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  1. Blair received word throughout the Sutican Hierarchy of Government, simply offering a purse of her lips to the news and a soft, old-lady sigh. "See you soon." she croaked. Later, she reminisces on all the empty promises of bedding and children Judas swore he'd fulfill.
  2. skin- queen blue bid- 250 disc- frog#0483 @Liv
  3. In desperation of unknown origin, this disgraceful half breed of a creation penned an application. Username - WonkLSD Character Name - Lu Proficiencies/specialities (i.e.lockpicking, swordsmanship, persuasion) - You know them
  4. Wonderful first piece my dude. A lovely concept I'd personally love to see on the server in little niches. Unfortunately, I highly doubt this will pass by the lore team. Due to format, spelling, and overall subject regarding powers and vagueness. I suggest reading over a lot of our current accepted creature lore and others. Best of luck to you gamer!
  5. A peculiar half-breed walked the streets to her home, a cup of freshly brewed joe in the one hand. The other? A pamphlet for Miss d'Emyth's campaign. Fresh, seaside air brushed against her form in a calming manner. A wonderful morning to start a wonderful day. Her lucent eyes panned downwards as she read the page, a sip of ground beans as she did so. And with no hesitation, she surprising SPAT the lingering liquid from her mouth and across the streets in horror. "OLOGS? RIGHTS? - Holy **** man! Should've fuckin' stomped their ass's into the ground when we could! Or, er-. . . we did
  6. "Hey! That's my sister!" exclaimed Valerie Rutledge, placed ofwards in an unknown location to the rest of her family's knowledge.
  7. Discord: frog#0483 Skins: Lime Bids: $10
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