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  1. I’ve only known you from the Huntsmen, but man, you made my experience with events and organizations on LoTC fun as hell. I really hope you enjoy what life brings you and coming from someone in college, don't let that **** bring you down. Keep pushing and doing **** you love. -cig
  2. Full Name: Talia Fester Age 83 Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): Combat medic for ‘The Huntsmen’, a guild based in Curon Residence: Sutica, Centeral Ward 4 ((OOC)) MCName: cigarette__butt Discord: cigarette__butt#0483 Timezone: EST
  3. cigarette__butt

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Talia Fester Race: Mixed Elf Age: 83 Desired role: Medic Reason for enlistment: Talia has been taking classes at the Institute of Healing for some time now. With her that being said, she wishes to use her new knowledge to help others while also exploring for new herbs and medicines. She would also like the experience of treating animal wounds to widen her range of expertise. OOC Username: cigarette__butt Discord Tag (Example#3333): cigarette__butt#0483 Timezone: EST
  4. I plan to mostly speak English with this character but until I, personally, have some comprehension of the elven language, I’ll probably use things such as emotes to signify my character is speaking in their native tongue. Sorry for the miscommunication; if you’d like I could just change it to my character being fluent in both English or Elven.
  5. Clarified Interesting fact #2 as requested.
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    In the year 1689, with Atlas on the brink of it third coalition war, a family of wood elves feared for their lives and their home and sought to flee the lands of Caras Eldar to safety. A mother and father, along with their young child, fled the lands. After days of journeying, they abandoned the child and left her for dead. The child was left to fend for herself for years. She learned to live off the land and they fruits it provided her and when she came to age decided to make the journey back to Caras Eldar in hopes to find her family, not knowing they abandoned her.
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