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  1. Zastro

    [Your View] Nuggets or Tenders

    I +1 this topic, it needs to be a community announcement.
  2. Zastro

    The Bilok'thuln

    Accepted. Welcome to the Bilok’thuln, Please see Grand Exchequer Airebys or Deputy Exchequer Ailduin about your tools and resource information. Your access to the lands will be given to you once you meet with one of us.
  3. Zastro

    The First Annual Sylricean Feast

    “Bilok, taelu, evar.” Airebys would say to himself in the company of his many books. “It is good to see such thriving activity in the family.”
  4. Zastro

    Returning to Roots

    Je zal worden gemist, maar niet vergeten! You’ve been a really good friend to Fenn and myself Toffee, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that everything goes well from here on. I’m sure it goes without saying that @ThumperJack and I, along with other interested members of the Fenn community will help to carry on your legacy of healing and tolerance. I’ve not finished my RP learning on Herbalism, but I’m making it a point to try and get back into the swing of things so I can someday teach and spread the knowledge you’ve been so gracious as to share with me. Anyway, I can’t say that I won’t feel a bit down in the dumps about you leaving, but goodbyes don’t last forever eh? Take care Toffee. Ito nae elannil’Wyrvun, ah’llir.
  5. Zastro

    The Bilok'thuln

    Accepted. Welcome to the Bilok’thuln, Please see Grand Exchequer Ailduin or Deputy Exchequer Airebys about your tools and resource information. Your access to the lands will be given to you once you meet with one of us.
  6. Zastro


    “The very fact that someone--anyone--was able to infiltrate their ranks in the first place contradicts their notion of possessing ‘watertight ranks’”. Airebys would chuckle to himself. “I think it unfair that the valah of the Empire, and their petty sympathizers-” He coughs abruptly. “-involves Fenn in their affairs of disarray... Then again, it is too much to expect fairness from such people.” He shrugs to himself and places his copy of the writ into a tidy portfolio labeled “Libel”.
  7. Zastro


    The news, upon reaching the pointed ears of Airebys from the depths of Arcas to the heights of Tahu’lareh, he would smile to himself and heft his clenched golemhand to his chest, pounding it a few times in excitement. “Narvak oz ok Under-Realm eron Urguan,” he breaths to himself, “Hileia na Bortu’lliran.”
  8. Zastro

    The Cassava Root - Herbalism

    ((If you can figured it out rply, yeah 😛
  9. Zastro

    Nottingham Trading Company

    Airebys delicately takes the poster from the wall it was pasted on in Fenn, the glue having frozen before it dried. Its edges fray and tear because of its inefficient valah make, and he rolls it up and throws it in one of the nearby fires that light the streets of Tahu’lareh. “This was not permitted by the Grand Chancellor nor the Grand Treasurer, and Fenn is self-sufficient in trade and prices.” he says to himself with an exasperated sigh. “The Empire Of Man will not subjugate and undermine us. They have failed before, and they will continue to fail so long as the ‘fennic people live. They should be keeping their bidarir’valeiners and divu anah'wy businesses to their own cities... If they wish to do trade, they should know how to make a proper business proposal, instead of littering our streets with their propoganda.”
  10. Zastro

    A Message to Fenn [PK]

    Airebys stood along the banks of the Vallei’lareh river behind the Fennic capital, grasping a white statuette of Wyrvun in his stony right hand. He clutched his eyes shut to hold back tears that would not come, his ducts blocked by scars. In his mind at this moment were not thoughts of the Bilok’thuln or the Ivae’fenn, the Institute nor the state of the Grand Library... None of his positions of office and employ could bring him the same joy he first felt when Celaena embraced him as a new member to the house Sil’siimah. He shoved the statuette back into his satchel, examining the base of his golem-hand where the Urukess had severed his flesh. He recalls carrying the broken body of Celaena into the safety of Talar’ikur, at the time using his remaining hand and arm to lower her cold remains to the even colder flagstones below. The moments between discovering her body, to carrying her atop her shield to the crypts below the city, were a worse nightmare than he suffered in his youth after the numerous beatings he’d received from the valah his parents had sold him to... His hopes now were that the Princedom would not become too rabid to take revenge on her murderer, and that her eternal slumber in Aira’fin would bring her some peace. Airebys would reach behind his back and clutch at the long braid that he had taken care of since his childhood, the platinum-gray hair silky and well-groomed. He reached his other hand to the dagger at his hip he used for daily Bilok’thuln chores, raising it to the base of the braid and swiftly chopping it off; dropping it onto the snowy riverbank beneath his feet. It was a symbolic action, a sort of mourning sacrifice to his deceased aunt.
  11. Zastro

    The Fennic Institute of Higher Learning

    The robes/skins of the Institute have been finalized.
  12. Zastro

    The Bilok'thuln

    Accepted. Both of you, please seek our Airebys Sylric to be granted all your duties and supplies.
  13. Zastro

    The Fennic Institute of Higher Learning

    The Fi’taeluir and Taeluir’nealu titles will be shelved until further notice.
  14. Zastro

    Reiver Denunciation Act of 1706

    Punctuation makes perfect.
  15. Zastro

    The Grand Library of Dragur

    Airebys smiles to himself upon hearing the news from his office atop the Institute in Fenn, adjusting his gray and red sash over his shoulder to sit more comfortably on his person. “I am glad to see the Grand Library reopen... Ignorance runs rampant in Arcas, and its peoples need to be given access to our vast trove of knowledge.”