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  1. Eversong


    (keep in mind that none of this is to be taken sexually) The first thing she remembered was being sold. Born in the nation of Warhawkes, she was never given the chance to fight, as she was taken away from her family by bandits and put up for sale. Sold to an orc, she was blindfolded and taken away to a small hovel, never to step foot outside. As time passed, she would be taken around the premises to fetch water from the lake and sharpen at the grindstone. As she had spent her whole life around one single orc, she took up some of his characteristics – such as being hotheaded, rude, and rather questioning. Her new master was rather harsh, giving her hours of chores and cleaning to do. If she failed to complete them, she would be punished by the whip. As time passed, she would practice, training herself in hopes to be a warrior when she was set free. Alas, as she grew older, that seemed it would never be. So, one day, when he gave her his weapons to sharpen, she simply smiled, waited for him to turn, then swung the axe at his head. It was over in seconds, and she found it rather funny that it would be so easy. Afterwards, she took up her few belongings and set out, having zero social skills and no idea what would come.
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    Eversong Nazareth, born on the first day of snow, was fathered by Cilletrin Nazareth and birthed from Bellatrix Mournal, in a small hut by the King’s Road. When no tears fell from her face, her caregivers whisked her away to the high elves, begging them to save their daughter. The only cure they could give was that of a price, but the man and woman would do anything to help the young girl. The High Elves placed their hands on the child, chanting an ancient prayer to the gods above, and as the small girl opened her eyes, the blue faded to gold, and she cried. The father was to give anything to repay their debt to the elves, but they merely left them with three haunting words. “You already have.” Before Eversong could walk, she was able to lift objects and rotate them above her wooden crib, rocking herself to sleep. The mother saw it as a gift, but fear began to rose in the man’s chest. When she was able to stand on her own two feet, the outbursts began – she would wake from dreams screaming and crying, her eyes fading to blue as things larger than her would go flying, and soon enough, it wasn’t just the dreams that turned her. One fallen day, she was simply picking flowers for her mother, when a young friend of hers snuck upon her, letting out a high pitched screech. It was a small joke, but her fear thought otherwise. As she let out a ground shaking scream, her eyes shifted to blue, hands over her ears as the boy disappeared, scattering red droplets over the flowers. She ran home, crying in her mother’s lap as her father barricade the doors. It was that day she was forced to run, leaving behind all she knew, draped in her mother’s traveling cloak to disappear into the forest. For months, she traveled alone, searching for the elves that befell her with this gift – or curse. At last, she found them, hiding in a place past Atlas that no one knew of. When she arrived, she called out for them, trapped in the darkness of night. As hope dwindled from her, she fell fast asleep against the stone steps, unsure of what she would do when morning came. When she woke, she found herself somewhere else – or, on something else. A giant moving island traveled through the sky, great wings seen over the edge as the falcon flew over the endless sea. A sense of calm befell her, and fear was not part of her anymore. As she stood, her now blue eyes scanning over the trees and clear pond that sat in the middle of the grassy cove. There stood four elves, draped in white robes. Each had a different hair color, only one of them possessing the golden-hazel eyes she had. As s he approached them, she questioned why they saved her life, and did so with a curse. Their only explanation was that in a past life, she had been a Frost Witch. Due to this, her soul had been tainted, and each time she had been reborn, it had always ended with her becoming a Frost Witch once more, destroying her soul. In hopes that they could stop this endless cycle, they split her astral body apart with a fear spell. Her psychic abilities were not caused by this, as it was a simply part of her. When their conversation ended, she woke up at Atlas’s border, setting out once more for a purpose – to perhaps rekindle herself and grow in her magical abilities, learning to control her emotions and gain back her faith.
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