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  1. “Ha I knew this was coming and soon! some justice!” Mariana sighed as she looked at this paper ”I just knew they where trouble when kardasi said so.”
  2. Jon would huff as he’d see this ”You cannot force people to kick a cult out...” (Also Lmao)
  3. A saddened Mariana Lucrezia would be crying on her bed “Another soul leaves this world.. another person of heart leaves..” Would be sobbing for the saddest of news, as she knew a person she didn't know well but did know well, is gone..
  4. [OOC] MC Username: Jalyus Discord Tag: Jalyus#2681 [RP] Name: Jon Act: Singing (Funny how funny)
  5. Mariana would be tearing up and crying in her bed, banging her head on the wall of her room, in a tear reddened voice she’d say “I-If.. Only-y we co-ould ha-had... talked.... for one last time...A mother to me... my cousin.... Nicoletta … too young.. You shall forever be remembered, Possa un angelo guidarti verso i sette cieli, e possa riposarti per sempre, Nicoletta.” Then Mariana started to cry again, petting her cat that was laying on her bedside, writing a note, that had tears all over it.
  6. Mariana Would Have A Shocked Pikachu Face
  7. Mariana Would Have A Shocked Pikachu Face
  8. Mariana would make a smile and said to herself as she also let out a sigh. “Yaya Nikkie is gettina married, but hopefully that witch wont be there, buta still thisa is for Nikkie and William.!” Mariana would hop her marry way as she smiled, hearing the news.
  9. Anabelle Winter, was angered to see this death and smashed down the wooden table, making it have a crack. she spoke with a rage in her mouth ”Dam It, this is a world a F**king dumb world, such a kind woman dying not even one I met dead, this S**t” She would storm of stomping, making the ground shake.
  10. “....” Would lay down on a bench the started to sob and cry on the letter wishing her dearest friend would have not died, and she would still be alive “Why did this have to happen..” would just sit on the bench and sob and cry, all alone.
  11. I’d like a skin with a girl with pale skin brownish-reddish hair, olive green eyes. *DRESS AND HAIR STYLE I WANT FOR SKIN* I NEED NEW SKIN
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