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    Vin Asmodeus was born in Aeldin in the summer of 1691, and suffered greatly at the hands of those around her. With mental illness in her family, she began exhibiting signs of numerous conditions early on and was soon thrown into an asylum at a young age. This was ultimately what broke her down further, the staff unable and unwilling to care for the delicate processes of an already volatile situation. What could have been a recovery was left behind in the darkened halls and locked rooms. Despite it all she persevered and escaped at the age of 12 with much trouble and many ghosts that would follow her everywhere, and for some months managed to survive by preying on local wildlife like a feral cat before stumbling into another young girl, literally. This was Karolina, a scrawny child out foraging in the countryside much to the dismay of her caretakers; in the middle of a bout of serious illness in the poor area. Both of them startled, it took some time, but upon being offered some of the bounty of fruits; nuts and herbs, Vin was overcome with relief (if sneaking suspicion) and a tentative friendship began right there. The two met now and then in secret until by the time Vin had turned 13, Karolina came running to her in a panic. Karolina described that her family had decided to flee the continent after a great uproar in Atlas, being the defeat of the Vaeyl. For now there was a new ‘mainland’ free of sickness and poverty, or so Karolina hoped; and urged Vin to come with. This was an easy decision to make with her only friend, although if only she had known what was to come next. In 1702 they boarded a ship taking advantage of the locals’ time of need, the children given enough money from Karolina’s family to pay a fee, those who might have supervised them having been forced to split themselves up on other voyages. The going was painfully slow, to such an extent as to take 5 long years of sailing to be successful. Stops were made, trials were to be had; and all throughout Vin and Karolina had to spend their growing adolescence together in a cramped cabin with a strange crew, other refugees and migrants; which only brought them closer as they relied on each other as the only familiar things on the water. They arrived somehow in one piece, and Vin found herself changed, she could feel the phantom sway of waves around her and she disliked being still for too long. This ground was solid, and life was so abundant in this new land; Arcas, in the year 1709. She tentatively stuck by her friend as they left behind all they’d ever known, anxious for the future.
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