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  1. Lair PRO MC Name: Contact @frog#0483 Lair Name: Navis Dei Proposed Lair Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Contact @frog#0483 Lair Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): "The sky bequeathed a dark gray hue 'cross it's horizon. A sole ship befell within the center of this sea. Crocking and Craying; humbled by the rolls of water crashing against it. All was silent. The canvases hung up. Not one of HIS prophets in sight." "The ship laid empty and naught a sliver of life procured upon it's wood. Beneath the waves, a choir spoke. Singing praises to HIM in their quaint waters. As time did grow, so did their voices. A solo. A duet. A crow soars past the vessel." Toh An Account of Dreams of those Blind Veritas, 1856 To and fro’; wearily travelers seeded all civilizations. Blind without a witness. Never before compiling within a singular cabal. Perhaps they had? But held well to their doctrine. Seers and Witnesses to Vaasek. Eyes and Vessels of Kabalees. GOD’s Hands. None know them by name. These cabals of chaos often drive descendants away from fortitude and contempt. Bidding their daemon's will unknowingly and straying these sheep from their chosen path. More presently in history, a Seer dubbed ▀▀▀▀ branched forth his eyes. Binding a Witness to a handful of individuals who fall under the same belief. The same ideology. These few individuals have completed far and little feats as of the current date. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): Why can you not accomplish the niche of this lair’s roleplay in an existing settlement or nation? (We expect a substantial answer for this, not just ‘I don’t like them’). Naturally, Seers of Vaasek are of the secretive sect. Operating in cabals, small circles; if not alone. They nearly always hold little ties to any nation, settlement, or existing party. And if so, it is for the sole reason to ensue chaotic aspects to their lives and well beings. From the current OOC mindset of many players, not many nations are open to fake-issues or deceit within their social circles. The tools and mindsets of Seers usually result in infiltration and 'stow-away' RP; these agents hiding within government circles and working the strings to keep them busy. What does this lair add to the greater world around them?: As previously mentioned above, Seers naturally have the urge to ensue chaos wherever they reside. Keeping everyone and everything busy. Always providing these poor peoples they live with something to do. Keeping them from comfort and relaxation.
  2. A hundred hands carried a letter. To and fro. “Across the sea.” spoke one courier to another. “Carful with that!-“ barked another. “She’s paying us a fortune to have it in mint condition.” Only trusted hands touched the scroll, naught more.
  3. THE UNIFIED DOMAIN OF VORTICE Public Documentation Dissolution 8th of Deep Cold, 1839 Blair C. Fester Preface & Declaration For today, and furthermore, The Unified Domain and Her peoples stand together. Not just of rebellion. Not just of war or banishment. For today, we stand for simple change. Unified as such as our Domain. Following this proclamation, The Unified Domain of Vortice no longer recognizes the Protectorate-Treaty established with The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and it’s bindings. Its service has left to rut, and no longer serves purpose. Its arrangement left in awkward airs of latter Monarchy and Rulers, neither or fully maintained from both. Our people thank, whole-heartedly, Grand King Levian’Tol Grandaxe for their service and further wish to continue the long lasting good relations held by many. His company and peoples are a treasure within our territories. Splendore e Prosperità! Department of Internal Affairs, Blair C. Fester On behalf of, Monarch of Vortice, Leanora Jusmia
  4. A room and flesh eviscerated of works beyond the realm. The Zealot of Uiallmhian gone without wind. It's vessel of creation, Masika Arak, laid to rest of a creature not of her own mind. The last Arak, and mali'asul, gone with little glimpses of her life beyond. Her partner, Dael II, left without a mention of her well being. Her remaining posse that could be called family, not disclosed of the happening in Ando Alur's room of Tear. All in the name of Zealotry, I suppose . . .
  5. [!] Posters are hung by a town crier in the late eve.
  6. [!] Posters are hung by a town crier in the late eve.
  7. [!] Posters are hung by a town crier in the late eve.
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