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  1. Nikoletta grinned like a child, holding the decree to her heart. “Alstion..” she whispered, thinking fondly of her love.
  2. Nikoletta Sofia Varoche signed the Lorraine cross. “Ave Imperium..” she would whisper quietly to herself.
  3. L’amore vince sempre ═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══ ═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══ In the year of 1721, a horrendous murder has occurred. The death of my dearest father, caused by my dearest mother. My mother, slain without trial by Elephant Knights of Ves. My father's last breath was used to tell me that he loved me, and to hold dearly onto the woman he loved till his demise. They died in each others arms, just how they always used to say. The title of my father; Count of Varoche has been placed upon my brother, Paul John Vittore di Montelliano Varoche. While the Baronetcy of Napolzi, was placed upon my shoulders. I have been placed by law, in charge of my dearest siblings until they come of age as well as placed regent to the Varoche name until my youngest brother grows and is able. Though it pains my heart to separate from them, John Vittore as well as Emma Alexandria will be sent to the palazzo of Varoche. They will live there and be taught the wisdom from the high pontefice, Daniel VI. Julietta Maria and I will remain in Helena and receive weekly tutorings from the father, due to prior promises that were made. My heart aches for my young sorelle and my brave fratello, for they now have to grow up without a father or mother. I have tried best to raise them, and now they choose their own paths for that is what I wished for. I dearly hope that my father and mother look down from the seven skies, with most elegant pride and beaming smiles. As I complete their dream of following the word of GOD. I pray for their journey to him was safe, for their bodies were blessed and looked over by the pontefice himself. L’amore vince sempre. Love conquers all. ═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══ Signed by; Her Ladyship, Nikoletta Sofia Kavietsby di Montelliano Varoche, Baronetess of Napolzi
  4. Nikoletta Sofia, a young illatian lady, had seen the remains of the dead man’s body in the cell. Now quite traumatized, she recalls seeing his cell moments after his death.
  5. “Ave Imperium!” Nikoletta says even though she doesn’t quite understand what that means yet.
  6. Independence Arc - Thyra and Athalia ═══════════════☩༻❁༺☩═══════════════ The Rajdom of Thyra and The Kingdom of Athalia were tied closely together for a year since the forming of the Dependency Pact, supporting each other in the event of a Voidal Tear, a possible enemy and even the solidification of Thyra as a true nation. Yet, throughout this time the Kingdom of Athalia started progressing on it’s own, finishing major parts of its city, getting their military setup and even beginning to invite citizens into their walls. While those things may not be enough to support Athalia, they also took another step forward, forming alliances and agreements on their own with other settlements, allowing their economy to grow and their independency to deepen. Following the Terms of the Dependency Pact Athalia is asking for it’s independency, as the needed requirements to stand on their own legs are fulfilled. While this would mean the separation of Athalia and the Rajdom of Thyra as a unit Athalia is asking for the creation for a treaty with the Rajdom of Thyra, as stated within the following section of the Dependency Pact; “It is to be expected that either nation be prepared to further diplomacy once this contract has ended, and as a part of the Kingdom of Athalia swearing temporarily control in return for security and safety, a feature involved in such agreement is that we will never lose sight of the Paradise either party found. Korvassa is the most important piece of land in all of Arcas, and is valued without war and aggressive politics. This is perhaps the last plot of soil that has not, nor ever will be, struck by war and violence. In order to maintain such, it is required that a tentative agreement to continue peaceful relations be intact within this agreement, understanding that mutual peace and prosperity is the utmost important goal outlined in this document.” ═══════════════☩༻❁༺☩════════════════ Following Independence Treaty will include several clauses of non-aggression and trading, allowing either side to continue to interact with one another and not limiting either side in their daily work. As such those terms are proposed to Athalia and the Rajdom of Thyra; §1: Anyone from either parties will be considered as guests once entering the opposing parties city. They will be