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  1. Top/ Jungle main, not the best but I’m ight if anyone needs a member
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    Ulysses would be born in the city of Belvitz, losing both of his parents to war. Would be orphaned to the world as he would be a lone child. The only thing he knew was revenge as a kid, he would learn to trick people, to talk them into things and barter very well. As he grew up, he would see the adults around him go into combat and talk about the thrills of adventure, throwing Ulysses into wanting to join the war efforts. The Belvitz Massacre on 1696 had occurred which made him further want to go to war. So he went to war to become a great warrior, his number one flaw was keeping friends though. They were either lost in the battles, or he had to leave behind. The many sacrifices he made with the years would lead up to who he is now. He is now a 25 year old Human, a veteran of war and a person who just wants to lay back from the war for a bit, to take a break. He is human Highlander, who follows the beliefs of Modern Lucienism. His weaknesses start with that he can come off as too blunt and that he can lose people as friends as he easily as he gained them. Making him distant from others and close to others. He is also continuously tormented by his memories and experience from the war as it clogs his head every so often.
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