time and in conversation, Baldr and his following pirates learned that one of the elves had run all the way to the Grand Kingdom to call upon the Grand King Grelu. They thought of it as absurd; after all, none of them were affiliated with Urguan under this raid. But regardless, the King asked them to leave, and so they did. They let the prisoners go and walked out, carrying a grand ton of loot, weapons, and animal cloaks. The group of pirates all greeted the king and his accompanying party. In time, and in conversation, Baldr and his following pirates have learned that one of the elves had run all the way to the Grand Kingdom, to call upon the Grand King Grelu. They thought of it as absurd, afterall, none of them were affiliated with Urguan underneath this raid. But regardless, the King asked them to leave, and so they did. They let the prisoners go, and walked out, carrying a grand ton of loot, weapons and animal cloaks. Baldr and his crew sailed back to their docks and spread their loot inbetween eachother. The raid was a grand success for no dwarf was harmed, and one elf was.
  14. Baldr smiled, looking at the missive in hand. His brothers in arms had already began to place crates upon the main ship of his new found fleet. "Gewt t'ing me ships nae be on land" The beardling captain looked out to the fjords, sending his scouts to find more places to loot.
  15. i had a phase last map where i needed money and began banditting i first tried to make it productive (though my RP wasnt as good as it currently is) and banditting at that time was at a very distasteful view. From that experience i seen that even if you try to make the banditting productive, the victim of said banditting probably wont. They'll either rp denying and risking their life then complain about doing so in OOC after dying, or theyll simply run away or log off. Banditting is a highly difficult RP to do due to the fact that it involves conflict (which is a whole nother topic) with people you dont know OOCly and the taking of pixels (mfs would legit take 5 hours of complaining and a ban than lose one item or 5 mina). Only way to make banditting good is changing the nature and taste of the server, so people wont a) risk their life due to their character actually liking it, and not knowing thta theyll just respawn np b) hate the rp immediately after the first emote c) find out that pixels dont matter also a lot of bandits are murder hobos and loot goblins, which provides this sort of view unfortunately. Which should change too.
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