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  1. Bid – 3500 Dress – Russian Red This is truly chaotic.
  2. Bid – 1900 Dress – Russian Red TARRE PLEASE SHOW MERCY IM SO BROKE.
  3. Bid – 1600 Skin – Russian Red TARRE NO!
  4. Bid: 700 minas Skin: Russian Style Red love you btw
  5. Eloise looks upon the recruitment form with a grin lifting her blushed cheeks. “How far these men have come!”
  6. Eloise sighs in relief as her fiance tells her of such news. “I am glad these rodents are being trapped within their own demise, and to think they claim to be men of GOD.”
  7. Ophelia grins waving around the invitation like a mad woman showing all of her friends it before she’d stop mid track. “I must plan a girls event for the night before!” she’d gasp before running off to begin planning.
  8. (Sorry late to this) Ophelia would walk to Ajax’s grave that laid next to the Silversteed manor. Her eyes wet with tears and her hand shaking profusely as she set down a flower. “My cousin. My protector. When I first had encountered you, you always said you would throw your life on the line for me. Our quarrels could last for days but you had always said to me that blood is stronger than venomous words. It devastates me to know you can no longer be here to see my triumphs and my achievements. Farewell, Ajax. Look over me in the Seven Skies.” She let out a small sob before standing and wandering back in the cold to Avalain.
  9. Farewell WW, we had some rough times but you were always an amazing person and friend. A part of me will always miss our banter. See ya on the flip side.
  10. A soft sigh escaped Ophelia’s lips. “Will there ever be a time where we can just be at peace?”
  11. Nicoletta said nothing as Catelyn approached her in the seven skies. Instead, she wrapped her arms around the woman. Finally reunited with the young girl who had gone through so much, and lived too short.
  12. We will miss you Marb! Also great work Ivory. :)
  13. Ophelia Silversteed makes mistakes okay?
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