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  1. Anne ponders going just for the sake of causing trouble...
  2. Marie steps into the Toady Traveler to collect herself after reading the notice from Rollo. She approaches her room to find the Thain’s cloak hanging on her door. She quietly enters her room, crying as she hugs the cloak.
  3. Most, if not all of the propaganda letters would have the purple-eyed human’s face scribbled over in black ink.
  4. Housing Application ((OOC)) MC NAME: Reflexsun Name: “Blink” Race: Wood Elf Seed/Clan (If none, leave N/A): N/A Profession/Craft (If none, leave N/A): N/A List any family or dependents who will be staying with you (If none, leave N/A): N/A
  5. Somewhere in the distance, a very Southern sounding “HELL YEAH!” can be heard.
  6. A nondescript letter appears in the mailbox of the Applefoot burrow. The letter reads: Pumpkin Empire Application Leader’s Name: Marie LaDeux Settlement Name: The LaDeux Empire Will our settlement uphold the Empire’s rules? Probably Why do you wish you were secretly born a halfling? Why the hell not? Y’all seem nice. The feet. List ten reasons shoes are bad. Now listen here ya biased lilluns, SOME OF US don’t have fancy feet made of cow’s hide like y’all do, so give us a rest. Just trust me that we wish we had those feet. Actually, I need to edit an answer of mine...but anyways, shoes are bad for y’all, but good for us. I think this is worth ten responses, but just in case...(Marie seems to have copied this answer nine additional times.)
  7. ”Not to my knowledge, no.” is the reply tacked onto the reply from the lillun. “Either way, it’s done now, but if anyone else wants to do it for 25% payment, feel free.”
  8. Written in larger text, this sign would show up on the board: Weaponry Needed! Reasoning: Every fighter worth their title has a unique weapon. So I need one of my own, if at all possible! Requirements: Deliver a weapon to the chest in the room at the Toady Traveler with Marie LaDeux on the sign. Needs to be a unique weapon, so no swords or shovels! Reward: 35 bread and 40 minas Best of luck, and my thanks! -Marie LaDeux 🙂
  9. sx20master


    Kerraline was born 19 years ago in Dunshire, just before the move to Arcas. One day, when she was around 16, she challenged another halfling to a fencing duel, and she lost her eye. She made an attempt to fight her opponent with just her fists, and was stopped. Reluctantly, the other halfling decided to let her go, deciding that the loss of her eye would be a good enough lesson. Kerraline did learn her lesson about humility, though she’s still rather confident, and a bit loud. She now wanders around Arcas, earning money where she can find it, and just enjoying her travels. Kerraline’s mother is the woman who taught her everything she knows about fencing; her father taught her academic subjects such as mathematics and Common. Kerraline’s relationship with her parents is good, and they all love each other. Lastly, she has a “younger” brother, who is actually her twin, younger than her by under an hour. Her and her brother, Jeriam, are on good terms, though they tease each other constantly.
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