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  1. Belidle

    A Shepherd's Call

    “Ahhh... yes, a cult. What the hell is this, a coming of a new religion?” Jack would exclaim about his companion Evindal, quite curious to why he’s calling shepherds to be his disciples “Count me out, but if this shepherd thing becomes big. I’ll consider it.”
  2. Jubilant Jack would smile brightly as he walked down the dirt roads near Oren, smiling with the bounty in hand. As he called for his Hemlock brothers to be in search of the men listed. “Easy money!” He’d exclaim, striding down the road.
  3. This made me shed a tear, how sad that such clowns are being oppressed.
  4. Belidle

    The Hemlocks

    Jubilant Jack would grin, reading the printed paper. He sits himself down, inspecting his swords before snatching a piece of paper – writing a small letter of happiness to all of his fellow members. Propping himself onto his steed as strides down the sunset – chunks loading. “Great to see some advertisement.”
  5. RP Name: Jubilant Jack MC Username: TheBelidle Discord: Belidle#0064 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Unaffiliated Why Do You Wish To Come?: This is an awesome event! Who wouldn’t want to come for some EPIC roleplay! Honestly, discovering things and having such a long roleplay “campaign” is awesome, sort of D&D type stuff. Arcas has been kind of bland currently, so this is an awesome “vacation” out of Arcas to have roleplay whenever I log on and something to do rather than jumping around in Cloud Temple for 2 hours. What Skills Can You Bring?: A great leader, experienced in combat, monster slayer, and can talk well.
  6. “Interesting. Might partake in such military.” Jubilant Jack said, biting on his apple as he seemed to aged since the last time he was in Ruswick.
  7. Jubilant Jack would read it..
  8. “Such a pity.” Jubilant Jack would mutter as he watched the scene unfold upon his own eyes, expressing his usual and common frown of pity upon her. Shaking his head as he makes his way out of Ruswick.
  9. Jubilant Jack would hear of the sudden death of his friend, frowning upon himself, shaking his head as he goes along, muttering out, “God damnit, Sam. Why’d you gotta die so swiftly.” He’d say, walking around the roads of Arcas on his noble steed; stopping it suddenly as he strides past Haense, looking at the city itself. The location whilst his beloved mate was killed in. “Weakling.” He’d say in pity, describing Sam. “To die to some Haensemen is the worst way out.” As he moves his steed away from the city, not looking back; he looks up into the sky and takes a deep breath, chuckling in disbelief.
  10. Jubilant Jack grins with joy “Hoy of Hoy!” He’d rhyme “Tonight we will rejoice!” Fast he talks, catching a high-five as he walks. The Krugmas’ cheer was heard throughout Ruswick, as Jack’s loud burst of laughter fills the cave, throughout the night, they all rave.
  11. Jubilant Jack would read the paper, nodding as he finishes “Jubilant Jack? That name sounds similar…”
  12. Yes please! Add me on discord Belidle#0064
  13. Tales From Arcas Act 1 Scene 1 The Introduction and Expectations Tales From Acras is an organization who sponsor actors and script writers to create the best entertainment service in all of Arcas! In the near future, plays will be scripted and performed across the land. Though, all of this can’t be done without a formidable staff, staff that are willing to commit their time to practice and perform in front of many people. The staff that are needed are Actors, Scriptwriters, and Prop-Team. To create a balanced “diet” all roles are necessary to create the best of the best. Actors are expected to attend performances and to NEVER miss productions, if they have a main part. Scriptwriters and the Prop-Team are expected to work behind the scenes to provide the actors with your respected items. Prop-Team will work on creating props for the plays including furniture and items that they’ll be holding, maximum players in this team will be 2-3. On the other hand, the maximum for actors will be 7. To have a maximum for these roles would limit the chaos that we will have if we were to have many people, so please understand if you don’t make the cut. First come first serve. Act 1 Scene 2 Process of the Creation of a Play When a plot is formed and a script has been made, the serious business begins. Actors and Prop-Team are given the script and will read it thoroughly. After the script is handed out, parts will be given to the actors. Some will be assigned and others will be chosen by the players so they can have freedom to choose who they wish to be in the play. After they are given, there will be a two week time period when everyone practices their part, props are made, and locations settled. Locations will vary across the land and the plays will be performed at many different locations throughout another two weeks. After the two weeks, actors are to have a week break before handed another script. We wouldn’t want a long wait for a new play, so we will try our best to minimize the time that is needed. Actors are free to do whatever they want during the one week “grace period”. Afterwards, the process will be repeated. Act 1 Scene 3 The Finale Joining will be an easy process, under this paper there is a list for names and ages. Write your name and age on that section and you’re automatically signed up for an interview so we can know who you are and what you are like. All races are allowed and any age. This was brought to you by Wendell Shackleton, an aspiring playwright. You will be contacted time and place for the interview. Thank you very much for reading and have a grrrreeaaaattt day! OOC Discord: Name: Age: Race: TimeZone: What You can Bring to the Team: If you’re interested in being an ally or audience, add me on discord for the server invite. Belidle#0064
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