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  1. i really hope this streak of posts doesnt end with you finally losing it +1
  2. next time you make a postplease use something less scary to start off i had to turn off my computer for a bit because i got really scared +1
  3. Dael’debol stands proud atop the roof of the Gehenna Estate, raising a drink for his fallen friend. “To you, you absolute legend!” The man would shout out amidst his sorrow.
  4. so you can write up this but you wont respond to my @ mentions +1
  5. My character, Dael the Great, ALSO says something about how someone did something a long time ago but no one can hear him say a snide remark to whichever group he was talking to because he was alone in his room.
  6. Within the Gehenna Estate, a small ginger man took a seat on the carpet of the main floor, crossing his legs and laying down a deck of cards before him. He’d rest his index finger upon the top of the deck. A card would find its way guiding itself onto the floor, and the man would study it. “The Nine of Hearts! That means I have, er, nine lives!” He’d laugh, picking to more and studying them at the same time. “An upside-down Queen of Clubs, that means.. I’m gonna get divorced in the future..?” The man would ponder beneath a grin- as he studied the last card. “Ah! The Three of Spades! Looks like it’s not going to be a good harvest this year!” Dael’debol would release a loud cackle, slapping the deck of cards away from him- letting them all fly about the room.
  7. me reading this post with the music that was posted
  8. (can’t upvote this post bc i ran out of them for today lol) That goggled man simply ripped off another missive, cutting his own depiction off of the wall and pinning it over his bed. He’d then inspect the contents of the parchment, pacing around in a circle within a loud fit of laughter. “Boy, oh boy!” The man would cackle. “What a man this guy is. I’d better bring more gifts for our meeting- because I need to explain what’s going on, quickly!” He’d look down towards the bundle of feathers near him- a lard-ridden, morbidly obese chicken.. its own legs shaking as it tried to support its own weight. “What? No! Of course I’m not going to kill him- what the hell is wrong with you?! He’s just looking out for the people of Arcas, is all.. therefore, I MUST meet him, you see!” The chicken would begin to cluck, before walking off. “Well, if you say so!” He’d shout back in response to the chicken’s coo.
  9. One of the missives were quickly torn from the wall- the silhouette of a ginger-haired man zooming through Arcas and finally climbing up the steps of the hollow Estate in a quick sprint. Dael’debol [NEW LORD OF GEHENNA!!] would hurl himself up into the air, slamming down onto his back with the missive over his face. He’d grasp the rims of his goggles, pulling down such over his eyes, which began to travel through the parchment’s contents; a loud cackle escaped him- his form rolling back and forth on the couch with odd glee. “How funny! I must see this man immediately!” He’d think aloud as he quickly rolled off the couch- inching off to seek out a present for this spectacular fellow that had captured Dael’s curiosity.
  10. Missives have been spread across the land of Arcas, finding themselves pinned to the walls within various settlements, nondiscriminatory to any race. The parchment was lined with colored decor in order to catch the eye of those who pass. You would find this missive, a large header held over the top of the notice below. THE NEW LORD OF GEHENNA [!] A depiction of a brave man fighting off some sort of horrid creature with the help of his trusty blade! I am Dael’debol II, sending this missive out as a weight off the backs of the many who are familiar with the Gehenna Estate- once filled with anomalies- has been reduced to nothing but an empty manor. It seems that within his own foolishness, their leader had gotten themselves killed, allowing the perfect chance for me to use my devious charms and brains to outsmart those pesky nuisances called Shades. I have driven off the remaining Shades with my spectacular swordsmanship- allowing them all to go crying to their caretakers (or lack thereof, based on their life choices) about how bad I have beaten them! Therefore, I am now claiming this land as my own! With that, let this be known to all of you who have lived under fear of these strange creatures that they are no longer a threat to you. For I crown myself as the new Lord of Gehenna!! No longer shall this place be a haven for deviants to reclaim their sins, but rather- a place of laughter and peace! Because, within this era of war, who else can we rely on but each other? For I, the new Lord of Gehenna, proclaim it so!!! While this missive was passed out.. a short, ginger man hopped around the roof of the Gehenna Estate- planting a large flag made out of blankets into such. The flag seemed to be made of blankets.. poorly stitched together; most likely from the man’s own amateur sewing skills. A loud laugh escaped the conquistador as his head craned backwards- a paper crown worn atop his head. Truly, this was a LORD. (of gehenna) DAEL’DEBOL THE SECOND, LORD OF THE (formerly bad but now good) GEHENNA ESTATE
  11. Great vid as always ,two thumbs up to everyone who worked on it
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