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  1. Persistence will achieve. The day had started fairly slow, all things considered. On Philippe’s mind, nothing but what was to occur in that day. Fixing himself some food inside the d’Orléans household in Helena, which admittedly was not big, a humble spot, the groom had to be ready. Adriana, too, was getting ready, though in her family’s mansion. A Windsor, and proud one was she. Today would mean union. Matrimony, under the eyes of God and Men. It meant a lot. A big deal. Sealing the alliance of d’Orléans-Windsor. Philippe had been chosen by Nathaniel Windsor to lead the levies of Belfoire, and had given blessing for the man to marry his sister. And that day had come. Finally, after some hours of dire waiting, Philippe stepped out of his home, dressed finely in rather exuberant colours, though most related to black, red and white. Purple and green spots on his undershirt as well as a brown cloak with golden linings on the edges followed him. Arriving at the Cathedral, which for Philippe wasn’t all that hard, given how he lived nearby, he waited a bit more, and then, his beloved had also arrived. After the frivolities of introductions and chit-chat, the officiating Bishop called for all to come to the inside of the Cathedral. Once they all took seats, the Bishop begam the ceremony. “There is nothing more sacred than holy matrimony. The union of men and woman under the eyes of God. Love, perfect love. It pleases me to see such happy couple and it is my honor and my duty to perform this. Philippe d’Orleans, do you take Adriana Windsor as your loving wife, in the estate of Holy Matrimony under God?” “I do.” The man responded, a bright smile on his face. “Will you love her, honor her, comfort her, in sickness and health, and keeping her as long as you both shall live?” “I will.” The crowd, about 30 people, applauded at the man’s vows were complete. “And do you, Adriana Windsor, take Philippe d’Orleans as your loving husband, in the estate of Holy Matrimony under God?” “I do.” She responded, allowing a single tear down as had Philippe. Joy, purest. “Will you love him, honor him, comfort him, in sickness and health, and keeping her as long as you both shall live?” “I will.” “THEN I DECLARE THEE, UNDER THE POWER VESTED IN ME BY GOD, AND THE SACRED DUTY THAT IS HIS WORD, HUSBAND AND WIFE! YOU MAY KISS THE BRIDE!” As the two kissed, the crowd stood and erupted into a series of cheers and applauds for the couple, who proceeded to turn about and walk down the middle of the Cathedral. After some festivities, for a day or so, they had a new life to life. A life as Adriana and Philippe d’Orleans.
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    Philippe d’Orléans smiles the sun’s smile.
  3. Brazilianski


    Full Name: Philippe d’Orléans City of Residency: Helena Year of Birth: 1687 Address: Siegmund’s Square 7b
  4. Brazilianski


    ”Long may he live.” Footman Siegmar proclaimed, being one of the guards that attended the Coronation!
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    Moderation Update - March 13th 2019

    Hello yes mister @Fireheart can I get a chance at staff, please, am dedicated, very hard-work : D
  6. Brazilianski

    Removing The Shrouds of Gold

    Siegmar D’Arc, proud Footman of the Imperial Legion watched as more traitors are dealt with. ”They grow in numbers, we grow in might.”
  7. Brazilianski

    A Rex's Address

    Krutmozak smiles in the distance.
  8. Brazilianski


    Footman Siegmar of the Imperial Legion salutes.
  9. Brazilianski

    Royal Decree of  Banishment ,1706

    ”Took you a while.” Footman Siegmar of Reza commented idly.
  10. Brazilianski

    The Grand Library of Dragur

    Scion, the knowledge seeking graven, ponders if he could work there.
  11. Brazilianski

    The Vigil

    A graven wonders if his nature matters...
  12. Brazilianski


    Full Name: Siegmar City of Residency: Reza Year of Birth: 1682 Address: 3 Breadsburrow.
  13. Brazilianski

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1F2sAeI8I9-9owjfnOPLjsRa19kIHBBDfR5_6KrNJx9A/edit Houe Hightower (DOC VERSION) -------------------------------------------------- HOUSE HIGHTOWER OF HIGHTOWER The Old Man of Oldtown got news of the Grimm’s denial. Shaking his head, he called for Ser Garth ‘Greysteel’ Hightower, and proceeded to pass him orders, very express ones. As Ser Garth nodded and took the old man’s orders, he gathered two men and rode to the port that took boats from the island that the Grimm keep resided to the main land. On more pressing matters, the troops under the command of the Tyrells are recalled, but not to be drafted off from the liege lord’s command, but rather to regroup with the rest of the levy, about 5000 men, in Brightwater Keep, vassals of Hightower, to gather, and prepare for war. Whilst the Lannisters of the Westerlands claim the Lacy Myrcella is Queen, House Hightower personally wishes to back that claim, though they shall not take action so long as the Tyrell don’t. They are loyal, and follow their lieges... but to what extent? (A map with the location of the rally, Brightwater Keep, North of Oldtown) Meanwhile, the ‘Mad Maid’, Malora Hightower, is sent with around 20 Hightower knights to King’s Landing, to discuss some… private matters with Stannis Baratheon. Despite Lady Malora’s… mental state, she is still trusted in diplomatic missions. ACTIONS Ser Garth Greysteel sent to the Grimm Keep (Already resolved) Troops recalled to Brightwater Keep to regroup and start maneuvering for any Tyrell war plans. (MOD) The Mad Maid, Malora Hightower, is sent on a special, secret meeting with Stannis Baratheon, with a raven sent post-hand by Maester Walys. (BARATHEON)
  14. Brazilianski

    The End of The ET & The New Team System

    You know how they are.
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    Playerbases thoughts on Cults, Evil Groups, Antags.

    What do you find interesting about these sorts of groups? If done right, they can be unique, provide roleplay with their different goals and are generally fun to roleplay WITH or AGAINST. Any typical pitfalls these groups can fall into in your eyes / what don’t you like about these types of groups? They are almost too edgy sometimes and their actions can be sometimes be without reason, mindless. In my opinion, when you want to make an antag or just evil group, you need thought behind it. What do you expect to get out of these groups in your interactions with them? Intriguing and fun roleplay that can engage me with their motives and reasons. Any groups(player run or staff run) that you think got it right/wrong? Explain why. None so far.