treated as such. If they are to be arrested for petty crimes such as stealing, vandalizing, etc they will be sent back to their resident city. If they are to be arrested for major crimes then the city in which they were arrested, may punish the criminal as they see fit. These actions will result in punishment from the state in which they were caused; Murder Mutilation Torture Arson Robbery (Of a person or facility) Acts of the Dark Arts (If done in public they may be executed) (If on Athalia property, hidden, will be banished and may not return.) Treason Kidnapping Following punishments are allowed to be given out by the state in which a crime was caused; Fines Detentions Labour Banishments Executions Everything else will be dealt by the criminals homelands. §2: Criminal’s of either party will not be harbored in the opposing city. If found the opposing party harbors a criminal of the other side, they are to be sent to the other party or the party has to pay 2k mina tribute to the other as well as they must execute the criminal on their grounds. §3: Neither party is allowed to start a war themselves and drag the other party into the battle. Defensive actions (Defensive Wars) are excluded from such. §3.1: If one party requests so the other side will be asked to join their forces in times of war. Such a request is not to be denied, unless paragraph 3 takes place or the other party is also allied with the third party, as to ensure that they aren’t breaking any other possible treaties with the third party. §4: Signing this document, the Kingdom of Athalia and Thyra promises not to ally with either Cresonia or Renatus. If they do they will be considered traitors and enemies in the eyes of not only Thyra or Athalia but in the eyes of the trinity. §5: Athalia may not vassalize any new charter in the continent of Korvassa without the consent of the leaders of Thyra. §6: Revisions to this document are to be done at official meetings between the direct leadership of either side or their announced representatives. §7: Through the signature of the leadership or representative of either party this treaty is taking direct effect and will last through the current realm. If another realm is entered the Treaty needs to be reevaluated, as the land of Korvassa and it's treaties are seen as voided as the land and the rules tied to it aren't anymore of existence. §8: The Kingdom of Athalia must pay a one-time tribute to the Rajadom of Thyra by sending 15k mina, as well as the list of items below. Including 12 double chests full of stacks of items; - 1 full double chest of terracotta. - 1 full double chest of sandstone - 1 full double chest of red sandstone - 1 full chest of cobblestone - 1 full chest of dark oak logs - 1 full chest of birch logs - 1 full chest of acacia logs -1 full chest of jungle logs - 1 full chest of oak logs. - 1 full chest of quartz - 1 full chest of mixed prismarine - 1 full chest half of bone blocks, other half gravel §9: If either party violates this treaty, it will be immediately revoked and a high ranked member is to be sent to the opposing party as tribute. Signed by The Most Powerful and Benevolent Raja of Thyra The Asha and Minister of Diplomatic and Domestic Affairs, Mali’ah Enrique The Strong and Knowledgeable Emir and Commander of Thyra, Junar Enrique The King of Athalia, Nolan O’Hara
  7. Mali’ah Enrique daintily signs her name in cursive.
  8. Nikoletta dramatically gasps
  9. Mali’ah Enrique drops her teacup since she was having tea with her lovely fiancé. “What on Arcas was that?” She said a look of fear in her eyes as she rushed out. Word had come to her of a portal being opened. “Only two saints day until my wedding, of course this happens now.” She huffed.
  10. Mali’ah Enrique prepares her wedding dress as she is to marry the love of her life. “Peace is such a gift in times of war, let us hope the trinity brings us happiness!”
  11. Nikoletta clapped her hands together with much excitement at the idea of fair. “Si, I shall be there and-a I will pull the-a sword!”
  12. Nikoletta Sofia Varoche seemed to recall the time she delivered a letter to the Prince. He had given her 3 WHOLE mina for the delivery. To a 12 year old girl that was almost like 100 mina!
  13. Young Nikoletta Sofia frowns as she hears the news. Not quite understanding what death was in the first place. “War is-a foolish!” She said quietly under her breath.
  14. I think VIP should get more perks since some of them were removed. More renames. More renames! 🙂
  15. Anastasia Lanova gazes upon this declaration. She gave a little scoff. “Typical Demetrio, stirring up trouble wherever he goes!” She’d let out a deep sigh before returning to reading.
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