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  1. MC Name: DBLRD RP Name: Dragona Noclan Race: mountain dwarf Discord (For communication and rallying): aki#0605 Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST
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    She grew up in a halfling settlement called Willow Hollow . She didn't know her family but was happy nonetheless. The reason she grew up with halflings is due to her being found alone nearby. A happy old couple found her and raised her as their own. She spent her childhood learning to shoot a bow, Her adopted parents never liked her using weapons so she would sneak out and use a bow she had found washed up from a boat which had wrecked nearby. She never hanged around the girls of the village, instead she chose to hang around the boys. This caused her to act more boyish. One day she had been out far from home with the boys and they spotted a house, they went in curiously as it looked abandoned for years. They had accidently started a fire and a support beam snapped and hit Arya in the face. She was blinded for months before her eyes finally regained the ability to see. Her vision was horrible and blurred so they made her eyeglasses to see out of, she was traumatized by fire ever since. As she grew up she became more annoyed and less girlish. She became a swords girl and decided to travel the world, not having a home any longer. She arrived in Aegrothond and decided that her journey would start there.
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