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    I have Edited my application.
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    Moldark grew up in the Town Fenn . Learnt how to survive and hunt on his own. At the age of 15 he lived with hes parents in a small home in the poor district . One morning his parents went out to catch some fish as Moldark was told to get a fire ready. Before he knew it he hard screams through the thin cold air. As fast as he could Moldark ran towards the scream but as he turn the corner it was a sight he wish he never saw. Hes parents killed by polar bears had a scarring affect on him. Ever since he lived alone and completely left hes home. He journeyed on for years and years as he met new people and practiced skills in crafting bows as well as using the bow and arrow. He hunted and sold hes hunt for a living. Moldark went on numerous Adventures and he now strives to meet new people and witness new beautiful kingdoms , towns and environments and in hope to find a new place to call home.
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