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  1. Lüga’Gorkil the Scarred ears began to perk upon the request for the 3 eggs. After a sheer second of debate within his mind, he’d begin to rally a rag tag group of orcs ready to complete the task.
  2. I wish you luck with this clan homes, look forward to seein these horses.
  3. Looks amazing homes, like absolutely god tier
  4. Chugaz began to grow a devilish smile as he learned of this group, “Chugaz Jan help en zo mani weyz, zo mani hozh weyz!” His voice full of a passion unseen, his hands fiddling with a pouch on his hip.
  5. ItzDragoon

    Technical Update

    (Not trying to be toxic) But having the mindset of wanting crp over pvp on a rp server is bad?
  6. ItzDragoon

    Technical Update

    Maybe it just won’t be called as much :), it’s a win win ngl
  7. Lüga’Gorkil gave a brief congratulations to the pair before heading back to his cave behind the city, “Hozh fur lat bruddaz” ((ooc: Def did not expect this at all))
  8. Lüga’Gorkil the Scarred emerged from a hand dug cave behind the city, his eyes locked on a knife made of bone within his hands, “Mi wyll nub leyt diz zkaherz git aweh wif dizrezpekten lat, agh dah uter zpirutz.” the uruk spoke in a thunderours voice, as his hand gently rested itself upon an engraving on the knife.
  9. Whole lotta information, I am liking these monthly meetings though. Learned a lot sitting through it.
  10. Lüga’Gorkil the Scarred grunted approvingly as he read the document
  11. ItzDragoon

    The Hunt Begins

    Upon exiting a small cave behind the capital of Krugmar, Lüga’Gorkil the Scarred thought for a moment about Ugrad’Lur, and his claim, “Ah niew Huntzgrat.... Dah haz alrehdi pruvd hemzelf tru hiz aktunz, mi lykez ut!” he’d state quietly to himself on his way back to the city.
  12. Hurdog ‘Dead’ Ironside sat upon the mountains in the fiery hills of the north as he heard of the news. “Atleast one ladde’ could foind some peace...” he’d state, looking towards something that utterly confused him.
  13. O my, this guy getting all the money
  14. Would take some work, but I could see this being a good way to fix issues people run into with those races, and if it were to happen, them races would need to be working together to make it happen
  15. Snagas, Snagas never change......

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