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  1. Karina gave a toothy grin as a copy of the book was delivered to her abode in Aeldin. “Oh how I am relieved that child did not turn out as annoying as her agitatingly vermin like younger brother!” She then shut the book with a content smile on her face, as she thought of the small girl she used to adore. “Send her my well wishes and love.” she addressed her handmaid before thinking more fondly upon the times with her cousin and older sister.
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  3. Karina Barbanov-Alimar, within her abode in Aeldin received news of her sister’s husband dying. Grief striking her as she read the letter which confirmed the death of King Andrik. She remembered their younger years when he was no older than thirteen. A memory of the green house atop the Ekaterinburg palace came into her mind as she remembered the conversation they once had. ———————————————— “Andrik, you will be a good king. Just remember not to be like Auntie Mariya and marry some random lady who you love niet.” Simply shrugged the much younger princess. ”I can niet marry who ever I want. I have to marry the person the kingdom requires me to.” Replied the adolescent king. “Marry Maya, she will be a good queen and everyone already loves her. Sides, you fancy her don’t you!” ”I do niet!” His face increased with redness as a cackle escaped the then eight year old Karina. “You are a bad liar, toad.” ————————————————— The Alimar princess dismissed her servant with a wave of her hand. An angry glare came upon the very intemperant lady. More memories flooded to her in a painful wave of remembrance. ————————————————— “Karina, Andrik. I know you have Carrion Black in there!” Shouted Kazimar from the opposite side of the locked door. ”Quickly, I must chug the bottle.” Karina’s hand then reached to grasp the full bottle of dark liquor. “I will niet let you chug it alone!” Replied young Andrik with a panic glance. The two Barbanovs then nodded to one another before passing back and forth the highly potent drink. With that Karina’s father broke past the door and entered the room, but not before the two hid the bottle under the floor board. A puzzled look came across the older mans face as he searched for the drink but to no avail. Once they were alone the children wickedly grinned, now pleased with their excellent trick. ————————————————— “Damn fool,” she frowned as her eyes began to fill with tears. “You were suppose to wait until I could say goodbye.” ”Rest well, old friend. Say hello to Kazimar and little Alexandria for me.”
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  5. Mary Katernina claps from the egg cell in the womb of her very far future mother. Trapped in exile. 😠
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    Karina, slowly growing stronger from her previous ailments, hears of the murder of her cousin. Her frail hand reaching for the glass cup beside her bed. Swiftly, all in one motion, the girl shattered it against the wall. ”Bastards. I knew they were cowards but stooping low enough to slaughter a young girl.” She coughed out releasing a disgusted scoff. “They call us Haense citizens monsters though we have never shed the blood of an unarmed, feeble and innocent child. May those cravens and rotten gutter vermin burn in the fires they started and drown in the innocent blood they shed. GOD may be forgiving but not enough pleading to him could reverse their heinous acts. Children do not pick this war. Men do.” She screeched out to her sister who sat beside her bed that night. “If I had been stronger. I was suppose to protect her.” Weeped out the now older Alimar princess through excessive sobs.
  7. Princess Elizabeth receives news of the rebuild of Curon from her small cottage home within Aeldin. She looks to her chambermaid with a scowl before the now twelve year old muttered out. “I enjoy the act for change but I still think Sir John is a vulture.” She then folded the letter and put on her bonnet, excited to enjoy the sunshine of Aeldin. Much different than the icey cold climate of home.
  8. Far away within the chambers of a richly decorated hospital, laid Karina’s sickly frame. A letter from her father came quickly after the news of Milena’s passing. The ailed child stared blankly as her sister, Maya, read aloud to her. Remembering of when Milena had clearly lied about the craftsmanship of the cookies Karina had baked just to spare the poor girls feelings. Or the times she had sat with the Queen as she gently caressed the young child's hair. The girl rolled over in her bed, refusing to eat for the rest of the day.
  9. “Quite pleasing to see justice.” Noted a young princess, watching the battle from the fields.
  10. The Reinstatement of Art ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With much haste I write this, for my excitement is most untamable. Proudly I may now announce the opening of the library of Avalain, dedicated to my sickly father. For he wished most to encourage the arts and culture within the Kingdom. I decided with his ailment, I would seize the chance to reinstate such. Built under my instruction I have created a place where people may learn and enjoy books from all walks of life. Though currently we are short on novels, I have made sure to send my servantry far and wide to collect any they can. We are also accepting donations for books from any author as there is a donation chest outside the library. I found myself though, lacking a hand to run such library. That is when the most lovely Lady Elise Halcourt offered her services to the crown in which I assigned her such task. If you wish to work within the confines of it, you may request such with herself or I. Another thing I am very proud to announce is of course the new Curonian Museum of Art and History. After I realized that the heirlooms passed down for generations were collecting dust, I knew very passionately that they must be displayed for the public. I have donated all of my family’s treasured historical items to the museum and have a shipment from the Imperial city with objects of my late great aunt, Anabel Devereux, so more is to come. Lady Evelyn Halcourt as well offered her services so she has been assigned, along with myself, to upkeep the museum and offer tours in which we will gladly explain the history of each item and art piece. A special thanks to Princess Ester whom has been of the utmost help with my ideas and projects. I cannot ask for a more supportive tutor and guide within these times. As well as a special thanks to the House of Halcourt for their most ardent help and dedication to the Royal house. The green tide has not given up and shall rise once more. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Elizabeth I Marie Devereux Princess Royal of the Kingdom of Curon
  11. Alaina, the Countess of Astorga, sits within the confines of her home. Dearly gripping onto her most favorite daughter, Magdalena, her eyes glance across the way to the Curonian walls. Her daughter whispered a inquiry of when her father would return. “My sweet dove, your father has turned into the man he had promised us he would never become. He has promised us love yet sits within the stone palace. Destroying what my dearest cousin Pierce wished to instate. Which is courage and loyalty. I see now your father has none.” She stated in a cold tone as she shut the blinds. With that she returned to her chambers to sit in the dark and weep
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    Congratulations! Your application has been accepted and you are ready to hop onto the server! Contact me or any other Community Team Member, and ask for a Wilven Monk to help you get more adjusted into the world of LOTC! You can also use the command /creq I would like a Wilven Monk, please when you are ingame for guidance! We highly encourage you to do the following before you start playing: ☀ Joining our New Player Discord, which can link you to staff team members, important announcements, and opportunities in which you can get to know the land and the server better ! ☀ Looking at our full New Player Guide to get a better understanding of commands, functions and overall information about LOTC ! ☀ Taking time to decide which settlement is for you based on your chosen race by looking at each settlement in the Settlement Guide Page ! Also take a moment to look at the Nation and Major Charter Guide for information on the major cities and charters Enjoy your time on the server, and if you ever have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me here on the forums, through my discord (spooky kat#0001), or by /msg (B3LLE) in-game. Happy roleplaying! (Please message me on discord, I have some information for you!)
  14. Actually brilliant as per usual, Ivory. Love you. :) ALSO FIRST!
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