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  1. “Pillars, How.. interesting..” Odile Bredenberg, would say to herself as she’d finish her evening tea and chocolate chip cookies.
  2. IGN (MC Username): Odile Discord: Odile#2681 Likes: Weapons, Books, Etc. (Rare Items/Relics) Dislikes: Food and Random Junk Or Common Items
  3. The young woman who would see this of the nation, would see this and sat there with a moment of Honor for these People and Families. As she’d do her moment of silence she would close her eyes, listening to the wind’s beautiful music
  4. The young lad, Robert, would be hearing these news as then he’d make a smirk with a laugh “Hm! That man I met is getting married, well I must say congrats to him as soon as I can.”
  5. Robert, a young fine man of the land of villages and grass would look over the news with a smirk, as he’d be now in a hunt for the hunted.
  6. Before the imperial court started, the young Julia Augusta Delatour would make a nice caring smile as she’d read over the wine paper. She’d then take a deep breath as she’d take a small sip of tea and said “What great news this is! May the house Pruvia be grand with this wine trade!” As the young lady finished her tea she’d relizaed it was time for court and she’d stand up from her spot, as she’d wipe some dust off of her dress, walking to the Novellen Palace.
  7. “Hmm, so this is what her Imperial Majesty was speaking about last saints month” she’d rub her chin, right hand. As then she’d take a small sip of tea and brightly smiled as she’d then take a small bite out of a pain le chocolat.
  8. “Ah sad” This will be forgotten fast, Alice thought taking her tea as she just read about the coronation
  9. “Glory to god! Glory to thou empire!” The poet, lady Capet would say as she took her morning cup of tea in her small home in the city of Helena.
  10. ”History, shall this be”
  11. The now better Alice Elizabeth Capet, from her recent sickness had spoke softly as she took a sip of a tea “Ah a moment in history, shall this be forgotten or remembered? But for thou he did some idiotic things, for thou out the people of the very future shall make the choice!” Alice’s words would be in a soft tone as she deeply took a breathe, as she laid in her bed resting from her sickness.
  12. To bad to sad not my problem 😂😂😂😂😂
  13. IGN: Angelsiren Discord: 👻 Angelsiren 👻 #2681 ----- Character’s Name: Alice Capet Character’s Age: 22 Noble Status (State house if so): No Noble Status Position Seeking: Governess Prior Experience: Lady In Waiting
  14. I highly agree with this, this is not bias what so ever.
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