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  1. So long Xalid, you were one of my favorite mods Good luck with the real world, i wish you the best
  2. Just come for a visit! We’d be happy to have you.
  3. Tak sat in solitude, Bernadette’s blade resting by him. ”I hope you finally find peace in the next world.”
  4. Tak crosses his arms, wondering if he really should go to the wedding of the person that threatened the people running his court trial. However, he did enjoy food.
  5. Tak cringes as he reminisces the events of the trial, placing a cold steak over his eye after Mali’ah had beat him up after the trial due to her anger issues.
  6. Two muddy handprints are signed on the application!
  7. Tak let out a small sigh, staring up at the palace. ”Hopefully you’re finally get some rest now.”
  8. Tak sat in silence by himself in his home, holding a glass of hard liquor in his hand. He ran a hand through his hair, his last thoughts before dozing to sleep in a drunken haze were that of Elric’s final resting place.
  9. [!] A painting has been put up in the Silver State of Haelun’or’s Friendship Park, where there was once a beautiful view. A message can be seen under the painting; ”For those that miss the view – By Walter and Evelon.”
  10. Tak would carefully read the letter in his hands. “Well. That’s going to make this a bit more difficult.”
  11. bbbladerz


    Tak was born from an elven mother and a human father. He is a half-elf that was born in Belvitz, but he did not spend a lot of time there as his mother and father were avid travelers, and once their son was born they took him with them. He was taught how to live off the land, as well as depend on himself. Tak’s life took an unexpected turn after he fell into a river as a child, sweeping him away from his father and mother. Afterwards, he wasn’t able to find them. Ever since then, he’s been traveling by himself and enjoying life and also so that he may one day find his parents. Tak sees the cup half-full, and has been told his smile is brighter than any sun. Though he may be foolish at times, he always tries to have good intentions behind his actions. Though he would not hesitate to save someone, he does not go out of his way to do so unless given good reason. He’s a firm believer that he can’t save everyone, but will still try his hardest to help those in front of him. This doesn’t mean he cannot be aggressive. It does not take much for him to become violent at a moment’s notice. Although he wouldn’t kill anyone, he believes once you take someone’s life, you can’t go back.
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