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  1. StarGazzer i edited my application. Hope its ok.

  2. ShookaSenpai


    Ok StarGazzer ill try but which city would be the best???
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    Levi Underbough was born in the streets of Sutica, living off scraps and leftovers he didn’t have much to eat. His parents couldn’t bare with him anymore and they sent him to Dunshire. He slept anywhere which was comfortable. At the age of 15 he moved back to Sutica and joined a small gang and they stole some things together, until one of the members tried to kill Levi. Levi defended himself but his fellow gang members didn’t help him as they thought he was a waste of food and money as well. One of the ones who voted Levi out of the gang was the leaders younger brother so Levi didn’t have a choice but to leave. Levi got beaten up and got kicked out of the gang 2 years after he joined. He traveled away from that town and stopped stealing for a while. He settled in Dunshire for a year , but he eventually moved back to Sutica and started stealing again. But not that much, he stole at least once a week or twice a week. But still after those 3 years he still has a thirst for revenge.He still is thinking of a way to kill the man who kicked him out of that small gang.
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