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    Oskar von Tirpitz started his life in a small city that history now has since forgotten. His father Steiner von Tirpitz was once a lowly knight under the Empire of Man, now fallen from his lord’s grace due to his advanced age and his mother Claudia worked now as a seamstress, the two of them just managing to scrape by. The boy, Oskar, would never realize it but, his parents worked as diligently as they could to maintain whatever dignity they had left in this world after their migration from Axios to this realm of Atlas. The two of them content on fading into obscurity, however, Oskar could not settle with this. Ever since he could walk, the young child was a rowdy one always managing to make more work for his two aging parents. He played in the streets with the other boys and disregarded his parents’ warnings, somehow having to have his father break-up a fight he got himself into. Slowly, Oskar would grow ever distant with his folks usually finding himself in alleyways betting on which dog or rooster will win the next round. His behavior soon would worsen, it reached an all-time low when he was caught attempting to mug an elf, as his initiation into one of the gangs that roamed the very streets he grew up on. To his dismay, the adolescent was returned to a disappointed father, furthermore, the gang had rejected him as he was caught in the act which infuriated him even more. As Steiner and Oskar made their way back into their hovel, the aged man sat the young lad down at the table where his mother was working. Claudia set down her thread and needle as Steiner lowered himself down onto the chair, both having their attention on Oskar and pleading with him to turn his life around lest he wished to be found in the gutter. The once quaint household erupted into a cacophony of obscenities, mostly by Oskar to his parents who were so content on fading away. The young man had refused any sort of proposition posed by his parents and returned upstairs to his room. He stood before the closet that held whatever belongings he had and began to pack his things, the faint conversation of his progenitors speaking downstairs were drowned out by ideas of grandeur. Then, when the house was all but, silent. Oskar opened the window to his room and hopped down into the streets below, never looking back as he headed into the darkness and into the city of Carolustadt to seek his fortune.
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