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  1. Zastro

    The Order of The Aheral'Parir

    Upon reading the last word of the parchment, Zastro lets out a deep sigh, the vapor of his breath freezing on the cold air. “Tolerance is acceptable, but this cultural melting-pot is preposterous – a complete disregard for your own people... Do you Mali know what the Humans are capable of? The hundreds of years of slavery, subjugation, genocide, and evangelization the Empire has wrought not just on the Mali’fenn, but our cousins? No generation henceforth is likely to learn of their culture, their language and their people under the dictatorial monarchy of the Imperials; they who always reach their hands into the coffers of their vassals and their swords into the backs of neighboring provinces. This suits no purpose but for you traitors to keep your own hides uncut and tanned. You say your bumbling Order of The Aheral'Parir will live without excess? Imperialism itself does not stand for living without excess, and under the Empire’s rule you will be the tool they use seek out excess... Before you are thrown away. It is not necessarily the Elven Kingdoms and Princedoms that are failing – it’s the fact that none of the subraces seek out their kin before bending knee and selling their blood to Man and his Canonist “God”. The absolute hysterical irony in this missive is how your Order joins the very nation that despises it’s kind, and subjects it to hatred, bigotry, ostracizing, murder and racism. Your women are Chikr, your beliefs Caele, your magicians Iler. You are Aelor’elor. I would give each of your people a nugget of gold, but I imagine the meaning is lost to you ignorant fools.”
  2. [!] An unofficial missive is posted in Hoamspudd’s Hoo-kah Smoke & Toke shop for all passerby’s and patrons of the Cactus Green smoke shop to see. It reads as follows: Greetings fellow residents and citizens of Curonia, I am Caelen Hoamspudd – a recently established resident of Cyrilsburg. Several days after the Freedom Festival of Cyrilsburg, the Duke of Curonia privately approached me on the 17th of The Amber Cold, 1698 to inquire upon the possibility of making a Cactus Green shop in Cyrilsburg. At this, I immediately took it upon myself to gain permission to renovate The Den located on the corner of Falkenrath Avenue into what will now be called Hoamspudd’s Hoo-kah Smoke & Toke. With the future completion of this shop, I expect to see a greater common knowledge on the use of, properties, precautions and benefits to smoking the Cactus Green herb. I intend to educate all lovers of the mind-enhancing medicinal euphoria of CG and newcomers to its splendor on its safe use, health benefits, and precautions to consumption. Here is some helpful information for all you Smokers & Tokers out there: Terms for this missive: - CGD (Cactugreendiol) Extract in CG that accounts for the absolute lowest psychoactive effects - TCG (Tetrahydrocactugreendiol) Extract in CG with most psychoactive effects Health Benefits: - Pain relief - Chronic pain relief - Alcoholism rehabilitation - Drug addiction rehabilitation with Opioids - Reduces symptoms of: Depression, PTSD, social anxiety, muscle spasms, night terrors, epilepsy and seizure disorders, inflammation (strands high in CGD) - Helps treatments in certain diseases or injuries such as: o Cancer o Spinal Cord Injury o Multiple Sclerosis o Spinal Cord Disease o Arthritis o Epilepsy o Inflammatory Bowel Disease o Insomnia o Inflammatory Muscle Disease Health Risks: Short-term effects - Can affect: Short-term memory problems, Severe anxiety disorders - Can cause Paranoia - Loss of sense of personal identity - Lowered reaction time - Increased heart rate (risk of heart attack) - Increased risk of stroke - Impaired motor functions and coordination (Not advised that citizens use CG before horseback riding) - Sexual problems with male performance Long-term effects - Declined mental capacity in cases of prolonged use in people aged 17 years or younger, while 18 is the ideal age for recommended consumption - Poor educational performance - Impaired thinking and lowered ability to learn and perform complex tasks - Antisocial behavior that may include stealing or lying - Increased dependence on others, whether physically or financially - Possible sterilization in males For optimal usage: - Don’t look at your reflection in water or glass - Don’t smoke & ride or smoke & spar - Keep munchies close - Smoke with a friend or lover - Smoke responsibly - Keep away from kids aged 17 and under - Smoke while in a good mood, bad moods can lead to bad-trips - Strands high in TCG are good for head-highs - Strands high in CGD are good for body-highs and treatment Hoamspudd’s Hoo-kah Smoke & Toke is yet to be opened, but I expect that with this being read by any whom frequent the smoke shop in it’s inactivity will find they are still welcome to come in and converse, ask questions, and secure future purchases. [!] There is no more text to the missive.
  3. Zastro

    The Ashigawa forge

    -= Ooc =- Username: MauryTTF Discord: Maury#8922 -= Rp =- Name: Caelen Hoamspudd Age: 20 Race: Elf Gender: Male Allegiances: None except to Master Ashigawa Motives in joining: Caelen simply wishes to make a respectable life for himself, having no skills beyond mining, farming, and the occasional grasp on foreign languages. He seeks to become an apprentice so he may learn how to forge weapons for the defense of those he cares about, and to learn how to use them.
  4. Zastro

    Counting of Elves (Results!)

