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  1. A little wee, child ventured up towards the old hags door; hoping for another cookie. An hour passed. Two. Then. . . she left. Sad she had not received another cookie.
  2. The Old Witch that mourns stirs.
  3. Her ears flicker. The Old Witch that mourns wakes. Her illusions break.
  4. Same to you homie. Honestly didn't expect for us to work with each other RPly for more than a week but I'm glad how it turned out. By far one of my best conflicts for a character. 1. Very little actually. Most of it was lies or rumors she wanted to spread. Beyond that, what the council knew, she knew. 2. Yes. She never knew Corwin and could assume she was a good guy. But the rage and hatred she felt fueled her to convince their had to be SOMETHING he was hiding. When you gonna leave all your discords again? Look at Aiden's response.
  5. My eyes uh- no. I'll go blind by the time I'm 30-40. No cure. Haha. Fun times. Favorite moment? Definitely forcibly abdicating Viltaren from leadership in Sutica. The rush, the thrill, and the complete chaos of contacting people who don't even play anymore like Squish just to do was the best fuckin' thing ever. With that, that night was the first time I started my crippling alcoholism, so yeah. 1. See above fish boy. 2. Definitely writing. I rarely ever wrote anything, unless it was college work, and hated it with ever fiber of my being. But I did enjoy DND styl
  6. Evening, I think about this time, two years ago, I created this forum account and descended in the never-ending clusterfuck that is LoTC. Lots a good times, lots of sad times, you get the gest. Figured I join all the cool kids and make an AMA. So. . . uh- AMA. If you don't know me, hello- I'm Wonk, also known by a few other names such as cigarette_butt, Homeokinetics, and the various forms of others with the word Wonk in it. I started on this server as a little piss-baby druid wannabe and worked my way to be exclusively a Sutican RPer sadly. Did some **** with my two main ch
  7. An old witch ponders if her past actions have memory.
  8. Blair received word throughout the Sutican Hierarchy of Government, simply offering a purse of her lips to the news and a soft, old-lady sigh. "See you soon." she croaked. Later, she reminisces on all the empty promises of bedding and children Judas swore he'd fulfill.
  9. skin- queen blue bid- 250 disc- frog#0483 @Liv
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