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  1. I decided to come back to this post clearing up one thing; the reason I made this post wasn’t to simply complain that ‘muh safe-space RP’ was bugged with the bad-man PVP Goons. That wasn’t really my main focus. In fact, my main focus was that a core problem I had with LOTC was all the OOC stuff that happens behind the scenes, as well as how a majority of politics in a mineman roleplay server always goes back to how fast you can click somehow. I mentioned Llyria because it was the final catalyst for my possible indefinite hiatus. While I don’t have a problem with getting warclaimed, it was how that situation was handled that bugged me. Not even a day- much less five hours after the declaration was posted to the forums- Llyria is ganged and people act as if we’re already in a war despite (at least me) getting no word on if the nation leader of Llyria accepted the declaration or not. But like I said. The situation in Llyria is besides the point. I’m trying to focus here on LOTC as a whole. Thanks
  2. Hello, my IGN is bbbladerz. I’ve played Tak, Goblen Noblen, and Dael’ran Morgaine. I joined LOTC back in late March this year with the intent to join just some random minecraft roleplay because I felt like it. It’s been good times, funny times, sad times, bad times, etc. etc. I’ve met people who I’ve learned to dislike, and a hell of a lot of people I’ve made good friends with. This is more or less a hiatus post rather than a farewell post, though depending on how things go it’s possible it may be an indefinite hiatus. My current and only living persona, Dael’ran Morgaine, was a resident of the nation of Llyria. And as some of you may know, other settlements declared war a mere few hours ago. Very recently, Llyria was attacked and raided. The way this raid was handled- and how the raiders played with the rules was, in my opinion, just downright wrong and unfair. I know how this post looks already- I lost a fight, so now I’m rage quitting the server due to one fight. Though, no, that’s not what this post is about as a whole. The most recent raid on Llyria was just a sort of wake-up call to something I like to call a repeating cycle in LOTC. I find a good place I wish to roleplay in, and then after investing time and plans into how I want a character to go (though of course I’m aware things won’t always go my way), it’s razed (i.e. the burning of ves) due to OOC and people who want some dank gamer clicks as well as bragging rights due to the nationalistic nature of their pure charter. LOTCs worst problem, from what I’ve seen, is the way OOC is handled in this server. From both the staff as well as the people making these OOC deals and such. You have a group of people from [Insert AveCharter Here] and they take a select group of people that want to get some dank clicks and stuff them in a discord, where they discuss of how they will pull the strings of multiple charters. For an example, see the burning of Ves. Not long after the killing in the Renatus court and the purge for Vesnians, I went to Haense. Haense betrayed us, and Ves was razed. This was all in the span of one day. An entire Nation, wiped off the map after a pathetic one-sided battle. Next, I call yoppl to the stand. I have to admit, my character, Tak, was a spy to a group called the Owynists. This is where I proposed the theory that yoppl was put into power OOCly as Emperor so that the Owynists could gain more power in the Empire. Of course, I was right. The Owynists, now known as the Caer Bann in Ves, is probably one of the worst topics of OOC I have seen. I say this from a critical standpoint, rather than calling someone out because I don’t like them. After couping Ves with their OOC group, you have them building their own tavern across from another person’s as well as another clinic directly next to the other person’s. Not to mention Hunwald, the mod, is shadow leading a portion of Ves as one of its Nation leaders from behind the scenes. Yes, I believe that the moderator Hunwald is a shadow nation leader due to his high pontiff character. If you attend a meeting with this guy, you’re going to see him on the biggest seat in the table, as well as calling all the shots and making all the announcements on the discord. There’s always this cycle to LOTC that just makes it not worth the hassle.The core of this is OOC groups. I’m aware that there are groups out there filled with leaders and core players in several charters shadow leading and setting up the playing cards just right for their big plan. And in today’s case, that was Llyria. 42 blocks outside of the gates of Llyria. That’s seven seconds of sprint jumping- or just about. This was the distance needed to say that an action of two nations raiding citizens here was in fact, not a raid on Llyria. I am not afraid to speak my mind to the fact that I believe that despite them saying they were not affiliated- they were. Because like I said before, what happens in the roleplay/forums is different from what happens behind the scenes on discord/OOC. You cannot go very far in LOTC unless you have the OOC connections as well as the manpower- that is to say, PVPers. Yes, despite this being a roleplay server, if you don’t have people with over 7 CPS, you’re going to get ganked by multiple charters that want a piece of that glory kill and those clicks. On top of this, there are the way the rules are handled. I believe a lot of rules should be changed, because raiders and PVP goons will in fact bend these rules to fit their advantage so that the defenders have little to no fighting chance. tl;dr for all those who are going to make a very dismissive response, especially if you’re on the receiving end of this. LOTC’s system can be abused for people with large groups, heavy OOC connections, as well as the ability to click really fast. I’m aware this post is going to get little-to-no traction due to the nature of it, so I’m going to skip to farewells to those who I can think of from the top of my head. Gaullia- Probably the first person I can remember roleplaying with since I got here. Really chill dude, and knows how to play their cards well. ZachsSlayer- Man, you were like a brother from another mother for me on this server. You’re funny, talented, and really know how to cheer a guy up. Thanks for keeping it real. Junar- You made me start saying ‘clown’ unironically, lol. Nah, but seriously man. You can get toxic at times to people you don’t like, but you know when to check yourself and aren’t a loose-canon goon who doesn’t play by the rules. You keep it fair and you’re honestly one of the chillest dudes on here. BB00N- Really cool guy, it sucks your motivation for LOTC went downhill after Thyra died. I would have loved to roleplay with you more man. Marsh- I only knew