    One of the possible problems with some groups within the elven playerbase now is that it’s misunderstood and sometimes itself refuses to be understood or look at things in the perspective of others. I had a very pleasant conversation with another player today not even of the elven playerbase and was surprised to hear how disenchanted someone could be with the fantastical concept of roleplaying as an elf. He simply didn’t like the Elves because, originally, he’d sort of bunched the entire playerbase together without considering the existence of the subraces. He made a good point on how a lot of elves are essentially inserting themselves into other societies and interacting with their race of origin at their own convenience, whilst simultaneously promoting attacks on their own race with this other society. To sum up my understanding of what we talked about, let’s discuss some prevalent themes we discussed. Before I get started, I want to say as a disclaimer that this is in no way an attempt to spite or bash at any other nation, group, subrace or playerbase within LOTC, I’m simply giving my take on some of the things that apparently happen according to the perspective of fellow LOTC players. I would like to make a further disclaimer and apologise if it seems like I’m using @VonEbs ‘s thread as a platform for my ideas and discussion, but I feel that this is important to perhaps understanding why there’re so many misunderstandings and animosity between differing playerbases. Thank you VonEbs for so much dedication to your work. Now, let’s begin. Intrusiveness Throughout LOTC history, it seems as though there’s always been one race or nation/group who, IRP, has been the prevalent or most highlighted group within it’s ever developing and expanding change. Whether it be the humans imposing their belief systems on other human groups or other races altogether; or a group of diverse elves who’ve tried to impose the mantle of responsibility regarding their ‘traditions’ on other more separatist groups: there’ll always be someone or multiple someone’s who want to be on top. The problem with trying to be atop the seat of superiority is that it’ll never be accepted, because there will always be too many diverse people within LOTC and too many diverse thoughts and beliefs for people to tolerate segregation and forced segmentation. Because a group has the power to impose itself on another group – does not mean that they should; regardless of the fact that it’s just roleplay in a videogame, as it’s intrusive and imposing on that groups ability to roleplay the way they’ve established and still be able to travel the continent without being subject to toxic behavior. Imperialism Pretty self-explanatory, right? Now you might think that this is a direct jab at the Empire, but it’s not – so don’t try and refute my points by saying that my words are invalid because you think it’s just me trying to stir drama... Carrying on. For many countries, both historically and in LOTC, imperialism can be a very intrusive and imposing political concept. Using militant might or diplomatic influence to meet a political agenda in of itself isn’t a really bad thing. But, when you insert fear into the equation, it totally changes. Whether it’s fear of losing your political influence because another nation wants to utilize its imperialist diplomacy to conquer and divide, or fear of slaughter or genocide from an opposing military force – noone likes it. Not the elves from the humans, not the humans from orcs, and not the orcs from everybody else. No race or player wants to live in fear of losing what their personae invested because of some dictatorial, power-mongering monarch or foreign hierarchy. And it’s plainly obvious that a lot of players and their personas utilize fear tactics to manipulate others. It’s not fun for anyone but the people creating the fear. Organic Roleplay One of the best things about LOTC that I’ve come to love is how the vast majority of its roleplay is self-generated by the general populace. What takes away from a lot of this are the ever-present cliques of PvP’ers. What’s fun is going mining to collect resources for your nation, generating raw materials and growing the worth of your persona in doing so, expanding its knowledge of local customs and politics, religion and culture. What’s not fun, is using your soulstone to return to your capital city with said resources, only to be immediately cut down by a bungling group of sword-toting, computer-mouse spammers so conceited by their belief that they can just raid and conquer any city through sheer ability to wave their index finger up and down rapidly who doesn’t have any regard for the roleplay of your character and the nation it coexists with. I realize raiding is a big part of how roleplay is organically generated through conflict, but when representatives of neighboring nations who also happened to be established, decorated military officials that were a part of said raid or had a hand in its making come to your capital city only to slander it’s entire existence because they didn’t participate in a petty PvP raid, then how does that make for organic roleplay? It’s almost purely imperialistic thinking on the part of the player simply because they don’t try to roleplay regarding said nation – neither within or outside of its borders – they’re simply trying to expand their nations reach for the plain prospect of having more power. Bias Regardless of how good you are at roleplaying, how long you’ve been playing LOTC, if you’re a member of the overall staff team running the server’s lore, events and rule system, or just a simple player looking to have a good time – there will always be bias. This is due to the simple fact that a) You’re Human and B) Your persona is a direct bi-product of your personality. Obviously, a lot of players have gotten good at just acting and making up a character in LOTC that’s either the opposite of who they are or separating their beliefs from the beliefs of their persona, but the actions you take with your persona are actions that you yourself are taking. Plenty of people come here purely to roleplay, and plenty of others come here purely to PvP simply to show how good they are at swinging a sword in Minecraft; it’s hard to find a healthy balance, which is understandable because you can’t avoid the basic mechanics in Minecraft without having altered the server’s settings. I’ve heard how some nations in-game have tried to reign in on dictatorial and maliciously imperialistic groups before, and how the lore team or game moderators had allegedly sided with the second group, for reasons unknown to me. One theory is because of unconscious bias toward said group, possibly because of the existence of a persona within the group or some other reason yet unbeknownst to me. I fully agree with what @Aeldrin said in response to another person in this thread, and I think that the best step that could be taken to start reforming some of our nations would be to separate cities divided along subracial lines, so as to satisfy the larger portion of the LOTC playerbase who’re here with predominant intentions of roleplaying over PvPing, not just for the elves but for the general populace. Furthermore, besides what few measures have already or are in the process of being done, the Wiki pages of all the different races and cultures need a massive overhaul, as they are outdated, and many people simply don’t understand how the other races work. @Aeldrin and I, along with several other members of the Princedom of Fenn playerbase are working day and night to revise and make changes to the Snow Elf lore on a multitude of separate documents. If anything should be taken from my response, it’s that we’re all here to have fun and we need to learn to consider other players perspectives and tolerate the differences in our individual beliefs. Thank you for reading, if you did.
  5. Zastro

