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    Elessar Grew up in the outskirts of Dominion in a Small Family Home With his Mother, Father, and older Sister. In the house Faith was very important. When Elessar was 10 his Sister Drowned to death(Age 13). The loss of his sister caused his home life to become very dysfunctional. Elessar’s parents became engulfed in sadness in the years following there young daughters death. His parents became detached and didn’t do anything around the house. Elessar had to Basically fend for himself, Cooking, Cleaning, and Learning on his own. Elessar loved his parents dearly and cared so much for them but at the age of 22 left them to go live his own life. Elessar wants to live a peaceful and calm life where is can study and learn all there is to be learned about the world of Atlas.
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