you for like, a week or two but getting into calls with you and roleplaying with you was really fun man. Wish I had the motivation to continue. Substandard- Rp with you was enjoyable and you played and orchestrated your characters so well. You roleplay because you want to have fun doing it, and that’s honestly the purest way to roleplay. Luv- Don’t let anyone get you down for who you are, and congrats on winning the art contest for skinning. Starfelt- Thanks for putting up with me all those times at like 4 in the morning in those voice calls. You’re funny and reliable, and a good friend. Boba- Roleplaying with you was a really good refresher from the usual roleplays I did on Tak. You’re an amazing artist and I hope you go far with that talent. Sticky- Thanks for not taking what I did IRP into OOC, lol. You’re smart, mature, and one of the realest people on this platform. Thanks. Asuno- You were honestly there for me in a time where I thought no one else was. Thanks for sticking by me, and keep Wren alive for me. You’re gonna go big with him, hopefully. SweetyCeltic and Phoenix- You’re honestly one of the best friends a guy could ask for on a mineman rp server. Thanks for all the great roleplay. LotsOfMuffins- A lot of the roleplay we had between each other is nostalgic when I think about it, and you give a very comfy atmosphere in your own way. Thank you. Nina- You were one of the chillest and coolest people on this server and I think we connected immediately as friends. You chasing me down with an axe in Thyra was honestly some of the scariest ****. Tyger- Take it easy man, I know you’re probably going through some rough times, haha. Squakhawk- Honestly I wish we got the chance to roleplay more if our characters didn’t hate each other’s nations. Mickael- Yo man, I know this post probably made it seem like I had something against you but honestly you’re one of the chillest guys on the server that I’ve met. Good luck with things down in Urguan. GoldenGRIE, Malacathh, RockettheRabbit- You three were some of the best friends I made on this server, and I felt like we didn’t roleplay enough with each other. And to those I didn’t mention, you know who you are. Thank you, and I’ll see you around. Oh. And. _x_Hyperion_x_. I totally lied. It actually was Tak that stole the 20k minas worth of artifacts from Githaic Goldhand. See ya.
  3. Dael stares at himself in the reflection of a pond, flexing. “They won’t know what hit ‘em!”
  4. Sir Dael the Great, the (self-proclaimed) grand knight of Llyria, looks over the missive- nodding to himself as he does so. “Golly, I sure wish I could read.”
  5. I think this is a really fun question to answer and I want to hear everyone’s answers; If your character had a Pokemon, which Pokemon would they have? You can only choose one Pokemon per character. Legendary Pokemon are fine; All Pokemon are allowed. Pictures of the Pokemon you pick are encouraged! Use this link to pick out a Pokemon: https://pokemondb.net/pokedex/national Have fun!
  6. “Boy, I wish I could read.” A young boy said, reading the flier.
  7. i enjoy
  8. BRB making my [GA] to get my gender approved
  9. “I curse this world.” What a bold statement that was... Tak thought to himself, reminiscing on the declaration of his youth as he advanced through the thick blizzard, his plated boots trudging through the snow. From his short childhood in Belvitz, to his life in those humid meadows, to the extensive time as a guardsman in Ves, to now. He had witnessed a multitude of deaths- lost friends and family, and had fought in many battles. Of course, he didn’t win most of them- and he didn’t have anything to be proud for other than his ability to cheat death on multiple occasions- if he could count that as something to be proud of in the first place. It was.. pitiful, he thought. Time and time again, he asked himself one question- Why me? The man was a weakling- and always saw himself as one. A coward, a villain, a fool, but most of all- a complete and utter failure. Everything he has tried to do has always come back to haunt him- everything from his commitment to his family to his childhood dream. That dream of creating a kingdom that was separated from the world- it twisted him, let him become more selfish. One might say that Tak was once a nice fellow, but his desires and foolishness twisted and corrupted the man, and the distaste from others only worsened his mental state. The man only had one regret, and that was his inability to let go of the past. Perhaps, he thought, if he had learned to let go a long time ago.. things wouldn’t have turned out this way. He would still be with his family, and his wife would not have made an attempt on his life. He wouldn’t still be a forgotten soldier, fighting a war that had already ended years ago. Why? Tak, the one who did not deserve it, was one of the last people remaining in his old unit. Not even his cousin, the former captain survived. He wanted to live, but not like this. This was not worth it, watching his friends and family fade before his own eyes. He wanted a way out- he needed a way out. He knew what he needed. Tak stopped, realizing that him and his companion had reached their destination once he had snapped back to reality. His final resting place. A woman’s hand slid open the metal door, and Tak stared down into the darkness for a short and brief moment before slowly descending into the dark cavern lined with chilling stone walls. She would lead him into the darkest depths of the cave before gesturing in front of her. Tak glanced towards her for a short moment before nodding, circling around and standing in front of her. He slightly lifted his head, muttering something under his breath; ”I want to live.” The old soldier thought that he should have at least leave this world peacefully, not by some blade of cold steel or with the taking of another’s life, as he had done so many times before. Tak turned to face the woman. “Thank you.” He spoke in a brief and grateful tone. The room began to grow extremely cold as crystals of ice and snow formed on the ground and surrounded Tak, the chilling frost glazing over his armor. He let out a shaky breath of cold air and shuddered a bit before the ice began to expand rapidly and grow multiple dense layers over Tak’s form, soon consuming his body entirely in ice over the course of just a few quick seconds. His head would still be exposed, crystals growing over his neck. ”Sleep well, Tak.” The woman quietly said. Tak closed his eyes as the ice grew around his head, his consciousness fading as fully encasing him in the cold structure. His final thoughts would be of his childhood- playing in the endless, green fields by himself. Alone. Like he always was. ”I plan to.”
  10. cake sword gang
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