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    Vicar is a quiet human that hails from Curonia. He is labeled as a Heartlander having a formal education but barely passing most of his classes. He is a quick and smart scoundral that uses his wits and communication skills to his advantage. His family was all traders but was killed when on a trade route, he survived talking to them sparring only his life. His recollection of the event is nonexistent and he tries to forget it. He is a poor trader that lives day by day in the kingdom. He loves to talk to new travelers and wants to know everyone he sees. His values stand in to do what's in the best interest for him or for the kingdom. He often likes to leave the kingdom in search of a new adventure. He isn't the best at combat and would rather talk it out instead of fighting. His dream is to live comfortably without living day by day. He doesn't believe in religion but will use it to his advantage in case of any trouble. He doesn't dabble in any politics and would rather stick to the side. He carries small weapons in case the going gets tough and likes to travel in small but good groups. As a child, he was raised to be quick and smart thinking not thinking about others. At points, Vicar will run away for the conflict scared of his problems. He is in debt with a lot of people and will hide his name to avoid debt. He hopes that now with his new life in Arcas. He will be able to start anew and live a better life. He dosent like talking about his past too much and wants to move on for a good life. He wants to visit all of Arcas and do whatever calls to him
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