    Curon Freedom Festival

    Hearing of the festival for the first time as a newly-made resident, Hoamspudd prepares his pipes, rolling papers, hookahs, bongs and other such Cactus Green paraphernalia. “This should be exciting.” He says to himself with a smile.
  6. Zastro

    To the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond

    “A tradition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way... If the Mali'aheral of Aegrothond do not want the transmission of these customs; will not reciprocate these beliefs; and are not of the generation held with responsibility for further tradition-passing... Then it is not their responsibility. To each his or her own, let them be.” Remarks Zastro, continuing to write in one of his many papers and books.
  7. Zastro

    The Ivae'fenn

    [OOC] Username: MauryTTF Activity Rating (1-10): 5-7 Skype: I have Skype Discord: Maury#8922 Do you have teamspeak?: Yes Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) [RP] Name: Zastro Waibor Gender: Male Place of residence: 1 Suli Ln, Talar’ikur Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: I do.
  8. Zastro

    Revival of the Global Assembly

    [!] The missive is received via Trained Messenger Macaw as Zastro is writing one of his many contemplation's, “The Shepherd calls to Sheep, I suppose... Let’s see how many beckon to it,” he says to himself, continuing to scribble in one of his many books and sheaf's of parchment.
  9. Zastro

    Dwarven Language

    Quite the extensive language to mentally grasp; and significantly larger than Ancient Elven. Kudos.
  10. Zastro


    Don’t worry, no need to apologize to me xD I don’t enforce the rules or anything, just helping a fellow snelf out.
  11. Zastro


    ((Just an FYI, it’s against the server rules for a player to simultaneously play two personas that interact with one another, as this post would suggest. Even so, it’s better to get someone to play the character for you rather than metagame further. Good luck in finding someone to play her!))
  12. Zastro

    The Evar'okarn

    Justiciar Application [OOC] Username: MauryTTF Discord: MauryTTF#8922 Timezone: (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada) [RP] Name: Zastro Waibor Gender: Male Race/subrace/culture: Mali’fenn Place of residence: 1 Suli Lane, Princefom of Fenn, Fenn Capital, Talar’ikur. Prior relevant experience: Some in scholastics and linguistics, though none in the Evar’tirn directly. I intend to continue my study of the Ancient Elven Tongue; strengthening my grasp on the knowledge it presents with the intention of forming The Evar’maehr Academy within Fenn. Already I’ve spent some time within The Great Library of Dragur, growing my knowledge of affairs that would, ideally, someday benefit the Mali’fenn people. Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn, and to the Grand Prince?: I do.
  13. Zastro

    Community Meeting

    Does this mean that an item must have been signed/created by a GM/ET/LT before the player first received the item? Or alternatively, does this mean can a player get their item signed/approved by a GM/ET/LT in order to keep it? (Depending on the actual item, as well as it’s significance to the user’s Persona).
  14. Zastro

    Recovering The Ancient Tongue Of The Elves.

    Ah, my study was for more direct/literal terms derived from what I saw on the first page of the thread; no triggering intended x) Even so, a fruitful offense it could be considered, as you’ve taught me a new word to revere.
  15. Zastro

    The Act of the Contract, 1691

    Zastro would begin to laugh to himself as he reads the dictatorial missive for the first time, “Oh my, oh me oh my and a pumpkin pie!” he would say, slapping his knees and rocking to-and-fro in his chair, “I can envision the Messenger-Macaws clouding the skies as this parchment was pinned door-to-door cross’ the land! I pity them the most, as their role in this is that of fruitless labour.” he would think to himself, forlorn. He is reminded of his time on the roads, a mindless traveler, “Don't do what you can't undo, until you've considered what you can't do once you've done it.” he chides to himself, deftly letting the parchment fall from his hands onto his table, carrying on the work of repainting and varnishing his mask.